Report: Secret Saudi plan includes Israeli nuclear disarmament


ARUTZ SHEVA Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar says it has received a letter from Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir to Crown Prince Muhammad Salman in which he summarizes discussions and recommendations on a project to establish relations between the Saudis and Israel, according to what he called the strategic partnership agreement with the United States.

Citing Al-Akhbar, Maariv reports the document, which includes Israeli nuclear disarmament, proves what has been leaked since US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia last May, according to which Washington will begin efforts to sign a peace treaty between Saudi Arabia and Israel, including reciprocal visits, to Tel Aviv, headed by a recent secret visit by the crown prince. The document also includes “the size of the concessions that Riyadh will present in order to end the Palestinian issue,” as well as “its concerns about receiving support against Iran and Hezbollah.”

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  1. Israel is reported “Janes” to have nuclear weapons.

    In an email message written in March 2015 to Democratic Party donor Jeffrey Leeds, former US Secretary of State and four-star general Colin Powell reportedly had this to say about the prospects for a nuclear deal with Iran: “The boys in Tehran know Israel has 200 [nuclear weapons], all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands.

    With Iran getting nukes by themselves or buying them from North Korea, Israel will not give up any weapons they have.

    I am amazed how many stupid articles there are.

  2. Israel will NEVER give up it’s nuclear weapons….presuming they have them, as it has always been denied in an oblique way, and never admitted. Although some fool of a PM made a kind of admission which was immediately squelched by high officials.

    So any peace between Saudia and Israel must work around this. There have been reports that the Sauds themselves have a couple stored away that they got from Pakistan….. and are intending to build nuiclear plants, according to the news the other week.