The real Srebrenica Genocide

[NOTE: About 18 months ago Nathan Pearlstein, Robert Peter North and Felix Quigley began educating Israpundit readers as to the truth about the fighting in Serbia. As a result we came to understand that the US was at fault and the Serbs were innocent.]

Introduction by Nathan Pearlstein

Why are the mainstream Western media, the US administrations under George W. Bush and Bill Clinton as well as the governments of NATO and the EU covering up this monumental crime against humanity?

Why are the Serbs – whom apart from the Jews were the major victims of the Holocaust during World War 2 – being cast as the perpetrators of genocide while the real perpetrators of genocide – the Islamofascists loyal to Alija Izetbegovic – are being cast by the corporate media, the US, NATO and EU governments as “the victims”?

Why was Naser Oric – the Islamofascist commander of Srebrenica and perpetrator of a massive genocide against Serbian men, women and children in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995 – given only a 2 year sentence for this monumental crime against humanity and allowed to walk free from NATO’s Scheveningen ICTY prison: the former Nazi SS dungeon for patriotic Dutch resistance fighters against the Germans during World War 2 in The Hague, Holland?

Our dear friend and colleague at 4International, Peter Robert North, has graciously allowed us to reproduce in full his outstanding work here on what really happened in Srebrenica and Gorazde from 1992 to 1995. A revelation of truth which is of enormous historical significance and importance to all good people across the globe but especially for all patriotic Jewish people in Israel and the diaspora.

We all remember the Western media hoaxes and fakery concerning the events in Jenin and Qana recently and how these media frauds were used to demonize Israel and the Jewish people. So it is absolutely crucial that we also expose the Western media fraud concerning the events in Srebrenica, Bosnia in July, 1995, in order to reveal just how corrupt and dishonest the Western media, the US, NATO and EU Imperialist governments are when they turn the world upside down by demonizing the victims of a massacre in order to prop up the Islamofascist perpetrators, thereby creating new independent Islamist states for the Islamofascists (as the US, NATO and EU are doing right now in Kosovo on behalf of the Islamofascist terrorist group: the KLA).

The following article, my dear readers, is the horrific truth about what happened to the Serb civilians of Srebrenica and Gorazde – a shocking truth which the Fascist Left supporters of Hamas and PLO/Fatah, as well as the pro-NATO Imperialist cowards on British website “Harry’s Place” – especially Oliver Kamm and Marko Attila Hoare – are so desperate to hide from the people of the world.

The following is a dire warning to us all! We ignore this at our own peril.

The Real Srebrenica Genocide: The mass murder of Serbs in Srebrenica and Gorazde from 1992 to 1995 by Alija Izetbegovic’s Islamofascist terrorists

By Peter Robert North

The real Srebrenica Genocide not reported by the corrupt, racist pro-Islamist-Nazi Western corporate-controlled media, was the brutal mass murder – using axes, knives, daggers, sledgehammers, iron bars, flamethrowers and explosives – of 3,870 Serbian elderly men, women and young children in and around the town of Srebrenica and its adjoining towns and villages(Bratunac,Skelani,Milici, et al) as well as the town of Gorazde.

Bosnian Muslim military forces from Srebrenica killed Bosnian Serb Milan Vujicic, mutilated his body, and then roasted his corpse.

The body of Bosnian Serb civilian Kostadinka Grcic, executed by Bosnian Muslim forces by stabbing her in the chest.

The body of Milica Saric, who was murdered by Bosnian Muslim forces in Kalinovik with 30 other Bosnian Serb civilians.

On right, the body of 15 year-old Bosnian Serb Slobodan Mastilo, who was murdered by Bosnian Muslim forces in the Foca region.

The bodies of Ranko Sekulovic, left, and his wife, Radenka, 30, executed and mutilated by Bosnian Muslim Territorial Defense forces on September 13, 1992 in Foca. Bosnian Muslim troops murdered the entire Sekulovic family.

These little Serbs, Predrag and Danka Sekulovic, were slain with their parents on Sep. 13, 1992 by Bosnian Muslims in the village of Bakic on the road to Foca. He was 7, she was 4.

A Bosnian Serb mother grieves over her child – brutally murdered by Izetbegovic’s and Oric’s Islamist troops.

