Re-branding Israel doesn’t work

From Martin Sherman

II urge you to read this very perceptive talkback regarding the inaptness of branding as a dominant element in Israel’s public diplomacy effort, and the ineptness of those who insist that it should be.

29.   Why Israel persists in this policy since 1993?

This is a very perceptive and true article. Imagine a man blamed for killing somebody and possessing his property, who claims in his defense that he is a good scientist, musician and married to a beautiful wife. This is the distorted logic of Israel PR (Hasbara): no correlation between the allegations and the defense. Indeed if you have taken somebody’s else country as is falsely alleged against Israel, this branding becomes irrelevant. It is the lies propagated in relation to the “occupation”, “illegality of the settlements” etc. that should be refuted. But despite multiple appeals to Israel’s MFA to revert to this logical policy, in place until 1993, even when the right is in power, they refuse, and therefore even powerful Jewish bodies in the diaspora adopt this illogical policy. The question is why?

As for the question “Why” perhaps partial answers could be found in

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