Spielberg Equates Israel and Hamas


“Decry the killing of innocent women and children in Gaza.”Contemptible but not surprising.

In his movie, ‘Munich’, a fake revisionist version of Israel’s campaign against Islamic terrorism, Steven Spielberg made a point of equating the Israeli counter-terrorism operatives and the terrorists.

And it’s not just Israel.

When he considered making ‘American Sniper’, he wanted to focus on a terrorist sniper who would be “a mirror of Chris on the the other side.”

After initially making a strong statement, Spielberg appeared at a USC Shoah Foundation event and gave a fairly generic speech about the Holocaust. He claimed, bizarrely, that “we see every day how the machinery of extremism is being used on college campuses…where now, fully 50 percent of students say they have experienced some discrimination because they are Jewish. This is happening alongside anti-Muslim, Arab, and Sikh discrimination.”

Who is discriminating against those 50% of Jewish students? Spielberg implies that it’s whoever is also discriminating against Muslims and Arabs. As opposed to this kind of ordinary evil at Stanford.

One of the section leaders for my computer-science class, Hamza El Boudali, believes that President Joe Biden should be killed. “I’m not calling for a civilian to do it, but I think a military should,” the 23-year-old Stanford University student told a small

El Boudali has also said that he believes that Hamas’s October 7 attack was a justifiable act of resistance, and that he would actually prefer Hamas rule America in place of its current government (though he clarified later that he “doesn’t mean Hamas is perfect”). When you ask him what his cause is, he answers: “Peace.”

The Jewish students—one of whom is in the computer science course El Boudali grades—asked him how he thought Jews would fare in a Hamas-occupied America.

“Very well,” El Boudali replied. “Just like the hostages.”

Spielberg is too much of a coward to address any of that. Instead, he manages to equate Israel and Hamas.

“I am increasingly alarmed that we may be condemned to repeat history–to once again have to fight for the very right to be Jewish. In the face of brutality and persecution, we have always been a resilient and compassionate people who understand the power of empathy. We can rage against the heinous acts committed by the terrorists of October 7th and also decry the killing of innocent women and children in Gaza. This makes us a unique force for good in the world and is why we are here today celebrate the work of the Shoah Foundation, which is more crucial now it even was in 1994.”

This isn’t a unique force for good, this is cringe ‘as a Jew’ masochism.

What would Spielberg have made of someone who said, “We can rage against the heinous acts committed by the Nazis and also decry the killing of innocent women and children in Dresden.”

This kind of contemptible moral equivalence is what passes for Spielberg’s moral code.

Not only does he fail to assert that Israel has a right to fight Hamas (or even the name of Hamas), but he condemns Israel for the “killing of innocent women and children in Gaza” as if Israel is actively trying to kill them, instead of trying to defeat the terrorists responsible for Oct 7.

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  1. His defeatism goes way back and even permeates his purely escapist work. In every one of the Indiana Jones movies, the hero is defeated after an initial victory and the bad guys are taken out by a Deus ex Machina resolution (which I might add, was ruled out as a discredited inorganic cheat in the playwrighting classes I took and playwrighting theory books I read.) His sister, Nancy Spielberg, by contrast, directed a wonderful documentary about the fledgling Israel air force during the War of Independence and the efforts of American Jewish and non-Jewish friends of Israel to smuggle air plane parts out in defiance of Truman’s arms embargo and the Neutrality Act. “Above and Beyond.” (2014)

  2. Trump vows to strip student visas from ‘anti-Semitic foreigners’ at US colleges if he wins the 2024 election
    Ayelet Sheffey Oct 17, 2023, 1:18 PM EDT


    March 29, 2024 / JNS)
    Shortly after issuing a working group report on confronting antisemitism, a group of Republican New York state senators unveiled a slew of legislative proposals this week aimed at curbing rising Jew-hatred.

    The legislation includes defining antisemitism in the state’s human rights laws, prohibiting tuition assistance to students engaged in antisemitic behavior, expelling state university students who commit hate crimes and pulling state dollars from publicly-funded higher education institutions that permit terror organizations to act on their campuses.