A Bosnian Serb mother grieves over her loved ones – brutally murdered by Izetbegovic’s/Oric’s Islamist troops.

Bosnian Serb family members grieve over their dead loved ones – brutally murdered by Izetbegovic’s/Oric’s Islamist troops.

The Milici Massacre, south of Srebrenica. Bosnian Muslim troops executed Bosnian Serbs and mutilated their bodies. On left, Ljubomir Jurosevic had his right eye cut out by Bosnian Muslim soldiers and his neck and chest showed signs of knife wounds.On right, the mutilated body of Bosnian Serb Dimitrije Alempic from Rogosije, who was executed by Bosnian Muslim soldiers. His body was mutilated and burned.

The bodies of two Bosnian Serbs in eastern Bosnia. On the right, a charred body of Zdravo Eric, who was killed and his body burned. Before burning him, Muslims took out the heart of this Christian as a sign of Islamic piety.

The body of a Bosnian Serb from Sarajevo, who was killed, mutilated, and burned. His body was thrown in the Miljacka river by Bosnian Muslim forces.

The corpse of Bosnian Serb civilian Radivoje Lukic, 59. The Bosnian Muslim paramilitaries “The Mosque Doves” or “Dzamijski Golubovi”, murdered him with an axe to the head on October 8, 1992 in Klisa.

The Bosnian Muslim paramilitaries “The Mosque Doves” or “Islamski Golubovi”, murdered two elderly Bosnian Serb women near Zvornik north of Srebrenica.

Top, bodies of elderly Bosnian Serbs executed by the Bosnian Muslim paramilitary group The Mosque Doves, or Djamijski Golubovi near Zvornik in eastern Bosnia. The Mosque Doves executed 25 Bosnian Serb civilians. Left bottom, Bosnian Muslim forces crushed his skull with an axe, exposing his brain. Right bottom, the body of an elderly Bosnian Serb woman who was murdered by Bosnian Muslim forces.

Bosnian Serb civilian Zdravko Eric executed, burned and mutilated by the Bosnian Muslim paramilitary group Mosque Doves, Djamijski Golubovi, under Midhat Grahic fron Zvornik.

Srebrenica/Zvornik region: The body of a Bosnian Serb boy murdered by Naser Oric’s forces in the Srebrenica pocket in eastern Bosnia.

The body of Bosnian Serb Milovan Kovacevic whose body was mutilated and burned by Bosnian Muslim forces in Rogosije.

The decapitated head of Bosnian Serb farmer Pero Makic, who was executed by Bosnian Muslim/Croat forces in the northeastern Bosnian city of Brcko on June 22, 1992. His head was placed on a pitch-fork and a cigarette was placed in his mouth. One of the forks of the pitch-fork was stabbed in his eye. This is a photo that was censored and suppressed in the West and the US.

The decapitated head and torso of Bosnian Serb Miladin Asceric, who was executed and decapitated by Bosnian Muslim forces north of Srebrenica, in the town of Kamenica.

Sarajevo: The body of Bosnian Serb Nenad Beribaka. The Bosnian Muslim forces mutilated his body after killing him by extracting his brain.

Sarajevo: The body of a Bosnian Serb. Bosnian Muslim forces murdered and mutilated him by smashing his skull open.

A Serb soldier who was captured by the Muslims, skewered on a spear and exhibited in front of a hotel. “He stayed alive for a few days,” said a Serbian journalist. That set off wild rumors throughout Bosnian Serb-held territories.

Burned remains of Milomir Prodanovic, a Serb from Podravnje near Milici, Bosnia.
(From: “The Suppressed Serbian Voice And The Free Press In America” By William Dorich, 1994 – pp 20, 22.)

The mutilated body of Velo Majstorovic, who was tortured, killed, circumcized, and burned alive by Bosnian Muslim forces in Milici in eastern Bosnia, southwest of Srebrenica.

First massacre in Bosnia: March 26, 1992, Croat and Bosnian Muslim forces executed, mutilated, and beheaded 20 Bosnian Serb civilians in Sijekovac near Bosanski Brod. An 85 year Bosnian Serb was executed and then burned inside his house. The decapitated and mutilated corpses of Bosnian Serbs murdered in northern Bosnia near Brod.

As above, Bosnian Serbs brutally tortured, mutilated and murdered by Izetbegovic’s/Oric’s Islamist troops in Sijekovac near Bosanski Brod.

