Putin Refuses To Meet With U.S. Secretary Of State

April 12, 2017 | Comments Off on Putin Refuses To Meet With U.S. Secretary Of State | 78 views

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  1. Saddam, the Baathist Iraqi President, did have chemical weapons, and he also used them as a Sunni to ethnically cleanse the Shiite majority in Iraq, which is how Muslims have always operated, and how these countries became “Muslim” countries. The Baathist Syrian President is ethnically cleansing the Sunni majority as a member of the Alawite minority. He did the same to the Christian population, not long ago, and his predecessor to the Syrian Jews, who were mostly rescued, decades ago. They are explicitly National Socialists, (Nazi is short for National Socialist) inspired in structure and orientation by the German Nazis in the 30s. Putin knows that if it gets put in committee, it will be tabled and the world’s attention will move on. Trump should continue to call his bluff. Does Putin really want a war with the U.S.?


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