Selling out Israel on the installment plan

By Cal Thomas,

Name one concession Israel has made in recent years that has been reciprocated by its sworn enemies. This is not a trick question. There are none.

That’s why next month’s announced “Middle East Summit” in Annapolis, Md., should be viewed as one more installment payment in the sellout of Israel and of American interests in the Middle East. While the United States continues to struggle to shore up democracy in Iraq, the Bush administration — like administrations before it — proceeds in undermining the likelihood that the region’s first democracy will endure.

At every negotiating session, Israel is pressured into making concessions for “peace” and receives more war in response. Mostly this is because of the wishful thinking in the West that has replaced sound policy. Why should the Palestinians make concessions when they are drawing closer to their objective of eradicating Israel by throwing stones and bombs and stonewalling negotiations?

October 11, 2007 | 7 Comments »

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  1. I am an Islamophobia-denier, Felix. Muslims can try to interject the word, the concept, and the stigma that goes with it into our society, but there is no such thing as Islamophobia. If they are successful in this PR campaign, people will pander and appease to avoid the fake label. To be a phobia, the fear must be irrational. It must be made known that it would be wise and rational to fear Islam, perhaps a campaign to combat this: “Rational People Fear Islam.” Islam itself–and not just certain spokesmen, but the texts themselves–proclaims loudly the intent to eliminate and replace nonMuslim culture>. Rather, imputing to Islam benign intent despite clear evidence it wants to destroy us–that’s irrational.

    As for your mention of Spain hosting the “Islamophobia” conference, perhaps Spain needs a reminder.

  2. Soren

    That is a really interesting and valuable observation. I wish we could hit these things right on the head in a propagandist fashion. It is interesting because there has been a major conference underway run by the EU in Cordoba Spain, devoted to fighting what the call “Islamophobia”. This confirms the scientific work of Bat Yeór

    Yamit as usual is right on the ball. Israel is different.

    Yet he also notes it is the same, with Olmert and the type of politics shown above by Isseroff then no matter how strong you cannot win.

    Boils down to leadership.

    Where will it come from? I think I know where it has to come from but will it???

    Will talk more on this. It is the key issue.

  3. History has shown that there really has been no favorable American Administration to Israel since it was created. Israel has been used to further perceived American interests both positively and negatively.I accept at face value Bushes desire for what ever personal reasons to go along with the Saudi demands or interests. But to accept Martels and Belmans position than one would have to also deduce that every administration since Truman have had similar desires and pressures from the Saudis or others to accomplish the same ends. With Bush it may be the Saudi influence with Clinton and others the same or different influences and reasons. The bottom line is tha America in every case pursues it own perceived interests and in most instances Israel is not at or near the top of Americas list.

    Israel for the WORLD and that includes American policy thinking is an expendable commodity, similar to Czechoslovakia in the late 30’s. There are a few major differences, The czechs had no power to prevent their own sellout and we do. While the Czechs had no real friends or support in the World, we still do. I would in any case like to believe that we do?

    For what ever reason though Bush is pursuing traditional American policy towards Israel,on the one hand feigning friendship and on the other hand seeking to screw her. I must admit though that the Americans have mostly had a willing and compliant Israel leadership to help them along.

  4. For the same reason the Empire State Building is planning for the end of Ramadan to light up the building green–as in the color of Ali, the standard bearer (green sword flag) for every single battle of Muhammad, Ali the husband of Fatima, the martyr that Shiites everywhere revere, yet whom Sunnis also revere, since he was the first male Muslim and the fourth of the rightly guided Caliphs, Ali the uniter of Muslims both Shia and Sunni, a/k/a “Ali the Warrior”–basically by lighting up the Building green they are staking the green Hamas, PanArabic, and PanIslamic (arabic or not) color into the soil of America and flying it high, declaring USA as taken for Islam, and in New York of all places–basically flying the jihad victory colors as high as one can get now in post-9/11 New York. Why? Ignorance? Naivete?

    “Middle East Summit”?–I say, Middle East Submit

  5. The writer has this very interesting paragraph

    In an address to the Israeli Knesset, President Shimon Peres reaffirmed the flaw in Western thinking: “…even if there are some who express doubt at the ability of the Palestinians to achieve peace, the impression must not be created that Israel has doubts regarding the need and the willingness to achieve full peace.” So it’s not about hard bargaining resulting in the preservation of Israel with defensible borders and the cessation of terrorist attacks, it’s about “impressions”? No wonder Israel’s enemies are emboldened as never before.

    The key phrase which betrays him is of course where he claims that what is needed is “hard bargaining”.

    Now that seems to me to be the crux of the affair.

    Immediately I can see that this writer places himself on the opposite side of the barricades from say Francisco Gil White, whose method and historical analysis tend to lead in the revolutionary direction.

    No amount of “bargaining” will do other than destroy Israel eventually. It leads straight to defeat because it suggests that the Arabs as we know them today are open to bargain or to reach a deal with.

