Opponents of Kosovo Independence

By Ted Belman

When I first started entertaining about eighteen months ago that what I originally believed about the Serbs being at fault was all wrong, I believed I was swimming upstream. Now I believe that critical mass has been achieved and the perponderance of opinion now believes that the Serbs have been done a grave injustice

I have decided to make a list of all columnists, blogs and media outlets that are opponents of an independent Kosovo. This may or not mean that they believe that the Serbs are the victims. So comment under this post who is an opponent of Kosovo independence. I’ll start with ones that I am aware of.

    Israpundit, FrontPageMag, Atlas Shrugs, Political Mavens, Julia Goren, Felix Quigley, Nathan Pearlstein, Robert Peter North. Francisco Gil-White, Jared Israel, Carolyn Glick, Aryeh Eldad, Jihad Watch , Hugh Fitzgerald, John R. Bolton, Lawrence Eagleburger, Peter W. Rodman, Bat Ye’or, Andrew Bostom,
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  1. Shelley (#28), yes, but mostly I’m alluding to McCain’s extremely close relationship with Gen. James Jones, past, present, and given McCain’s own words, future. Jones, presently the Condi-appointed Middle East Annapolis “monitor” in charge of preparing for foreign troops and borders while the 2 other generals have other tasks, is also ex-NATO commander and has spoken about the importance of transformation and globalization of NATO (using NATO in intervention, etc). Condi has picked this transformation approach up and pushed something called “transformational diplomacy,” with her major speeches on this being in 2006 and again a couple weeks ago, both times at Georgetown Univ’s School of Foreign Service (also Jones’ school). McCain, who in the past has talked about having a “League of Democracies,” has said Jones will play a “key role” in a McCain administration. Oh, Jones is also Pres/CEO of U.S. Chamber of Commerce 21st Century Institute of…Energy.

  2. Yamit and Teshuvah,

    Re #28 & #31. That’s my blog, Yamit. I collect news sources from around the world, and also do some writing myself.

    It’s no secret that McCain made his name on the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia or that he has gotten massive financial support from the Albanian American Civic League & the Albanian community. Even the Open Secrets Org., that lists official campaign contribution records lists the AACL as one of McCain’s supporters. Here’s a photo of McCain marching with Joe Dio Guardi & the AACL AFTER the NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia. All that Albanian drug-running and sex slavery pays very well!


  3. # Soren: Europe alone do not have the balls to go at us alone, The US would get so much flack internally, I could see a sitting President impeached if not worse. We are not Serbia and if no choice we might with the right leadership go for Samson Scenario, No combined European Army is stronger than we are.our tactical nuke weapons and our willingness to use them are enough deterrent even to a determined US, ( Key Word here is willingness) WE ARE NOT SERBIA!!!!!!!!!!

    PSALM 121

    1 A Song of Ascents. {N}
    I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains: from whence shall my help come?
    2 My help cometh from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.
    3 He will not suffer thy foot to be moved; He that keepeth thee will not slumber.
    4 Behold, He that keepeth Israel doth neither slumber nor sleep.
    5 The LORD is thy keeper; the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand.
    6 The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.
    7 The LORD shall keep thee from all evil; He shall keep thy soul.
    8 The LORD shall guard thy going out and thy coming in, from this time forth and for ever. {P}

  4. There is a push for transformation of NATO, globalization of NATO, with emphasis on intervention and coordination with State Dept.’s transformational diplomacy. The candidate I believe would most continue and even rapidly accelerate this terrible approach, making it a top priority, happens to be an israpundit favorite, so I ask people to really look beyond the superficial and the rhetoric to who would be most harmful for Israel and most enabling of the spread of Islamic ideology–it might not be who you think it is.

  5. Ted (or Jerry): The link to the video in that article is incorrect. It should be: http://www.cnsnews.com/video/2005/KosovoChurchDesecration.wmv

    The link to the article, Persecution of Kosovo Christians Said to Reveal Larger Threat, should be:

    Very prophetic article!

