Sarah Palin is on a Roll

By Ted Belman

Since resigning from her Governorship last July, Sara Palin hasn’t made a false move.

This is surprising for someone who is more passionate than cautious and one reputed to be, well, you know, a dummy.

Her book tour went exceedingly well. She has received thousands of invitations to speak, notwithstanding her $100,000 price tag. She continues to raise huge sums of money for her sponsers and draw sellout crowds. Her policy announcements have been spot on whether delivered in her speeches interviews or Facebook posts.

Because of her ignominious charge of “death panels” to decry Obamacare, she more than anyone is responsible for the overwhelming majority now being opposed to Obamacare. Although Obama’s supporters denied such “death panels” at first, many experts now openly admit to them.

In foreign affair, she coined the Obama Doctrine as “coddling your enemies and alienating your friends.” This characterization is now commonplace. Palin also decried Obama’s statement that the US would not retaliate with nuclear weapons if the US were attacked by WMDs and suggested the U.S. was asking to be hit. When Obama, in his non-response, replied with “I really have no response to that. The last I checked, Sarah Palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues.” And “What I would say to them is, is that if the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are comfortable with it, I’m probably going to take my advice from them and not from Sarah Palin.” Palin came back, quick as a flash, sarcastically honoring “the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer, part time senator and full time candidate.” Within hours, Obama was retracting his original statement.

Finally, Palin has come down squarely and the side of Israel and Israel’s right to expand and to a united Jerusalem. She fully supports Israel’s right to self-defense and said we shouldn’t be second guessing her. Such policies are the polar opposite of what Obama is pushing for and enjoy the support of a large majority of Americans.

Palin’s energy policy of “Drill Baby Drill” and “all the above” also has broad support. She was the first to attack Obama’s proposed drilling legislation that she characterized as “Stall, Baby, Stall.” This support is rapidly decreasing in the wake of the disastrous explosion or malfunction of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico which promises a looming environmental disaster for America’s southern coastline But Palin is sticking to her guns, you’ll pardon the expression. She didn’t retreat. She reloaded and reaffirmed her support for drilling despite the risks. Sara Palin lived through the Exxon Valdez disaster that devastated her home state of Alaska. As fate would have it, she was responsible for finally bringing Exxon to judgment when she was Governor after a twenty-year battle. So she knows the devastation first hand and will do everything she can to minimize the risk. But still, she wants to “Drill baby drill.”In response to the spill, Obama has put a freeze on new drilling. Today, the New York Times came out in support of drilling. Palin must be smiling.

A recent Gallop Poll showed for the first time that more people think that abortion should be illegal under all circumstances than legal under all circumstances. This can only be due to Palin’s unapologetic pro life stance.

Ever since the presidential election campaign, Palin has been advocating lower taxes as opposed to higher spending as the path to job growth. According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, Americans agree with her by a margin of 2:1.

Arizona just passed a controversial immigration law. Obama attacked the new law and said “I told that Governor that I would not protect the borders and neither should she,” and. “I do not want the world to think we are inhospitable racists. I want the world to like us. It is more important to be liked than respected, after all.” He also called on Blacks and Latinos to get out the vote. Sarah Palin, in a recent interview with Sean Hannity, came out in full support of the new law and attacked Obama for not fulfilling the federal responsibility of protecting US borders. She also attacked him for racist comments he had made pitting Latinos and Blacks against other Americans. In the interview, Palin effectively contrasted his remarks with her calls to all Americans to solve their problems together. Once again, polls show overwhelming support for the new law.

During the debate on financial reform, Palin came out against institutionalizing “crony capitalism.” When Obama said America is a military superpower “whether we like it or not,” Palin said she was taken aback by his comment. She said, “I would hope that our leaders in Washington, D.C., understand we like to be a dominant superpower…. I don’t understand a world view where we have to question whether we like it or not that America is powerful.” These positions were well received.

When Rev Franklin Graham was disinvited from Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer services for having made politically incorrect attacks against Islam, Sarah Palin was the first, and maybe only, political leader who came out in support of Graham. She is not a slave to PC and will not mince words when placing blame just like Graham didn’t. Palin will fight to restore and protect freedom of speech. Americans appreciate this as they desperately need to be able to candidly criticize any ideology they consider harmful or inferior.

Many of her detractors cite negative polling numbers to discredit her. They should be ignored. Public Policy Polling found in a poll reported on April 15th,

“Sarah Palin now lags Obama only 45-47 after showing deficits of eight or seven points in each of the last three months. Both Obama and Palin have increased their base support, but Palin now trails Obama among independents 39-46 versus 35-49 in March.”