Photo 1) Saudi/Afghan-Arab mujahedeen with decapitated heads of Bosnian Serb POWs in 1992. Al-Qaeda funded and organized these early terrorist attacks against Bosnian Serbs.

Photo 2)Saudi/Afghan-Arab mujahedeen with decapitated heads of Bosnian Serb POWs in 1992. Al-Qaeda funded and organized these early terrorist attacks against Bosnian Serbs.

Saudi/Afghan-Arab mujahedeen holding the decapitated head of a Bosnian Serb POW who was executed and decapitated in central Bosnia in 1992.

Previous photo enlarged. The head of a Serb, Blagoje Blagojevic, held by an Arab Saudi/Afghan ‘Jihad’ fighter in Crni Vrh, Bosnia, 1992.

Previous 3 photos above) Alija Izetbegovic’s 10,000 strong Islamist fundamentalist “El Mujahedeen Unit” in Zenica, Bosnia on parade with green banners on their heads which read: “Our path is the Jihad” written in Arabic script.

See related articles,“Moderate Democrat or Radical Islamist? Who is Alija Izetbegovic, the man the US sponsored in Bosnia?”
“What really happened in Bosnia? Were the Serbs the criminal aggressors, as the official story claims, or were they the victims?”

“How the U.S. & Iran have Cooperated to Sponsor Muslim Terror(and this while loudly denouncing one another in public)”

What is this monument inscribed in Arabic script doing in Srebrenica (Potocari village), Bosnia? What is ex-president of the United States, Bill Clinton, doing here at the unveiling of this Arabic-inscribed monument dedicated to fallen al Qaeda Mujahedeen fighters in Srebrenica-Potocari, Bosnia? Why is Clinton bowing to this monument?

For the answers to these disturbing questions, see the articles

“Clinton opens a monument dedicated to Al Qaeda fighters and bows to it!”

“Srebrenica Controversy Becomes Increasingly Politicized and Ethnically Divisive, Increasing Pressure on Peacekeepers”

“Bosnian Official Links With Terrorism, Including 9/11, Become Increasingly Apparent as Clinton, Clark Attempt to Justify Support of Bosnian Militants”

“US Official Implicated With Bosnian High Representative Ashdown in Attempting to Force Fabricated Report on Srebrenica”

    It appeared that the OHR wanted the statement issued before the opening of a Muslim monument — essentially a shrine which was being promoted as a site for annual Muslim pilgrimages from around the world — memorializing the radical Islamist allegations about events in Srebrenica to occur on September 19, 2003. The unveiling of the monument would be attended by former US Pres. William Clinton, and “finalizing” the Srebrenica case would help stop the ongoing wave of allegations of illegal Clinton Administration activity in supporting radical Islamist activities in Bosnia during the 1990s. This is particularly critical given the fact that a significant number of the Islamist terrorists involved in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States had strong links into the Bosnian Muslims whom Clinton had supported.

    The US Embassy in Sarajevo donated $1-million to the construction of the “shrine”, even though all proper investigations of the Srebrenica affair in fact showed the Islamists’ claims to be unsubstantiated and, in many respects, without foundation at all.

    Recent information emerging from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and particularly from the RS investigations into the Srebrenica affair and other aspects of terrorism in the region, have highlighted the fact that the Clinton Administration had, during the war, facilitated the Islamist terrorist activities because of the Clinton Administration’s need to demonize the Serbs in order to provide a casus belli for US-led military actions in the area to distract from domestic US political problems. Significantly, when the Muslim representatives involved in building the “shrine” in Srebrenica approached New York Mayor Michael Blumberg to establish a sister-city relationship with New York, the Mayor refused, based on intelligence showing the link between the Bosnian Islamists and the al-Qaida attacks on his city.

    Amb. Hays’ two-page document was expected to lead to a statement, possibly as early as September 8, 2003, by RS officials, which would not only serve to protect the Clinton Administration officials, including the former US President, but would also serve as an admission of guilt of Serbs for killing thousands of Muslims who, in fact, were not known to have been killed. Several hundred bodies have been found as a result of the fighting in and around Srebrenica, but the Islamists and their supporters have claimed figures which grow higher with each telling, with figures now claiming some 15,000 alleged deaths. At the same time, there is no acknowledgement of the Muslim killing of thousands of Serbs at Srebrenica earlier in the war, when the city was supposed to have been a demilitarized zone.