    Peterson and Djurovski both said many of the new mosques funded by Saudi and Iranian funds are currently empty, but reflect plans to indoctrinate residents with the radical Wahhabist form of Islam. The new mosques carry plaques acknowledging funding from Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates, said Grieboski.

    “This is a very grave threat,” said Peterson. “With final status changing from Serbian Orthodox hegemony into at very best a gray line, the dividing line between the Christian and Islamic world moves closer to the European Union, and we’re at great risk of tolerating what should not be tolerated in order to buy some peace in our time.”

    In the war against an expanding radical Islam, Peterson said, “We have three choices: convert, submit or die. But there’s a fourth choice and that’s to fight.

    “What is going on in Kosovo today is the future of Europe tomorrow,” he added.

  6. jrob

    Yet oddly, this does not bother Buchanan and Herman. They are both intellectually dishonest and they know it–but attacking Israel seems to be a very lucrative industry for many of these ‘intellectual’ pundits.

    Some Jew haters move to center stage of groups just because they are vocal and media connected, what is the saying big fish in small pond or little fish in big pond, They preferred the former as it sets them apart and they profit all the way to the bank from that position. Who would pay them any mind or recompense if they were just part of the herd?

  7. Buchanan and Edward Herman need not be tremendous hypocrites on this matter: they should rail against the 60+ year Arabist policies of the CIA and State Department, and rail against US interventionalist policy in the ME. That is, they should rail against the US’s 50-60+ year support for various Arab nazi/Islamist forces, including the PLO/hamas.

    The US has repeatedly rescued the PLO when Israel was on the virge of crushing them. Yet oddly, this does not bother Buchanan and Herman. They are both intellectually dishonest and they know it–but attacking Israel seems to be a very lucrative industry for many of these ‘intellectual’ pundits.

  8. BB, You are right and I was just trying to be clever but heh you take your support from wherever you can get it even from the devil herself, if thats the options available. Buchanan trips himself up as an antisemite by his inconsistency , over many years and in private conversations. I don’t personally care that he is a Jew hater doesen’t mean he can’t be also correct on a lot of other issues. You may not believe me but of all Europeans I like the Serbs the best. Good basketball players and tennis players so so soccor but hell you can;t have it all right. anyway during our 5 years of suicide bobing attacks when nobody else would come as they were crapping in their pants the Serbs came and were non shalant as well I like that. Get some balls and take kosovo back is the best and only advice I will offer. How you do it is your business. Then you will have my support 100%.

  9. Yamit,

    I didn’t check out their Israel positions before I added them to the list. I just added them based on their support of Serbs.

    Don’t forget — WWII Roman Catholics sent hundreds of thousands of Serbs to their death, and a few years ago the pope even elevated the Archbishop Stepinac to the status of “blessed” — Stepinac presided over that WWII Catholic Crusader bloodbath of Serbs & Jews. This is what made Buchanan’s support of Serbs rather shocking to all of us.

    But I think that Buchanan’s American political ideology is what drives him. He is a non-interventionist without a declared war — that puts him on the wrong side with Israel and the right side in the Balkans. Buchanan didn’t even want the US to intervene on behalf of Roman Catholic Slovenes or Croats in the Balkans.

    Buchanan is America first, the rest of the world second. But if any place on earth is “a special case” that should not be included in this ideology, it should be Israel (not Kosovo) — and that is what Buchanan doesn’t see.


  10. yamit,

    I exchanged a few emails with Chomsky-buddy Edward Herman, author of http://www.monthlyreview.org/1007herman-peterson1.php

    I think that he is intelligent enough to comprehend that the same geopolitical forces that attack and lie about the Serbs do the same to the world Jew, yet he fully supports the latter. Obviously, it makes no sense to fight the nazis that attack the Serbs, but then support those same nazis when they attack the Jews. And these guys are fully aware of the Arabist history of the State Dept and CIA, and the longtime covert support for the PLO/fatah.

    I believe that there is considerable funding for those that attack the Jews. And government workers (professors, teacher, etc) like Herman always conform to State Department agenda (as FGW found out).

