Queen Rania plunders Jordanian money in broad daylight

MUDAR TWEETED late yesterday:

An international scandal for Rania Antoinette…the plane of treasures.
Jordanian coalition sources: Western security agencies cooperated with the Zambian authorities in tracking down and stopping the treasure plane.
The treasures plane, which was on hold in Zambia, left Amman airport with the knowledge of Rania Al-Sarsour, carrying the looted Jordanians’ money…Egypt announced that the plane was “not Egyptian and only stopped at Cairo Airport.”

Rania plunders Jordanian money in broad daylight
The plane seized in Zambia took off from Oman with 127 kilos of gold and more than 5 million dollars on board!

The Jordanian Coalition’s intelligence sources:
One of Rania’s biggest aides in money smuggling operations was arrested on the plane and he is a Latvian.
The plane was heading to hide the money in a European country after stopping in Zambia (we cannot disclose it due to the course of the investigation)

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  1. Abed Amaala tweeted on Aug 24:

    Abdullah II threatens Israel that he is ready to wear the military uniform to expel the Jews from Palestine. Abdullah II calls for a Hashemite holocaust to kill the Jews and reminds them that the past days testify to that. battle


    The departure of Bashar al-Assad, as he officially left Syria for Moscow. And the departure of Abdullah II of Jordan, where he left Amman on his last trip.

  2. Mudar tweeted on Aug 25:

    The President of Zambia refuses to receive Ali Baba…
    The “private” visit, which lasted only 18 hours, was to Zambia, where Ali Baba tried to beg President Hichilema not to present the record of the seized treasure plane case to the US authorities and international bodies, as the documents and recorded confessions of the plane’s passengers prove the involvement of Ali Baba and Rania Antoinette in money laundering and smuggling. across the world

  3. Mudar tweeted on Aug 22,2023,

    The Zambian authorities showed the US Treasury documents and recorded confessions of the detainees proving Rania Antoinette’s involvement in smuggling and money laundering through a sinister system led by the ruined “Royal Court”, which includes secret “laundry centers” established by Rania in several countries, including: Switzerland, the state of Liechtenstein, Germany, The Cayman Islands…
    Next is tougher…

  4. Mudar Zahran tweeted today:

    The repercussions of the Rania Antoinette scandal and the plane of treasures are expanding… A joint investigation team of officers of the US Treasury and the Zambian government… The detainees on board the plane acknowledge the hidden facts and offer to uncover Rania’s smuggling and money laundering operations around the world:
    ? The Jordanian Royal Guard carried the plane with gold and money at Marka Airport in Amman.
    ? The Egyptian intelligence officers boarded the plane as armed protection, a favor that Sisi rendered to Ali Baba.
    ? The trip was a preliminary test, and the agreement was to make three trips from Amman per week for a period of two months and smuggle a total of $7 billion and more than two tons of gold.

  5. Abed tweeted:

    “What a shame, what a shame, O Abdullah II. 5 pistols were confiscated from the Zambian plane, which was seized at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and was coming from Amman-Jordan. The pistols bear the name of King Abdullah II, and they are a gift to Zambian officials at the Republican Palace. These pistols were manufactured in the King Abdullah II Center for Design and Weapons Manufacturing. The gold and copper mixture is from the gold and copper field in southern Jordan. Abdullah II is a thief par excellence”


    “The foreign minister of the Tehran regime informed the Saudi leadership in their home and the capital of regional decision-making, Riyadh, that Iran’s share in the Durra field is a right, and they must have a share. And the emphasis on the Persian Gulf, not the Arab. Israel is the only solution to ally with the Saudi leadership to break Iran’s anger”