Saudis insist Palestinians must be part of Israel peace deal, says Blinken

T. Belman. The PA has no say in the matter.  MBS has abandoned the 2002 Saudi Plan even as a starting point of negotiations. He doesn’t call f0r “the TSS” because that has always meant west of the Jordan R. Instead he calls for “a Palestinian state.”  Blinken also calls for “a TSS”. Thus he too will accept Jordan as the Palestinian state.

MBS wants the end of the Hashemite rule. He doesn’t need any competitors.

“If [Saudi-Israel normalization] is to move forward, the Palestinian piece is going to be very important too,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

Saudi Arabia has let the Biden administration know that resolving Palestinian issues is critical for any normalization deal with Israel, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said. “It is also clear from what we hear from the Saudis that if this process is to move forward, the Palestinian piece is going to be very important too,” he said on Wednesday in an interview with the podcast Pod Save the World.

He spoke as the Biden administration has been increasingly public about its pursuit of a security pact with Saudi Arabia that would include a normalization deal with Israel.

Such a deal would come on top of the US-backed 2020 Abraham Accords, in which Israel agreed to suspend the annexation of West Bank settlements in exchange for normalization deals with four Arab countries: the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan. [THIS AGREEMENT ENDS IN 2024]

Blinken: Palestinians cannot be ignored

Israeli normalization with the Arab world and “any of the efforts that are going on to improve relations between Israel and its neighbors can not be a substitute for Israel and the Palestinians resolving their differences and having a much better future for Palestinians,” Blinken said.

“In our judgment that needs to involve a two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he explained.

Israel’s ambassador to the US, Mike Herzog, said he believed there was a window of opportunity with regard to a Saudi deal. He pledged that Israel would do everything it could to ensure that an agreement would come to fruition.

During a panel discussion for the Washington-based think tank the Atlantic Council, Herzog said he hoped the Palestinians would seize the opportunity to join the process, rather than oppose it, as they did the Abraham Accords.

“I was hoping when we broke through to the Abraham Accords that the Palestinians would realize that this would benefit them as well. Instead, they chose to oppose it, to fight it,” Herzog said.

He speculated that the Palestinians might have little choice here, given that it would be hard for them to stand against Saudi Arabia.

“If we move ahead with Saudi Arabia it will be much more difficult for the Palestinians to confront Saudi Arabia,” Herzog said.

“There is an opportunity and I hope that they will draw the conclusion and that, rather than trying to block the tide, they will join, and ultimately I think that is important,” Herzog continued.

Earlier this week National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi said the Palestinians had spoken with the US, the Saudis, and the Israelis about a significant Palestinian component to the deal.

He said Israel favored making gestures to the Palestinians as part of that deal as long as it doesn’t harm Israeli security. The Palestinian Authority, however, has sought concessions that would not be possible for the Israeli government in its current configuration to meet, such as recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Israel’s decision to allow some eight armored vehicles to be transferred to the PA security through the IDF-controlled Allenby Crossing at the Jordanian border sparked a political uproar among Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right coalition members.

The far-right politicians were concerned in particular about an Army Radio report that a cache of 1,500 weapons, mainly rifles, were also transferred to the PA via Jordan from a US army base. Israel, the US, and the PA all denied that arms had been transferred.

Even members of Netanyahu’s own Likud Party have balked at the idea of linking Israel’s foreign policy with its treatment of the Palestinians.

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen told his Norwegian counterpart, Anniken Huitfeldt, during a Jerusalem meeting that “Israel will not submit to external dictates on the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We will work to expand the Abrahamic agreements,” he said, explaining that states and entities “that will not participate in expanding and deepening the circle of peace and normalization will simply be left behind and become irrelevant.”

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  1. Here you have the opportunity to see the flag which represents the Hashemite Kingdom that had its Capital in Mecca between 1916 and 1925…! So the Jordanian Hashemite know where they left with their Flag, this was about 100 years ago, and that’s how they got to where they are Today…

    And now, you have the opportunity to read an excerpt from ‘’
    regarding the transition from the Kingdom of Hejaz to Saudi Arabia:

    – “Ibn Saud, the sultan of Najd, assumed the title King of Hejaz in 1926, and in 1932 Hejaz, Najd, and other districts under his control were united to form the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

    And here is a clarification from Wikipedia:

    – “On 23 September 1932, the two kingdoms of the Hejaz and Nejd were united as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,[82] and that date is now a national holiday called Saudi National Day.[112]

    Between the lines:
    1 – Area of Saudi of Arabia = 2,149,690 km2 (830,000 sq. mi)
    2 – Area of State of Israel = 21,000 km2 ( 8,300 sq. mi)

    Of course, everyone can understand what he wants…!

  2. The party that is desperate for a perceived win is the US. The Biden junta is run by people who are antisemitic and anti-Israel. They are Islamists, Black nationalists, Communists and globalist predators. Their goal is to weaken and disempower Israel while empowering and strengthening Iran and Israel’s Muslim neighbors.

    I believe Netanyahu understands this.

    The US will try to pressure Netanyahu into accepting the unacceptable. Netanyahu has stood up to the likes of Obama before and he can do it again.

    There are some differences between then and now, including the US backed attempted coup against the Israeli government. In addition, those in charge of US foreign and military policy appear to have lost all reason. Their actions in Ukraine are disconnected from the military realities on the ground. Despite having intelligence that makes clear that Ukraine cannot win, they are plowing forward.

    There are now concerns that a false flag attack on US naval assets in the Black Sea will be brought about by the US in order to blame Russia and justify a hot war with Russia.

    If this occurs it will be crystal clear that those running the war in Ukraine are insane.

    Given the irrationality of the Biden junta leadership, it is more important than ever that the Netanyahu government not cave but stand firm and protect Israel against threats. The US cannot be considered a trusted ally at this point in time as the Biden junta leadership is more aligned with Iran than with Israel.

  3. Israeli normalization with the Arab world and “any of the efforts that are going on to improve relations between Israel and its neighbors can not be a substitute for Israel and the Palestinians resolving their differences and having a much better future for Palestinians,” Blinken said.

    How about a better life for Israelis too or instead? As long as the terror attacks and indiscriminate stoning of travelers in Judea and Smaria continues, concessions of any kind to the Palestinians are off the table.
    As far as Blinken is concerned, he doesn’t care at all about Israelis and even less about Palestinians. However, seeing Israel give up hard won land to appease the non-appeasable Palestinians would light up his day and probably his CV too. In short NFW.