Report: Israeli Jets, Sub Strike in Sudan

Sudanese media: Israeli helicopters also involved in multiple attacks on targets.
IAF F-16 (file)

IAF F-16 (file)
Israeli fighter jets, helicopters and possibly a submarine were involved in multiple attacks on targets in Sudan last week, according to local news outlets.

The reports say that Israeli jets hit targets in the eastern part of the African country, near its border with Egypt, last Thursday. They allegedly hit six Land Cruiser jeeps and killed four people. An earlier strike took place last Sunday and reportedly involved Israeli helicopters. A truck was targeted. Some reports say an Israeli submarine was also spotted at the same time.

However, the Sudanese army spokesman, Col. Al-Sawarmi Haled Sa’ad, said that the military’s air defense array gave no indication that the country’s airspace had been breached.

Arabic news outlet Dar al-Hayyat on Sunday reported “conflicting information” coming out of Sudan regarding alleged Israeli air strikes. It said that the governor of Sudan’s Red Sea District recently received notification from several citizens in the region that the IAF had raided smuggler convoys, in Abu Thabaq in the disputed Hala’ib triangle.

Also according to al-Rakoba, on December 15, Israeli Apache helicopters landed on an island east of the Red Sea port of Mohammed Qol.

In early 2009, an Israeli raid on a 23-truck convoy carrying weapons to Hamas terrorists in Gaza was reported.

Israel does not comment on whether reports of overseas actions such as these are accurate.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Dan,

    “Sudan” and “South Sudan” are two different countries. The former is Islamic, and is under Sharia law; and the latter is Christian and an ally of Israel. Israel is not “going out of its way” for anyone. The alliance with the Africans provides Israel with access to naval facilities, which it needs to project its strength — projections such as using submarines to discharge commandoes as well as cruise missiles. What happened in Sudan could well have been an exercise to do just that. Israel also needs help in soliving its African refugee problem, and the South Sudanese government shows promise of being very helpful in this regard. In return, Israel can use its military might to protect the African Christians from encroachment by the Muslims. It’s a win-win situation. Read the following:

    Sudan’s ex-PM launches fierce attack on Kiir’s visit to Israel

  2. Ehud Barak didn’t want to help those friendly to Israel in Lebanon some years ago, so the Christians got hurt badly. Sudan does not help us, are they are friends – until its in their interests not to be pretending to be our friends? Why go out of our way for them? We have done similar things in Africa and then we find that they turn against us as a thank you. We are not a nation like the others, like it or not.

  3. A little prophetic side-note: Ezekiel 38 talks about an attack on Israel led by Turkey and joined by Iran, Sudan and “Put”. If “Put” is Somalia (The eastern autonomous region of Somalia is named “Puntland”), then the enemies of the South Sudan-Ethiopia-Kenya alliance, namely, Somalia and Sudan, would be at war with Israel along with the others. Turkey is already involved in something of a “sitzkrieg” with Israel and Cyprus in the Mediterranean, and Iran is in something of a “cold war” on the verge of getting hot. This African stuff would complete the picture. Notice that Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria are not involved, neither in actual fighting nor in the Ezekiel account.

    In the prophecy, Turkey takes the leading role. By the way, some ascribe “Put” to Libya. That wouldn’t require a significant stretch of thinking, though at the moment, Turkey and Libya do not seem to be the best of friends. Turkey and Iran are not on the best of terms either; but if Turkey continues its course of bullying all its neighbors, provoking a war, and if the Iranians manage to ally with the Turks because of an Israeli strike that neutralizes their nuclear weapons, it is entirely reasonable to expect an alliance as I’ve outlined above.

    Fundamentalist Christian pop prophet Hal Lindsay says the church will get raptured, and after that the RUSSIANS will attack Israel. Now, THAT seems to be a bit of a stretch.

  4. the Sudanese army spokesman, Col. Al-Sawarmi Haled Sa’ad, said that the military’s air defense array gave no indication that the country’s airspace had been breached.

    I’d wait a day or two on this. The never-too-reliable BBC reported an Israeli incursion, and the Israeli press is repeating this stuff; but if such a strike really occurred, I would expect the Sudanese to be condemning Israel in the UN. Perhaps they will, in a day or two. Israel, of course, has an alliance with South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya; and the S. Sudanese President is visiting Israel, so I can see how a rumor might develop. If Israel DID attack Sudan, it might be to practice an attack on a country approximately as far from Israel as Iran — for genuine practice, or perhaps to make a diplomatic statement.