  11. # 16 jrob Buchanan, right wing conservative Catholic who never accepted Vatican 2, His hatred is in the BLOOD!! at least he hopes it would be mine! In his heart of hearts he believes I killed his Lord and Savior J.C, I wrote and Told him that It couldn’t have been me as I never even met the Guy! He never answered.


  13. I don’t understand people like Buchanan and Edward Herman, tremendous Israel-haters, who are able to see the light on this issue. Can’t figure out if they are so blinded with Jew-hatred that they are unable to view Israel in the big geopolitical picture, or if the business of attacking Israel is sufficiently lucrative that they can never abandon that part of their rhetoric.

    Seemingly, this kosovo stuff would shut up all the ‘we keep fighting wars for the Jews!’ crowd…

  14. #13 Buchanan makes all the right noises re; Kosovo and Clinton’s illegal interference through NATO, but his positiob re: Israel is the total opposite! MY KIND OF GUY!!!

  15. Interestingly, I’ve been banned twice from littlegreenfootballs for telling the truth on this topic, and branded by Charles Johnson as a ‘Serb revisionist’.

    His website is basically no different than Foxnews: it fully works within the parameters of the State Department issued revisionist history–and no amount of logic, reason, nor evidence will cause him to deviate from the SD issued fairytale.

    I’ve lost all respect for him and his site.

  16. What did the 2005 Congressional Hearing conclude from all the testimony heard?

    Given America’s rush last week to recognize the independent state of Kosovo, it appears either the Congress in 2005 ignored all the evidence of Islamofacism and racism infecting so many Muslims in Kosovo against non-Muslims and Christians in particular or if it did not, the Bush administration has done so.

    One can rightly condemn America for pursuing this policy of a Muslim independent Kosovo comprised of a nation of Islamofacists all they want, but the Main stream media also comes in for condemnation for burying the ongoing story of the growth of Islamofacism in Kosovo and Christendom as well deserves condemnation for not vigorously speaking out against the attacks by Kosovo Islamofacists against Christians and Christian institutions in the area.

    In whose best interest is America acting by taking the position it is vis a vis Kosovo?

    Just what and whose interests are being served by the American Mainstream media and Christendom by their silence over the past number of years over the Islamofacists who populate the region and the new Islamofacist state of Kosovo?

  17. James George Jatras at World Net Daily:

    With a stoke of his pen, President Bush, by heeding the State Department’s bad advice to recognize a supposedly independent Kosovo, has triggered the perfect international storm: shattering the principle of the territorial integrity of sovereign nations, encouraging violent separatists worldwide, provoking a needless confrontation with Russia and other countries, boosting the jihad terrorist and organized crime threat to Europe and America, and creating conditions for a human rights and religious freedom nightmare. In terms of far-reaching consequences, it may the worst blunder of his presidency. Which is saying a lot. — ‘Independent’ Kosovo: A threat, not a country – WND

  18. By the way, here is just a partial list of the protests against Kosovo Independence, planned for this weekend & next:

    United States


    SUNDAY, FEB. 24 AT 12:44 PM

    There WILL be a DEMONSTRATION on Sunday, February 24,
    starting from 1:00 PM in front of the White House. At that time, all
    interested people are asked to come to Pennsylvania Avenue in front of
    the White House at 1:00 PM There will also be speakers and presentations at that demonstration.

    This is the first notice about what will be a series of responses to
    the illegal declaration by the Kosovo Albanians. These first events are
    jointly organized by:

    – The Kosovo Relief Committee, and

    – The STOP Coalition (The Stop Terrorizing Orthodox Peoples Coalition).