    But if the Arabs are not open for a deal what kind of a struggle then is Israel involved in.

    The answer to this question must be found. I have put forward my research on Leon Trotsky. I know for a fact that I have been moved against and attempted to shut up by what I call the Fascist Left and by those who call themselves Trotskyists, but I expected that. But I think that what I said also alarmed many Jewish people too.

    Anyways…Seeing the nuances of “peace” in the above writer I thought of Isseroff and quickly looking at google I came by chance upon the article which really caused one hell of a fuss on Israpundit when I came near to calling the writing of Isseroff as antisemitic. That was in my rash days.

    But looking at it again I can see exactly what got me so worked up. And in my maturity I really cannot withdraw although Isseroff does have his heart with the Jews.

    So let me quote a bit:

    “The extremists are succeeding. Led by extremists, and to the delight of the Israeli settler lobby, Palestinians are committing collective political suicide. The suicide bombings kill 20 or 100 or 200 Israelis. We are very sorry for the innocent lives lost. However, the bombings exact a much greater toll from the Palestinians. They are furnishing Ariel Sharon and the Israeli right with the proof that the Palestinians are not capable of forming a stable society that can support a state. The suicide bombings are killing the future of all Palestinians. Yet hardly any Palestinian advocates protest! Pro-Palestinian groups continue to cite Israeli misdeeds as if these “justify” the suicide bombings. What they are saying is “We are allowed to destroy our own central government in order to hurt Israel.” But they are not really hurting Israel, they are only hurting Palestinian society and the Palestinian future.

    In 1948, the new state of Israel faced a similar challenge. Previously, extremist right-wing dissidents had damaged the legitimacy of the Zionist cause and embarrassed the Zionist executive repeatedly. Notably, they assassinated Lord Moyne in 1944, perpetrating the Deir Yassin massacre in April of 1948. Now, they wanted to maintain a private army, the Irgun, and imported a shipload of arms to support it. To assert central authority, Prime Minister Ben-Gurion ordered the ship, the Altalena, to be sunk in June of 1948. However, dissident groups were not broken up entirely. Israel paid a heavy price for this when Lehi extremists assassinated the UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte, provoking a bitter reaction. The assassination led to the final dissolution of all militias. Many have faulted Ben-Gurion for suppressing the underground armies of the left and right, including the Palmach that had been the elite force of the Zionist executive, but the current anarchy in the Palestinian Authority shows how right he was. Palestinians have searched in vain for the secret weapons of the Zionists that made possible the victory of 1948 and ensured the failure of the Palestinians. The secret weapon was not support of foreign powers or vast financial resources provided by a secret international Jewish conspiracy. The formation of a strong central authority, the implementation of national unity and leadership that was able to carry out painful and distasteful compromises were the secret weapons of the Zionists. Without an organized government, there would have been no international support at all, and financial resources and arms would have been squandered in pointless violence.

    That is back in August 2003 (Damn 4 years ago Ted) and the title by Isseroff was “Speaking out for Palestine and Peace”

    My word that is one damned strange title for a Jewish man to put forward.

    That stuff was so reactionary. Isseroff whatever you call him was lining up against everything good in Judaism.

    To go forward, really forward, what was necesary was the harchest fight against everything that Isseroff put forward in the above.

    Note he joins the slur on the Jews re Dir Yassin but let me focus on Bernadotte. Those who decided to kill Bernadotte were in revolutionary socialist view absolutely correct and must at all counts be defended and supported. But Isseroff did the exact opposite. he joined the British Imperialist enemy.

    I wonder does Isseroff still support the Palestinian state and is now supporting Fatah and with Fatah Al Aqsa, and with that the US training of these antisemites.

    As I remember Bernadotte. It went like this.

    The Jews started off in 1920 with 100 per cent of Palestine.

    Came Churchill and by 1922 it was 22 per cent.

    Then later it was about 11 per cent with Resolution 181. Still the Arabs breathed blue murder against the Jews.

    That was where Bernadotte came in if my memory is correct. Bernadotte wanted to rework that Resolution 181 and give the Jews less, ie less that 12 per cent while the Arabs were on 88 per cent and with Bernadotte looking for say 95 per cent.

    If every there was an insulting and essentially antisemitic bastard it was Bernadotte.

    True revolutionary socialists, ie Trotsky except he was eliminated, must have defended the Jews who killed this bastard.

    That is what I meant at the time. There was a hell of a fuss because I called this writing above by Isseroff antisemitic.

    But whatever about that there must be a real hard militancy entered into the Jewish soul against that sort of pro Arab talking which is really pro enemy supporting.

    Where this is going to come from I am not sure. But it is this revolutionary hardness that we need today if the Jews will survive.

  6. So, why is the United States hosting this sellout in Annapolis?

    Because, as I have written many times here at Israpundit, the goal of the Bush Administration is the same as that of the Saudis, the Europeans, and the UN: to encourage the creation of conditions that will inevitably lead to Israel being eradicated.

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