As this poll demonstrates, Palin is quickly gaining support among independents. Give her another three months and she will be leading Obama. And do not forget the growing enthusiasm gap as reported by Politics Daily,

“While voters are about evenly split about whether they support the Democrat or Republican in this year’s congressional elections, the Republicans have opened up a 20 point “enthusiasm gap” when it comes to how eager they are to go to the polls, according to Gallup’s daily tracking polls conducted between April 1-25.”

This growing gap is due to the Palin factor. She energizes her base like no other, today, can.

The left has done its best to demonize, ridicule and reduce her, to no avail. The more that fair minded Americans hear her, the more they are drawn to her. They no longer listen to Obama but they do listen to her.

Not only are Americans embracing her message, so are Europeans,

The leader of the Conservative Party in Britain, David Cameron, won the third debate, by all accounts, in the lead up to the British Parliamentary elections. The reason according to one pundit was, Cameron went “Palin” and not “Frum.”

“There were no mentions of worthy ‘Big Society’ concepts, no vacuous ‘vote blue, go green’ slogans. Time worn, winning Tory messages were pitched; tougher immigration rules, tackling welfare dependency, lower business taxes, sound money and smaller government.   Result? Clear win for the Tory leader”.

Cameron also supports Israel and favours Britain withdrawing from the EU.

During the next six months, Palin will continue making speeches and supporting candidates of her choice. She will be coming out with a book on policy in the fall and will do another book signing tour. Then she will be off to Europe to visit with political leaders and to stir up the people. I predict huge crowds will embrace her and her message. No doubt she will also visit Israel with her entire family where they will be mobbed. It will be a media feeding frenzy.

A strong embrace in Europe and Israel will give her an enormous boost in America.

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14 Comments / 14 Comments

  1. Compared to the circus we got going on right now-she is the closest thing to a straight shooter we’ve got. The world is now upside down. disparage our allies. support our enemies. unsecure borders make us likable. closed borders make us racist. my money is government’s money. and government’s money is somebody elses money. private ownership is bad. public ownership is good. independence is bad. dependence is good. self interest is greedy. public interest is noble. individual freedom is problematic. government control is necessary. terrorists are good. The CIA is bad. Freedom fighters are good. Our military is bad. Guantanamo Bay is bad. Iran is good. Israel is oppressive. Hamas is genteel. Wind mills and propellor caps are good. Oil is bad. Global warming is fact. Global cooling is heresy. Abortion is wonderful. Prolife is obscene. Taxes are patriotic. Private property is repulsive. The private sector is corrupt. The government is pious. Guns are bad. Criminals are victims. Private sector jobs are unnecessary. Public sector jobs are necessary. Christianity is laughable. Obama makes the seas part. Conservatives are right wingers. Liberals are for the little guy. Wrong is right. Right is wrong. Upside down is right side up. good is evil and evil is good. Sarah Palin is stupid ? And Barack Obama -the liberal messiah?

  2. Even now, I’m making bets with as many suckers as I can find on this, mostly that Obama will lose in 2012, and with some, that Palin will deliver the blow (although I think the Republicans will be able to run Bullwinkle the Moose and win by then).

    Bullwinkle might win? Palin won’t! Therefore the Republicans lose with her and win without her.

  3. I saw Sarah Palin live during a campaign stop in my neck of the woods the month before the election. She was dynamite. I saw John McCain shortly thereafter. There was no comparison. Though, in fairness, I saw McCain a few months before that in a more informal setting – a campaign stop during the primary season – and he is better close up than before a big crowd at a rally.

    The day after the election, I told a local ultra-liberal journalist acquaintance of mine to enjoy what Obama represents while it lasted, because in 2012, Palin was going to smash him. He dismissed my prediction. I’ve saved the e-mail exchange. I greatly look forward to sending it to him again in November of 2012.

    Even now, I’m making bets with as many suckers as I can find on this, mostly that Obama will lose in 2012, and with some, that Palin will deliver the blow (although I think the Republicans will be able to run Bullwinkle the Moose and win by then).

    The trick will be the primary season. Internal party politics are always murky; at this time in 2006, few would have predicted that Obama would wind up the nominee. Still, I’d say Palin has as good a chance or better than anyone else out there now.

  4. elite education? Jefferson had it…FDR had it…Bush had it…Wilson had it…etc etc

    Theodore Roosevelt graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude.

    Benjamin Harrison was a noted scholar.

    And John Kennedy attended Harvard, although in all fairness his major was fornicating with coeds.

  5. elite education? Jefferson had it…FDR had it…Bush had it…Wilson had it…etc etc

    One good president out of three is pretty good for davidstill?

    What happens is a medical care black market becomes the system of choice for those with money leaving everybody else at the mercy of a system that deals impersonally with numbers.

    poor people don’t get near the best lawyers either.

