Sovereignty not included in basic guidelines of new government


T. Belman. Up until today, we were repeatedly told that annexation had been agreed to and that it was to be done after July 1/20.  Bibi was so desperate to become Prime Mister, notwithstanding the indictments, that he gave the farm away.  He started negotiations with a 59 seat majority but allowed Gantz to take him to the cleaners. Gantz, who had 19 seats only got almost half the ministries including the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Defense. Make no mistake about it, this is a left wing government.

Document includes sections on coronavirus crisis and a promise to promote settlement throughout the country.

Arutz Sheva Staff, 

Netanyahu and Gantz

Netanyahu and Gantz, Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

The Likud and Blue and White parties on Wednesday evening published the basic guidelines of the new government, and a look at the document reveals that it does not include the application of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu promised.

The document includes five clauses concerning the coronavirus pandemic and the need to deal with the medical and economic crisis affecting Israel as a result.

“The Israeli government will set up an emergency cabinet to deal with all issues arising from the coronavirus crisis. This cabinet will include all the necessary actions in both the socio-economic and medical aspects. The government will lead a plan to exit the deep economic crisis, build and approve a state budget to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic. The plan will address issues of employment, support for the business sector, self-employed and third sector,” the document reads.

The document also states, “The government will devise a social-economic safety net for all citizens of the state and formulate dedicated programs for addressing targeted populations who are under particularly difficult economic and social distress.”

The government’s basic guidelines say that “the Jewish people have an inviolable right to a sovereign state in the Land of Israel, the national and historical homeland of the Jewish people.”

“The government will strengthen national security, strive for peace, ensure the safety and security of all citizens of the country, act with determination to curb any threat to the State of Israel and its residents, and strive for continuous improvement in the individual’s sense of security.”

Blue and White and Likud decided that “the government will strive to reduce the social gaps in Israel and will work to create equal opportunities for every citizen in Israel regardless of the community, gender and place of birth.”

The new government will act as a bridge between all parts of the nation and the state, “will act from a conception of national reconciliation and for this purpose a cabinet of reconciliation will be established which will coordinate all actions in this area.”

“The government will work to preserve the Jewish and democratic character of the state. The government will ensure that, in connection with Israel’s heritage, the Jewish character of the state will be preserved, as well as respect the religions and traditions of the various religions in accordance with the values ??of the Declaration of Independence.”

“The government will place an emphasis of the issue of immigration and absorption and will work diligently to increase immigration from all countries of the world and the successful absorption of immigrants.”

Towards the end of the document, it is stated that “the government will work to strengthen the periphery, the Negev, the Galilee and the settlement in all parts of the country. The government will act to conduct discourse and actions in a statesmanlike, law-abiding, respectful and unifying manner among all parts of Israeli society, even when there is disagreement.”

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Perhaps they will do the sovereign motion anyway, if not it I hope the no confidence motion passes…

  2. Just read that Peretz-you now that guy with the axe-blade sharp face and close set shifty eyes- has left Yamina and joined the Government.-

  3. Bibi did not betray us as I said. Instead Pompeo came here to change the understandings reached when Gantz and Netnyahu met trump in the Whitehouse.

    I can’t tell you what I am learning except to say its all in good faith.

  4. @ mikewise1:

    For what should I apologise ?? I see that today he is now considering retirement-like a petulant child- if he does not get his baby rattle, the Jerusalem Ministry – He’s learned a good lesson about politics, that it’s crooked, and although he tried to be just as crooked, he was outsmarted by experts…….

    I wrote on this site months go already that he LOOKED shifty and not reliable..

    The shame is HIS–!!

  5. Rafi Peretz does with regularity ditch his political partners. Partnership Agreements with him are written in disappearing ink.

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