Self-confessed mass murderer of Serbian civilians, Naser Oric, at the NATO owned ICTY in The Hague, Netherlands just prior to him being given a 2 year sentence by NATO for mass murder in Srebrenica.

Thousands of Bosnian Muslims (“Bosniaks”) gather at Sarajevo airport to welcome their “hero”, Alija Izetbegovic’s Islamist Nazi self-confessed mass murderer of Serbs in Srebrenica, Naser Oric.

Below quotes excerpted from the Canadian Toronto Star newspaper article: “A Reporter’s Account of an Evening Spent with Nasir Oric, the Muslim Commander in Srebrenica”Original title:
“Fearsome Muslim warlord eludes Bosnian Serb forces”
Toronto Star, July 16, 1995 By Bill Schiller

    On a cold and snowy night, I sat in his living room watching a shocking video version of what might have been called Nasir Oric’s Greatest Hits. There were burning houses, dead bodies, severed heads, and people fleeing.

    Oric grinned throughout, admiring his handiwork.“We ambushed them,” he said when a number of dead Serbs appeared on the screen. The next sequence of dead bodies had been done in by explosives:“We launched those guys to the moon,” he boasted.

    When footage of a bullet-marked ghost town appeared without any visible bodies, Oric hastened to announce: “We killed 114 Serbs there.”
    Later there were celebrations, with singers with wobbly voices chanting his praises.

Visit 4International for the balance of this important article.

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  1. Dear Ted,

    the pro-Islamofascist/pro-Nazi liberal-leftist antisemitic assholes on YouTube have REMOVED the JTF video:

    New U.S. President Will Be Anti-Serb, So We Must Fight Back!

    Ted, please consider doing a post on Israpundit exposing this blatant Joesph Goebbels and Wikepedia style Nazi/Islamofascist censorship of the truth!!

    Thanks a million,Ted.

    warmest regards,

    Joshua Rosenberg.

  2. No one has forgotten you, not us & not God, Aleksander.

    It is not coincidence that you are Job to those who truly understand his trials, because they endured them also — and continue to endure them.

    It was not unnoticed that while a handful of people rioted yesterday, hundreds of thousands of Serbs ended the rally in Belgrade by singing Boze Pravda (God of Justice) and by going to church to pray.

    It is not coincidence that you quote Vladika Rade, who was brother to my grandmother’s grandmother — and you found me here.

    Protests in Support of Serbia are springing up all over the world among those of good conscience.

    This is not the end, Aleksandar, this is only the beginning of people waking up to the great injustice which has been done. It is not easy to be an instrument of God’s revelation, but it is a great honor to be chosen for such a role. Pray and wear it like a mantle of honor and you will not feel its weight, only its Glory to Him who made us all.

    I will pray for you, Aleks, and I will march for you and we will not ever forget you!


    Know that you are in our prayers, Aleks!

  3. Aleksandar, our poeple are in touch all over the world – it’s called the Jewish telegraph:-) Already, I have just seen your post reproduced, the woman who sent it has about two thousand names on her list, this will go to another with a list and another
    ad infinitum around the globe. I would like to say it was me who sent it to her, but it wasn’t – I didn’t have time. There are many advocates for Israel all over the world, your fight is our fight. Keep in touch with this site.
    G-d bless you.

  4. Dear Aleksander,

    I and many, many others on this Jewish-Israel site feel great empathy and sympathy for your plight and suffering.

    Do not be discouraged, disheartened or feel sad, Aleksander. Be strong in your resistance to the forces of evil and fight for your cultural and spiritual birthright of Kosovo: your spiritual heartland and the cradle of Serbian civilization; your Jerusalem!

    Read the beautiful, uplifting words of Teshuvah in comment #93 above, and know that the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is with you – if you obey Him and all of His Commandments in the Torah, pray continually and truly believe in Him, He will hear your cry for help in your hour of need!

