Amb Kurtzer embraces the peace process

By Ted Belman

I attended a lecture last night by non other than former Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer. It was very painful to listen to what he had to say.

He blamed Israel for the settlements and for the occupation. He praised the peace process and viewed it as a work in progress to achieve what everyone understands will be the end result.

While acknowledging that every thing was bad, the major positive is that the Saudi Plan reversed for the first time the Arab rejection of Israel. In this I beg to differ because the Arab League offered only to discuss “normalization” after a complete pullout. They also demanded the right of return which is a euphemism for the destruction of Israel. Never did they offer a peace agreement. We have a peace agreement with Egypt but that didn’t bring us peace or normalization.

He ignored that the Arab countries have done nothing to further this “acceptance” but in fact have supported Hamas (in the Mecca Accords) which openly rejects Israel and permitted smuggling to continue.

He ignored that Islam proscribes the creation of Israel and thus the Muslims have a religious duty to destroy it.

I had to laugh at his report that the State Department had commissioned a study as to why progress had not occurred since Camp David and Taba. The answer is simply and obvious but they are incapable of accepting it. It’s Islam stupid. The Arabs still reject Israel.

He said Israel must do something because they have a democratic problem, the occupation, and a demographic problem, the Arab birth rate. He even said that sooner or later the Arabs would outnumber the Jews from the Med to the Jordan.

He is wrong on both counts.

If by democratic he means that the Arabs are denied the right to vote, I can only say that in all countries, non citizens do not have the right to vote. That doesn’t make such countries non-democratic. If Judea and Samaria were annexed, Israel could deny citizenship to the Arabs by the application of democratic norms elsewhere for citizenship. Switzerland is an example. Israel could pay Arabs to emigrate for which there is democratic precedent. Israel could give citizenship only to people who serve in the IDF and so on.

As for the alleged demographic problem, he is woefully ignorant of the New Demographic Study which determines for the foreseeable future, Jews will outnumber Arabs in the combination of Judea, Samaria and Israel for the foreseeable future, by 2:1 . If you look at citizens only the Jews will out number the Arabs by 4:1.

He ended by stressing the value of achieving a DoP even if it won’t be implemented for 10 years.

Everytime there was a new deal or new process or new agreement, new criteria for the end result were demanded all to Israel’s disadvantage. Thus we went from the victor in a defensive war can keep land acquired, to withdrawal to secure borders, to the PA, to a freeze on settlements, to a Palestinian State, to a viable and contiguous state, to a sharing of Jerusalem and finally to the greenline (not secure borders).

Some “peace”, some process.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Off topic I know but something very sad. Dan Kurtzer is on the board of mining company Nikanor, in fact he is the person in charge of safety on the board. Nikanor is accused by The Congo of dumping radioactive waste into a river. Maybe instead of lecturing he should be paying attention to the consequences of going into a country, interfering with the politics and grabbing resources, while endangering the environment, people and animals.
    Seems like an ugly movie. There is likely a coverup. What is a few more thousand dead africans?

    6 arrested in Congo Radioactive dumping scandal

  2. This kapo was once the head of Yeshiva University..I don’t get exited any more when I hear or see Jewish traitors in action. We have always had them and I suppose the best thing we can do to limit their vile damage is to try and marginalize them.When Clinton appointed this Peace Now Supporter and supporter of every anti Zionist endeavor and cause he was strongly opposed here and a lot questioned his suitability for the POST OF US AMBASSADOR. Fear of the Goyim prevailed and we went to Camp David with Barak trying to give up at least as much as Olmert if not more. That the failed Camp Davis fiasco should have put the Clinton’s and the Dennis Ross’s and the Dan Kurtzer, out to Pasture, like a mutated fungus they all have managed to regenerate and as we say here


    In Judaism we have a law called Din Rodef the Law dealing with Jewish Traitor. This law was invoked by those who Killed Rabin and nothing and I mean nothing gets the Left shaking in their sandals , as any mention of

    Din Rodef, or Din Moser!


    for almost sixty years every Israeli government walked a fine line in not invoking laws or performing actions that violated in the extreme; Halacha or at least not imposing anti Halacha law and norms on the religious community here in Israel. This allowed a degree of unity and cohesion with such diverse elemwnts as extreme Orthodoxy and extreme secular. By doing this Israel on many occasions in the past avoided a civil war. This can change on a dime and the almost total quite here from this sector of Israel pubic is disturbin. I fear beneath the surface something is brewing and it can spell a lot of trouble. One scenario that has been bandied and even acted upon in the past is the destruction of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aksa. That is the greatest fear of Security Services.I have a sinking feeling that something is going to happen and pretty soon!

  3. Pointing out the facts to him would be futile as the State Department has no intention of supporting Israel in any way.

    I always thought that the President of the USA is the one who dictates policy but I find myself amazed each time Condi opens her mouth…..are they both on the same page or is SecState an independant operative vis-a-vis foreign affairs?

  4. Joseph Farah in March 2001 wrote

    “Though he is an Orthodox Jew, Kurtzer has a long-standing antipathy toward Israel. In his 1976 Ph.D. dissertation at Columbia University, Kurtzer blamed Israeli responses to terrorist strikes for “the radicalization of those Palestinians to violence.” Interestingly, Kurtzer never characterized as “terrorists” those who carried out massacres of civilians. In his thesis, they were called “guerrillas.”

    Kurtzer, perhaps more than any other diplomatic policymaker of the last 12 years, is responsible for the new U.S. “even-handedness” in Middle East affairs. To Kurtzer, there are no aggressors in the Middle East and no victims. The two sides are equally to blame for the conflict.

    Further, he accepts a false premise — that the Palestinian problem is the core of the conflict in the Middle East, rather than a much-manipulated symbol to ensure Israelis are forever perceived as aggressors and the Arabs as aggrieved.

    So OK. Kurtzer then is a Jew, is part of the Jewish Establishment in America, his views are reflected in many Jewish organizations and leaders.

    I am glad you went to his meeting. But I would say go with open and outright hostility.

    Perhaps this can be a spur to Israpuindit doing what I have long talked about. Begin to educate us on exactly how each and every American Jewish organization stands on the vital issues, especially the isue of a Palestinian Jihadist state.

    I can see your weakness and our weakness Ted. You go there as an individual really. We badly need a revolutionary Jewish party Ted that is absolutely and totally independent in theory and practice from all of these Kurtzers.

    I am not sure how that can be done or if it can be done, or does it have to come from the revolutionary socialist side, or to follow on from the gigantic development of Leon Trotsky that I have written about here.

    Please understand this is not empty propaganda on my part. I am looking at a situation and how it can be turned around. People contributing on this site should not just oppose verbally in comments they should also say how they think practically it can be done.

    Also they should not like mad barking dogs react as they have often done before when I mention the name of Leon Trotsky. I wish for more maturity from my Jewish friends.

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