Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Terrorist Network

By Dick Morris on March 6, 2012

A Book Review of “Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Terrorist Network” Edited by Sarah Stern

We all know that the United States is enmeshed in a corrupt bargain with the Saudi Monarchy: We keep a blind eye toward their human rights abuses and they continue to supply us with oil. But it takes Sarah Stern’s excellent volume to tell us just how corrupt the bargain is and how self-defeating is the relationship.

Saudi Arabia provides us one million barrels of oil each day and sends more to Europe. It uses the funds to finance jihad all over the world. 90% of fundamentalist Islamist funding comes from Saudi Arabia. It is our petro dollars that pay al Qaeda, fund extremist mosques which recruit terrorists all over the world.

Her book details it all: the Shariah Compliant Financing that wages war on Western capitalism, the “educational” grants that skew college campuses to a pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli bias, the Saudi refusal to cooperate in terrorist investigations, the Saudi success in buying off leading Americans like former President Jimmy Carter, their infiltration into our NGOs, the Saudi Islamist penetration of Europe and Canada, and their sponsorship of terrorists within our own country.

And her research could not be more well-timed. As Iran threatens Israel as she has never before been threatened and as our domestic oil production — despite Obama’s best efforts — is making our dependence on Saudi oil a thing of the past, we need to let go of this dangerous relationship and cut Saudi Arabia off. Sarah Stern explains, in explicit detail, why.

To purchase a copy of Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Terrorist Network – Go Here.

America and the West’s Fatal Embrace
Edited by Sarah N. Stern

“Understanding the sources of funding for terrorism is critical to defeating this threat to our way of life. Sarah Stern’s book is required reading on this issue.”

    – John Bolton, Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations

“Few people know as much, see as much and can communicate the truth about the Middle East as much as Sarah Stern. You will be amazed at what you read.”

    – Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist

Saudi Arabia influences American policy through both conventional and unconventional methods, ranging from lobbying and endowments to think tanks, policy centers, universities, and workshops for schoolteachers, all due to the petro-dollars that have been generated from America’s addiction to foreign oil. With chapters written by long-time experts in the fields of national security, foreign policy, education, and law, this book uses first-hand accounts to explore the Saudis’ vast grip. It addresses how Saudi influence has eased the rise of domestic terrorism as well as a promulgation of pernicious ideas regarding American foreign policy. All this has produced a philosophy of moral equivalency, mitigating against a sense of American exceptionalism or a moral clarity of America’s unique mission in the world.


Sarah N. Stern is the founder and president of EMET, The Endowment for Middle East Truth, an unabashedly pro-Israel and pro-American think tank and policy shop in Washington, DC. Previously she was the director of governmental and legislative affairs of the American Jewish Congress, and prior to that she was the national policy coordinator of the Zionist Organization of America.

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  1. Give me a break. I get hundreds of spam a day . Included are some posts like yours. I used to look for the exceptions but was overwhelmed. When a poster crosses the line and his post is marked as spam, he has a black mark against him which often times marks him as a spammer. I have to keep approving of the posts to reeducate the spam block.

    I don’t think changing your name or email will help because the IP remains the same.

  2. 🙂 What a joke! Israpundit’s spamblocker is apparently terrified of the words “n i n e t e e n t h C e n t u r y!] I guess anyone who knows anything about those days is automatically suspect. Oh well, here’s the rest:

    [4] Once Iran has an unfettered ability to produce nuclear weapons, though, this will no longer be a game: It will be a deadly struggle for Jewish survival; and in that struggle, the Saudis are unquestionably natural allies of Israel.

    Canadian oil? Maybe our own Max can head a delegation to Pres. Obama to discuss the matter. It means little to me, because some more pressing issues are on the table — (1) Israel’s continued existence as a people, and (2) Obama’s continued tenure as President. The Canadians can handle themselves.

  3. [3] Up until now, this competition in the Middle East has been something of a “Big Game “, like the competition between England and Russia during the 19th Cent.

  4. [2]As far as Israel is concerned, this is the main issue, the ball they need to keep their eye on; Saudi pressure on Washington is of lesser importance. Yes, the Saudis influence Washington, and this is generally bad for AMERICAN interests. In the bargain, Israel usually gets a bad deal; but they are not by any means the main objective of the Arabs. If anything, continuing enmity with Israel is one of the few things that unites Arabs; so beneath the bluster, Arab leaders like the Saudis are not actually that anxious to bring matters there to any sort of conclusion. The Iranians, on the other hand, can use Israel as a lever to control events in the Middle East. They are more dangerous at the moment to Israel, therefore, than are the Saudis.