    Further information by email at thestopcoalition@gmail.com

    SUNDAY, FEB. 24 AT 3:00-4:00 PM
    Meet at Powell and Market

    Further information: bunjevic@aol.com



    SATURDAY, FEB. 23, 2008 at 5:30PM


    Sponsored by the Serbian Orthodox Community of Arizona
    Further Information at PhoenixSerbs.com

    CHICAGO, IL (2 Dates)

    SUNDAY, FEB. 24 AT 1:00PM
    230 South Dearborn

    Sponsored by Serbs in Chicago. “Kosovo Is Serbia” Rally. More Info: at Serbs in Chicago

    SATURDAY, MARCH 1, 2008, 12:00 NOON
    Daily Plaza

    Serbian National Defense Council of America with the blessing of the Serbian Orthodox Church
    and in cooperation with all Serbian-American organizations in Chicago Invites all Serbs, Americans of Serbian descent, and all people of good will to A PROTEST MEETING Against recognition of the self-proclaimed Albanian quasi-state in the Serbian province Kosovo and Metohija by the U.S. administration

    More Info: http://www.snd-us.com
    (773) 775-7772
    (708) 474-9855

    Sponsored by:Serbian National Defense Council of America


    SUNDAY, FEB. 24 AT 12:00 PM
    From St. Sava’s to the City Center

    More Info Here (In Serbian)


    SATURDAY, FEB. 23, 2008 at 5:00PM
    US Consulate , 360 University Ave

    Sponsored by the University of Toronto Serbian Students Association. March and candlelight vigil. More info at KosovoisSerbia.org

    SUNDAY, FEB. 24 AT 1:30 PM
    Vancouver Art Gallery, Downtown

    More info at KosovoisSerbia.org

    Kitchener, Ontario
    Saturday, February 23, 2008
    5:00pm – 7:00pm
    Kitchener City Hall
    200 King Street West

    More Info: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=8235047551


    Montreal, Quebec
    Sunday, February 24, 2008
    2:00pm – 5:00pm
    In front of McGill University
    845 Sherbrooke Ouest
    Montreal, QC
    More Info: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=8272913075&ref=share


    Ottowa, Ontario
    Saturday, March 1, 2008
    12:00pm – 4:00pm
    Parliament Hill
    Ottawa, ON

    More Info: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=8770679684

    Edmonton, Alberta
    Sunday, March 2, 2008
    1:00pm – 4:00pm
    In front of the Legislature Building

    More info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=8025514099


    SATURDAY, FEB. 23, 2008, 12.00 – 16.00
    in Whitehall, opposite Downing Street

    Sponsored by the Serbian Council of Great Britain & Serbian Society
    Sunday, 24 February 2008, 3 PM
    Schuman Square

    Sponsored by the Serbian Institute for Public Policy
    More information at Serbianinstitute.org

    SUNDAY, FEB. 24, 2008, 1300

    More info Here

    Sunday Feb 24,2008, 1PM
    Heldenplatz 1010

    http://www.istina.at , Contact: petar_milatovic@yahoo.de


    Friday, February 22, 2008 at 7PM

    Meeting at Federation Square, walking up to Parliament House. Wear black clothing if can (to show we are in mourning) and bring a candle for a candlelight vigil.


    Sunday, February 24, 2008
    12:00pm – 5:00pm
    Forrest Serbian Church Centre, US Embassy, British High Commission, Civic
    National Circuit




    Sunday, February 24, 2008
    2:00pm – 5:00pm
    North Terrace – ADELAIDE
    North Terr

    Aukland, New Zealand

    Sunday, February 24, 2008
    2:00pm – 10:00pm

  19. The countries of Russia and China.
    Thomas Landen. Brussels Journal.

    Russia refuses to accept Kosovo’s independence. So does China. Moscow has called on the United Nations to annul Pristina’s decision. It will be interesting to see which countries will back Russia in the UN. Moscow’s allies in the Organization of Islamic States definitely will not. They applaud the establishment of a new Muslim state in Europe. Will Russia now become the leader of the Europeans who resist the Islamization of their continent? Or will the crisis in the Balkan trigger a new world war, just as the Great War was triggered in the Balkans in 1914?

    Indeed, what will Russia do if the 16,000 NATO “peace keeping” troops in Kosovo attack the Serbian army when it attempts to recover its breakaway province? If Russia intervenes, then 2008 might become the year that war broke out between Russia and NATO. America, the EU, Europe’s immigrant “youths” and Osama bin Laden would find themselves on one side, and Russia, with China and the Europeans who resist Islamization on the other. The West’s Fatal Mistake: We Are All Serbs Now, by Thomas Landen, Brussels Journal.