China is LYING:

Locals in Wuhan say 42,000 people died, accounts of crematoria working 24/7

By Pamela Geller

Back in January, Geller Report published accounts of on-scene citizens in China who reported accounts of 10,000 DEAD in Wuhan.

The media ignored coronavirus in January. While President Trump was instituting travel restrictions to and from China, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and NY’s Bill de Blasio urged Americans to ignore the “fearmongering” and “xenophobia” and co-mingle at events like the Chinese Lunar parades. Nancy Pelosi, touring San Fran’s Chinatown on Feb. 24, said,  “We do want to say to people, come to Chinatown, here we are … come join us. That was a full month after reports were coming out of China of mass death.

Geller Report was blocked on Facebook and designated fake news by “fact-checking sites” and PolitiFact because of our reporting on Coronavirus (a designation that still stands). GR was right. But facts are irrelevant.

Still, media and social media channels continue to read like state-run Chinese propaganda organs.
There were accounts of crematoria working 24/7 during the worst of the outbreak.

China knew. And China allowed this to be unleashed on the world.

Locals in Wuhan believe 42,000 people may have died in the coronavirus outbreak there, not the 3,200 claimed by Chinese authorities (Daily Mail)


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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Bloomberg article says China is covering big time in fact lying to the whole world, US Intelligence has filed a report.

    US and anyone else smart will have to minimally second source or totally rely on either home grown or more reliable locations for such things like vital medicines.

  2. It didn’t take much to figure this out.

    The stats just don’t tally. China does nothing for nearly 2 months to stem the spread, then claims after a month or so of lockdown to have stopped the spread.

    Which universe are you living in?

    Not only that, but with 2 billion citizens, 7x the USA, the think they can hoodwink us into believing their statistics are right? Hahaha!

    Then just look at the spread of their statistics. 96% centered on Wuhan and Hubei province. Are you trying to tell me no one travelled elsewhere in the country, especially during their Luna New Year Festivities? Hahaha!

    They are not even good lies!
    Remember the quote: “There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics!”

    So go figure. They are really on the defensive because they have messed up in so many ways!
    Humanitarian, Economic, Diplomatic…

    I hope the world wakes up to all this and responds in a strong and responsible way.

  3. China needs to be obliterated. We ought to be raining nukes down upon that horrific nation. They are like the nazis in their belief that they are the master race with no regard for life at best, at worst deliberately waging bio warfare against us. The dictator of china is equivalent to hitler and osama bin laden and should meet the same fate.

  4. China may be lying, who knows? (BTW, China has ~1.5 billion citizens, not 2 billion).
    However, the “locals” cannot know how many people died because they have no way to find out unless they PERSONALLY counted the 42,000 dead or had access to some “secret” reports.
    The population of Wuhan is over 11 million people (~3 million more than New York – New York has reported 1,400 deaths as of today), and the province of Hubei (Wuhan is its capital) had 58.5 million people in 2015 (about the same as Italy in 2020).
    Italy as of today (04-01-2020) reported 13,155 deaths.
    Assuming that Italian data is perfect, it looks like if China is lying, it’s not by much.

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