Sharon’s Words

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Soccer Dad reminded me that it’s now been 1 year that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been in a coma in Jerusalem. While some are wishing for his strength given the current disaster of an Israeli government, it was exactly his strength that gutted the major Israeli political parties, undermined whatever limited checks and balances there were, set up the retreat from Gaza, and gutted the IDF command structure.

In the End of Days video link I posted here, there’s a clip of Sharon saying,

“(Timestamp 30min, 16 sec) I believe that the conditions have arisen that will allow us and the Palestinians to reach a historic breakthrough in the relationship between us. A break through that will lead us to tranquility and security, and in the future even to the peace that we have expected.

(Timestamp 31min, 7sec ) Do not attack the policemen, the women soliders, the men soldiers. Do not blame them, do not make it difficult for them. Do not hurt them, hurt me!

The result: Gaza, Kassam’s, Lebanon, Katyusha’s, a weakened IDF and Israel.

I’d like to say it appears Hashem took him at his word, but so many others are paying the price I can’t.

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