Sarah Palin’s brilliance

Governor Palin’s Speech at GOP Rally, Anaheim CA – October 16 2010

Every once in a while I revisit some videos of Sarah Palin’s great speeches. This is one of her best, if not the best.

Her passion, her eloquence, her great delivery, her humour and her motivational ability are all on display.


By the way, the New York Sun: Sarah Palin for the Fed? is worth reading. It acknowledged her prescience in warning about inflation when she critisized QE2 six months ago.

And so is Energy Now News: “And On [the Energy] Front, Sarah Palin Was Absolutely Right”

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  1. Ted,

    Give it up, already! Your obsession with this bozo is quite pathetic and really getting boring. Her influence, thank G-d, is really waining, approaching zero. She’s never gonna sleep with you, so move on while you’ve still got any sanity left.