German Think-Tank Report damns West’s revival of Kosovo

By Bojan Pancevski, Sunday Telegraph

Another UN screw-up.

A confidential study warns that Kosovo faces a violent and chaotic future after the failure of nation-building efforts by the international community.

The study, commissioned by the German government, accused Western governments, including Britain, of the “ostrich politics” of denial and found that Kosovo faced a decline into “violent riots and even revolution-like development” after the expected declaration of independence.

It claimed that the United Nations administration and the Nato-led peacekeeping mission had been infiltrated by organised crime syndicates, and accused the international bodies of mismanagement, corruption and organisational chaos.

Talks on the future of Kosovo ended in stalemate last week and have been referred to the UN Security Council, which is expected to grant limited independence according to a proposal drafted by Martti Ahtisaari, the former Finnish president. CONTINUE

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The Failure of the West’s ‘Ostrich’ Policy

[..] But even if the council imposes a solution, the future of the province is far from rosy. That, at least is the conclusion reached by a Berlin think-tank this month, saying the international community is largely to blame for ignoring the realities in Kosovo.

The planned “construction of a multi-ethnic society” has “failed” and does not exist “outside the bureaucratic statements of the international community,” says the report, released by the Institute for European Politics (IEP) in Berlin.

Indeed, eight years after the end of the Kosovo War — when NATO air strikes on Belgrade ended the Serbian crackdown on the Albanian insurgency — the two sides still want as little to do with each other as possible. While the ethnic Albanian majority insists on nothing less than full independence, many Serbs do not want to lose Kosovo, which they see as their historic homeland.

Serbian President Boris Tadic said he found the idea of parting with the province “unbearable” and Serbia’s Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said the plan would encourage other regions around the world to break away. Although Ahtisaari’s blueprint stops short of the word independence, it sets out a framework for a Kosovo state, under a foreign overseer, with protection for the 100,000 remaining Serbs. UN veto-power Russia may provide a stumbling block, as it has traditionally been a Serb ally, but so far it has avoided threatening to use its veto.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Right on, Bokababe.

    The Serbs were defending against Islamofascist violence and the UN decided their defence was excessive or disproportionate or genocide and intervened. The UN prevented the Serbs from defending themselves as it is preventing Israel from defending itself. The reason has nothing to do with the reason given. The west wanted to reduce Russia, curry favour with S. Arabia and perhaps create the right environment for their oil pipeline.

  2. If the UN & the internationals are allowed to tear off a piece of Serbia’s sovereign territory against Serbia’s will in order to create a new Muslim state in Europe, then what is to legally stop them from doing the same thing to Israel for the Palestinians? And if and when the Palestinians start wiping out every Jew in sight, will the mainstream media ignore it as it has the fate of Kosovo’s Christians? And if and when the Israelis fight back, will the mainstream media and the UN call it “genocide against the Palestianians” and set up a special court to try the IDF for defending their country and their people?

    This issue is far bigger than Kosovo and the Serbs. If the line isn’t drawn BEFORE Israel’s own fate is on the line, then it will be too late.

    And for those who believe the current Albanian PR about “how Albanians are the Jews best friends”, how could newly created Muslim state in the UN ever be in Israel’s best interests?


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