  5. To Jo.S and other good people
    thank you Jo.
    Even your intention to help us is enough – I know that the Lord sees in your heart (not just yours, but in all of us), and that your wish is something beautiful and worth.
    I’m not asking for help – I’ve come here to thank you for thinking of us, and now, when I see that you care, that you feel our pain – how can any one help more, than to share your sadness with you. Your pure feelings are the biggest help.
    thank you again, thanks to all of you

  6. Teshuvah , thank you a lot for your kind words.
    I know what you say, and it makes me even sadder.
    If it only was about us, I would be happy – If the world would become heaven on earth if Serbs vanish, I would be first to take us to oblivium.
    I know that we are just pawns in bigger game, just a test in preparations to conquer the whole world.
    However, it still hurts.
    It hurts when you think that yours and mine people suffered most in holocaust (Jews and Slavs), and yet, one see that they’re not after us, but after our souls, our collective memory and roots.

    This is from play our poet and bishop wrote in XIX century – regarding fight with muslims.

    My people sleep a deep and lifeless sleep;
    no parent’s hand to wipe away my tears.
    Above my head the heaven is shut tight;
    it does not hear my cries or my prayers.
    The world has now become a hell for me,
    people have turned into hellish spirits.
    O my dark day! O my black destiny!
    O my wretched Serbian nation snuffed out!
    I have outlived many of your troubles,
    yet I must fight against the worst of all!

    (Actually, it’s from the play “Mountain wreath” by Petar Petrovic Njegos)

    Thank you again, good people, you gave me some comfort.
    I will never forget your kind words.

  7. G-d be with you, Aleksandar, and the Serbian people.

    Ted Belman – we have to do more than pray for these people. ?What can we do – Can we link up and get some organisation going? I know several influential hasbara oporatives, you must know even more. Can you get a letter readied and sent out to the lists, to get get our people to work on this, bombard the media with our letters/emails for starters. Any ideas?

  8. Aleksandar: Thank you for your post. What the globalists and Muslims plan for your country, they also plan for the rest of the world. If people do not stand for you now and for Israel when you call out to G-d, then G-d will not hear their cries when they are in a similar position and they will be. Surely the Fourth Beast of Daniel is ravaging the earth.

    You may feel alone and by looking at the media think you are alone, but be not moved by what you see for THE LORD hears the cries of the righteous, therefore you are not alone. Be comforted, He is with you.

    Isa 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.
    4 Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:

    Ps 41:11 By this I know that thou favourest me, because mine enemy doth not triumph over me.
    12 And as for me, thou upholdest me in mine integrity, and settest me before thy face for ever.
    13 Blessed be the LORD God of Israel from everlasting, and to everlasting. Amen, and Amen.

    Dwell in Psalm 37 and Psalm 91.

    Also see this link:

    Israpundit » Blog Archive » Bush Adminstration Unites with Al Qaeda in Kosovo

    Teshuvah, C.Z.

  9. Hello to all.
    I just don’t know how to say this, so I’ll begin with introduction.
    I am Serb from Serbia, living in Serbia. I’ve been reading some other forum where ink to this site was posted , got curious, read a few posts and than I have been astonished.
    Being read all posts here. allow me to say something I feel I am obliged to say.
    In these days when we are all demonized, I feel hope when I read your posts – hope that someone somewhere is willing to hear other version than one on the CNN.
    I’m not here to take stand or to try to persuade any of you that you should take Serbs side,not because I have doubt about that , but for the reason I believe that everyone is entitled to it’s own opinion.
    I’m here to thank you for pure debating about this misery that got upon us. Like David in front of Goliath, we are standing against, NATO, EU, muslim countries. And they all say to us that it is for our good to forget Kosovo.
    Just let me try to picture this in this way:
    Imagine that tomorrow, next month, next year – Muslims, NATO, US come to you and say to you:
    “Jerusalem is muslim’s town, all temples will be destroyed, we will have soldiers urinate on your Wailing Wall”.
    “but” they would say, ” it is for your good, you must be part of new order, you must get rid of your history, you must forget who you are and who your ancestors were. After all, it’s your fault, we have right to take Jerusalem from you and we will do it”
    “Our fault? What is our fault?”
    “Well, you are JEWS! Isn’t it enough?”

    This is fictional, of course, I hope that it will never happen.

    But, Kosovo is our Jerusalem. It is our Holly Ground. Holly Land.
    And now it is taken from us.
    Just because we are Serbs. We are guilty for being Serbs. Not muslims.

