Russian navel port in Gaza

by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

Recently Hamas in Gaza announced the formation of a “Naval Unit”, despite the fact that they have no Navy. Russia is desperately looking for a Naval port in the Meditteranean, to challenge American control of the seas, among other reasons. Syria has an older port used by the Soviets years ago and, no doubt, will upgrade to today’s standards for the new Russia in the Syrian cities of Tartus and Latakia.

A Russian port in Syria is vulnerable to any Syrian-Israeli war, as it is part of the Syrian military infrastructure. A port in Gaza is less vulnerable as everyone will know it belongs to Russia. Of course, Russian troops, missiles and tanks would be stationed there “to protect the port”. And, of course, Hamas terrorist infrastructure would be built up adjoining the Russia port, to shield Hamas from Israeli attack. Russia has already established a sea presence in Lebanon, using Russian Chechen Muslims, calling them engineers but, in fact, establishing a deeper working relationship with the Muslim Arab Palestinian “Jihadists”.

Obviously, it would be in America’s interest to have Israel immediately bomb the coast of Gaza (as part of the war on terror and Al Qaeda infiltration into Gaza), to establish that area as an American target – before the Russians build a port there. They can then pay the Israelis to retake the Gaza Strip – before the Russians establish a sea presence, using Gaza as another port – in addition to the one in Syria.

If the Israelis just retake Gaza, world pressure could make them give it up again. If Israel bombs Gaza – with the permission of America and so that everyone knows that Gaza is an American target – then the Israelis will be thanked for “doing America’s job on the ground”, which saves American lives as well.

Putin’s Russia has always wanted a strong presence in the Mediterranean Sea which will cause America enormous problems, especially since Putin seems to be returning to his KGB Cold War days with some modifications. No doubt, Putin would also like to return to the previous Soviet position with Egypt before American aid pushed them out of favor.

The Port of Alexandria could start receiving “friendly” visits for Russian shipping, especially when Mubarak inevitably loses control to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In brief, between an incompetent Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the Administration of President George W. Bush, with too low a vision of its crucial importance, the Mediterranean Sea could become home to a Russian fleet.

The big question is: Will America be able to act fast enough?

August 17, 2007 | Comments Off on Russian navel port in Gaza

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