  5. As I expected, I have been censored. I will try to re-post in fragments, to troubleshoot the issue:

    [1] Of course Saudi Arabia is the primary sponsor of terrorism in the world. Its government is the result of a pact between the Saudi family and the terrorism-promoting Wahabbi sect. They were the sponsors of the 9/11 attack, of al Qaeda, of the Taliban, and many other outrages.

    The Saudi’s strongest competitor are the Shiite ayatollahs of Iran, who are the sponsors of Bashir Assad, of Hizbullah, and until recently, at least, of Hamas. Both Saudi/Egyptian (Sunni) terrorism and Iranian/Syrian (Shiite) terrorism are fueled by religious ideology, finding their roots in a deep division of Islam going back over a thousand years. Terrorism is an industry, based on a service: endowing political power on customes willing to pay. In this sense, the Saudi-Iranian rivalry is capitalism at work: The Saudis are Coke and the Iranians are Pepsi. As long as there is money and power to be made in this industry, and barring an unlikely monopoly arrangement, the two will continue to be at odds with each other.

    I said the above, to bring the Saudi-terrorist link in perspective. In their competition with Iran, the Saudis have largely ignored Israel: It’s Iranian “turf”, and does not offer all that much profit for them. Their profit is in oil; and their turf is the US and Europe. Concerning the latter, the Iranians are threatening Saudi turf when they threaten to close off the Straits of Hormuz and control Persian Gulf shipping; because that shipping is vital to the Saudi economic headlock it has on the US. A nuclear Iran also threatens the Saudis, mainly because this would intimidate the Saudis’ Gulf partners to act in the Iranian interest.

  6. We all know that the United States is enmeshed in a corrupt bargain with the Saudi Monarchy: We keep a blind eye toward their human rights abuses and they continue to supply us with oil

    . and the blind eye extends to the destruction of Israel , the creation of Eurabia and Londinistan and the importation of Islamic Fascism into North America and extended human rights abuses towards s North Americans allowed by the elite to be perpetrated by Islamic Fascists upon ordinary citizens.

    Just try speaking your mind or burning some worthless paper or drawing a cartoon .. these things and much more are controlled by Islamic fascists in North America.

    What’s new? nothing.. including the ignorance of the public ..that is still old.. maybe the book can help to establish the truth to the public against the wave of lying pro-Islamic propaganda adn lying obfuscation in the Elite’s MSN which has a lock on and controls the public mind.

  7. A book which answers the hideous Walt and Mearsheimer “Israel Lobby”. Unlike the lies spread by walt and mearsheimer, the saudi lobby truly is the insidious, all-powerful lobby undermining American interests and values.

  8. The selling of Canadian Oil is something that is robbed from the Canadian people. It is owned by the Canadian Elite who pollute Canada to extract the oil , sell off Canada’s resources to foreigners , take the profits to further their Global investments and not anything significant percent goes to further enrich the 99 percent of Canadians. In fact whatever gets paid out to workers gets taken back (a very small percentage), because the workers are not owners.
    And with the importing of foreign labour even that “trickle-down” drops) goes out of country and education and health care is cut back by the superclass because they no longer need Canadian Citizens..which is why they are now tarrying to kill off the elderly poor and poor in Canada with the new pensions laws introduced by the elite’s mandarins in government who exist to serve the elite while pretending they serve the people.

    The owners of “Canadian Oil” are not even all Canadian they are an international cartel.

    The selling of Canadian oil destroys Canada and making the superclass more powerful.

    So nothing to do with Obama or Israel. Just the same-old same-old Canadian people getting killed and enslaved by the ‘Canadian’/Multinational superclass.
    The ownership of Canadian oil and Canadian resources needs to return and be distributed to Canadian Citizens and not the .01 percent. But that’s another story ..which will never get told.

    The thing is so obvious stop using words so carelessly and see the realties behind the words. Authoritarian propaganda truly destroys the capability for rational thought.

  9. We can only imagine how much Saudi Arabia has influenced Obama’s refusal to purchase Canadian ethical oil. We can only imagine how much the relationship between the Saudis and the Clintons has influenced Hilary’s disgusting positions on Israel.