Shaked presents 5 point plan for national strength

Plan covers foreign relations and building in Judea and Samaria.

Arutz Sheva

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked presented her plan for national strength at the International Conference of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) Tuesday evening.

Shaked took a swipe at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and spoke of the State Comptroller’s report on Operation Protective Edge at the start of her remarks. “I heard those who spoke in the Knesset yesterday about ‘shooting from the hip.’ I am here to present to you today a coherent strategic plan which was developed in recent months – a program of ‘National Strength.’ The program which we are promoting at this time is meant to create long-term security for Israel. The State Comptroller’s report is further evidence of the need for a fundamental change in the perception and conduct of Israel’s security.”

“The trends have changed, as I have described, but they carry, in essence, dangers as well as opportunities. I would like to focus today on the opportunities. There is an opportunity to evaluate new policies to maximize the benefit to the interests of the State of Israel.” Shaked said.

Shaked praised the new US Administration and said that there is no doubt that the place for the new US Ambassador to Israel is in Jerusalem. “Changing the location of the embassy would be an expression and the best evidence of a change in the American approach, and in fact for American law. I appeal to the [rest of] the world: it is also time that you relocate you embassies to Jerusalem.”

She also stated that Interior Minister Aryeh Deri had offered during a meeting of the Cabinet to exempt any embassy which is moved to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem from paying income tax.

Shaked then detailed he five step national security plan.

1. “The first step is to repair and minimize the political damage created in the international arena in recent years. The erroneous decisions and hostility [of international organizations such as the UN] have to change.”

“In our discussions with the Trump Administration we have to pass clear messages about the need for a re-examination of the dangerous nuclear agreement, for the renouncing of harmful statements such as outgoing Secretary of State [John Kerry’s] speech, the statements from the Paris Conference, and the latest unfortunate decision of the Security Council.

“All of these decisions did not bring us one millimeter closer to peace and security. In fact, they gave incentives and political rewards serious and dangerous trend of global terrorism and Palestinian incitement.

2. “Alongside the cancellation of past damages an additional step is required. Build the future. We must demand and promote in the international arena and the recognition of Israel’s borders in the north and the Golan Heights and the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. To realize this the Israeli government must set a clear diplomatic objective: the transfer of as many embassies to Jerusalem [as is possible]. The transfer of the American Embassy can be a harbinger of change to strengthen the capital of Israel.

“These first two steps deal with the international arena. The three additional steps Israel in this robust national security program depend only on us and focus on strengthening Jerusalem and the ‘settlements.Here again there was a folly called “Gaza and Jericho first.’ We tried it this way and we paid in blood. We then unfortunately tried freezes, retreats, conferences, compromises and it cost us in blood and missiles. Now it’s time a new way: ‘Maaleh Adumim and Gush Etzion first.’

3. “We speak of “annexing Maale Adumim. Soon the law will come up for discussion and a vote in the ministerial legislative committee, but the word annexation is a misnomer. We are not annexing an additional piece of land – it is the heart of our country. The city of Maaleh Adumim is an inseparable part of Israel. It is not an annexation, but an official reunion and represents today’s reality as it existed in the past, and as it will always be.

4. “The next step focuses on the Gush Etzion. Even those who argue against our forces in Judea and Samaria have no voice to speak [against] Gush Etzion. This settlement bloc was established long before anyone was talking about the ’67 lines and was already established about 100 years ago, at about the same time that the settlement of Herzliya was established, and it waas destroyed by brutal mobs in the War of Independence.

“Now we need to apply Israeli law to create contiguity of transportation, and later territorial continuity, between Gush Etzion and Jerusalem. Our goal should be the doubling of the number of residents in Gush Etzion in the coming years. We already have building plans ready for implementation, including thousands of units.

“Sovereignty: Maaleh Adumim and Gush Etzion first, and the construction there will be a clear trend and declare a future connection to Jerusalem.

“Our capital city needs an urban security envelope, and that includes the development of Maaleh Adumim to the east, Gush Etzion and Efrat to the south, and the communities of Binyamin to the north. These areas formed the region of ‘Greater Jerusalem’ and will further enhance the status of Israel’s capital internally and externally.

5. The fifth step in the program for national strength, is to strengthen settlement in other areas of Israel. It is time for an overall building boom. Construction should not be an answer or response to terrorism. We are building because we build. That is our right and it is our duty, that is Zionism. That shows that we are here to stay.”

The minister finished her speech and said: “We need not necessarily be in conflict with the world to implement the five steps program for national strength. These days we have the ability to formulate new understandings with organizations and countries who understand the new trends. Alongside close cooperation with the Trump Administration we can promote our new ties with Russia, Africa, India, China, and the Gulf states. And first of all, we must tell the world what we want and what we are planning. We have to lead and not be led.”

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  1. Properly provocative and assertive. The first principle of Torah is self preservation and eternal loyalty to God and his gift of the land. Unfortunately Netanyahu lacks the political will and forward thinking strategy to persevere. Netanyahu believes the US embassy move will destroy the better relations with Sunni states. I believe Netanyahu is mistaken for two reasons.

    First, Netanyahu overstates the amity with the Sunni states. Only Iran brings the Sunni states closer to Israel. In every public and international forum and for other internationali issues including the Palestinian Arabs, the Sunni states remain irredentist Jew-haters and will not change. Second, Netanyahu understates the depth and intend of Jew-hatred in each Sunni state. The embassy move does not change that hatred. In deed, if the Arab Sunni states will continue to hate, give them cause by Israel’s assertive policy of moving the US embassy so that President Trump knows of Israel’s support. May Minister Shakid’s voice grow ever more influential.

  2. Actually, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked advocates Jewish urban expansion based on principles that I studied while I was partially earning credits for a master’s degree in city and regional planning at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Department of Geography in the 1973-1974 study year.

    Much of Israel’s city planning has been based on principles outlined by a German regional planner, Walter Christaller, whose well-known Central Place Theory explains the geographic locations and economic relationships of communities of various sizes.

    I understand some Israelis may dislike social science contributions enunciated by any of Hitler’s planners for the Germanization of parts of the various conquered Slavic lands in Eastern Europe. But nobody in our city and regional planning curriculum in Jerusalem seemed to have been bothered by any of that. Probably, it was based on the same kind of objective thinking that welcomed the German-designed Messerschmidt Bf-109 fighter aircraft assembled after WW2 in a Czechoslovak factory and flown to the new state of Israel courtesy of Iosif Stalin, the Jugoslav leader Broz-Tito, and anybody else who could get weapons and ammunition into the hands of HaPalmach and/or the Irgun, depending on whose Zionist side you were on.

    The new Jewish State had acquired three retired Boeing B-17G four-engine bombers, put to use along with their new Bf109 fighters, Egypt, at was with the young Jewish state, had British-manufactured Supermarine Spitfires left over from the various Battles of Britain (there really was more than one.

    Which leads to a more or less amazing paradox: Spiotfires trying to shoot down Flying Fortresses, while Messerschmidt Bf109s defended the big bombers.

    By the way, before I venture away from thos topic: Minister Shaked looks like one of the most beautiful women in Israel, and seems to have a strength of character which mirrors that of Golda Meir. I have a feeling she may well be a Rosh HaMemshela of Medinat Yisrael one day.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

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