    The doctors are now really going to clean up. lets nationalize the legal profession where every citizen is entitled to free legal services.

    If Hussein wins 2012 I will bet he moves to abolish or extend term limits, and abolishment of all private ownership of firearms.

  6. Utter nonsense. There is NO evidence that deaqth panels will or do exist.

    Rationing of access to health care achieves the same result.

  7. Utter nonsense. There is NO evidence that deaqth panels will or do exist. Death is for those without insurance!
    Palin is not a dope. But she is very ill informed. But most of all for silliness: even among GOP and conservatives, there is little or no desire to have her run or become president. Show me polls indicating otherwise.
    what is wrong with “elite education? Jefferson had it…FDR had it…Bush had it…Wilson had it…etc etc

  8. email

    Brilliant article. While fighting the liberal press and the liberal state run media, she is also fighting fellow Republicans which say things similar to the liberals or say “I like her but she is not ready yet. Look at Reagan it took him 10 years are so to be ready”. Well we all know that Reagan was fighting the same people including fellow republicans. Reagan was always ready. Sarah Palin is ready now!!! I got a asked by a poll who I would prefer for the 2012 Presidential race. There were a couple low profile Reps and then Romney, Huckabee and Gingrich, six was Obama and seven other. No Sarah Palin. Now I voted seven other but what or I should say who is behind this poll. Now let consider the facts: Five Republicans and Obama then other. I am an active Republican, so I summize the Republicans. It was taken by ICM a British Polling Firm. Yes, the Republicans are trying along side the Dems to eliminate Palin. She is fighting the Republicans for some of the very same reasons as Reagan did. They want someone of high elite education, someone they could control, someone that is “not” hard core conservative and “not” someone of commoner background (Palin & Reagan). The only problem for these forces against Palin is that the American People love her. I predicted Obama Palin race in 2012 & I stick by it.

  9. A cynical pursuit of perfection is merely camouflage for the liberal Luddite desire to cripple the American economy and turn the United States into an agrarian socialist paradise.

    Very well said.

  10. What distinguishes Palin (and Bachmann) from other conservatives is that they have balls.

    Comment by ayn reagan — May 3, 2010 @ 1:02 pm

    HELP! I’ve been mugged.

  11. What distinguishes Palin (and Bachmann) from other conservatives is that they have balls.

    They do not self-censor out of concern that the media will disparage them.

    This allows Palin to confront Obama time and again, even as her fellow conservatives duck and cover.

    The oil spill represents a classic example.

    As other Republicans remained frozen while striving to formulate a “shrewd” strategy, Palin immediately told the truth.

    Drilling is essential to American national security, and therefore should be accelerated with the realization that accidents will happen.

    A cynical pursuit of perfection is merely camouflage for the liberal Luddite desire to cripple the American economy and turn the United States into an agrarian socialist paradise.

    You know.

    Like Bangladesh.

  12. This is a comment on American Thinker

    It’s rather obvious and I love it, that Sarah Palin is a MASTER of the “rope-a-dope” strategy! She suckers Obama at every turn! She’s the “Country Rube” that gets over on the City Slicker (Obama) everytime! And, with Biden? No contest there. Nobody may “mess with Joe,” but Palin can put him down in a heartbeat! People know this and love it, unless of course they’re Liberal Socialist idealogues. Those folks are too angry to see the humor in the buffoons they’ve placed in power. They take buffoons like the Justice Brothers, seriously! Sarah is popular because she’s the FIRST down-to-earth, REAL woman to make the political scene for decades! She is not phony like failed presidential candidate John F. Kerry (who served in Vietnam) nor plastic like Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm). For this reason alone, Sarah is an extreme THREAT to the Liberal Socialists. She’s comin’ after ’em, and they know it. Sarah is also easy on the eye, and this incenses the dried-up, hardboiled, knarled old fist look of the average Liberal Socialist woman. (Just look at Helen Thomas, Hillary Clinton, or that old bag, “Big Sis” Napalitano! Whew!

    The really neat thing about Liberal Socialists is that they are so prone to sticking their feet in their mouths! They just can’t help it. Hillary knows this and is maintaining a fairly low profile, not difficult since she has no real job in the Obama Regine. No recent stories of dodging “sniper fire” in Bosnia. Too bad Palin didn’t get to make any cracks about that Bull Schumer (BS)! The next few months are going to be a gas! With Sarah on the prowl, no Liberal Socialist will be safe from scrutiny or hillarious ridicule, courtesy of themselves. Their logic is flawed, their reasoning is stupid because they simply deny reality! In the arena of ideas, Liberal Socialists fall even shorter, than do the Islamists! I suppose that’s the … (350 word limit)