    I really thought that we are alone, that no one knows about us, no one cares.
    Tonight, after I’ve read your posts, I feel a little bit safer – If we disappear in years that are to come, at least, memory of us and our holly land will continue to exist.
    Thank you for your thoughts.

  10. Yamit

    You are very vocal on this thread and more power to you in that regard. But I am involved in building a Trotskyist website and developing a revolutionary Trotskyist cadre leadership which places on its banner the unity of Serb and Jew.

    I am not so vocal here but understand that this thread began on our Trotskyist website.

    We work in a United Front with Jews and Serbs but there is no question about our organizational and theoretical independence.

    As I said before there is no basis for our arguing about anything really if you do not accept that Fascism is a modern phenomenon, which is of our time, and which is interconnected with a capitalist system which is in mortal crisis.

    Leon Trotsky spent much of the last 15 years of his life studying this phenomenon, especially in Italy and in Germany. he is the only authority on the subject that I trust.
    There was of course repression and state repression in the past but Fascism is a very precise term applied to a very precise historical phenomenon.

    This is related to the article at the top, and the visual evidence of Fascism. Without a proper definition of the term it is impossible to fight it successfully.

  11. Yamit, 99% of signiatures on the PNAC documents which many concnerned Americans (and others) are pushing in our faces are signed by American Jews. Take a look, you know the papers i’m referring to. Iraq never was a war in US interests, it was ill thought out probably because the military and intel were sidelined. Ignored because they weren’t onside. They predicted mayhem, why Bush Snr stopped at Baghdad in 91. When something goes very wrong, people look for others to take responsibility. No one wants to take the heat.
    I do not see the world through a prism “what is good for the Jews” I see it through the litmus of, what is good for my neighbours. I don’t wonder too much if they’re Jewish, no country can survive group politics and keeps it’s cohesion. It’s cold out there, on the outside looking in.
    I tend to contribute quickly, I sure could be more clear and I will take that on board.
    You ask me if I am “a real Jew” or round abouts, I am as you say, in disapora, in my opinion, it is here the mistakes have been made for which Israel suffers.
    I don’t write critics off as anti semitic because they dont’ much like groups such as AIPAC, I don’t much like the direction they take either. Or when Abe Foxman said, to be anti American is to be anti semitic. America is not Jewish, but many Jews are proud Americans, that’s what he failed to respect, there is no exact symmatry between Israel and the US, he thought others wouldn’t notice. They notice when liberties are taken. All those folk smeared as anti semite because they came out against the 203 Iraq invasion, good people like Gen Zinni. They have long memories, they never did more than speak for their own countries interests, that didn’t make them anti semites, it made them patriots. Pity the fool who calls that anti semitism, then stand back and wait because there will be a reaction.
    Tough choices are ahead, enemies have been made out of friends, whilst enemies have near enough been the keys to the kingdom. I didn’t mean to sound bellicose. Boker Tov.

  12. Bokababe (#85): I agree entirely. They have been flying under false colours and are just starting to reveal their true nature.

    I read your sentence which began with “All I am saying”. That reminded me of the song “All I am saying is give peace a chance,” a propaganda piece to deceive people into think peace and appeasement really work when it doesn’t.


  13. Jo.S ; Tnaks for your comments, I would like to clear a few things you said up before I ans. you in more depth!
    1- I do read net news and main st as well!

    2- without google, centric relates to middle or center Jew centric would then correspondingly mean Jews are at the center or core add neo and according to you Jews are at the center, core of N, cons: You did not preface this statement by saying so and so say or that is popular conception by anyone? therefor as you stated this was and as Far as I can make out still is your personal opinion.

    3- Ask any leading Neo Con Jewish or otherwise and all will tell you that Bush only partially implemented their policies. Sort of like a woman being half pregnant.

    4- without going into my personal opinion of Neo Cons, there are Jews and Gentiles among leaders considered N. CON, just like there are Jews at the center of N.Con opposition. Why should I or anyone else be concerned or care what or which ethnic individual or individuals are at center or core of political philosophy called Neo Conservatism? Liberal Humanism? or any other Ism?
    5- the singling out of Jews as leaders of Neo Cons is at its base a form of antisemitism and this is so if you are Jewish or not. The worst anti semites have always been Jews themselves!

    6- It is my understanding the such decisions of war and peace are prerogatives of the President alone.

    Remember HS TRUMAN< the buck stops here?</strong

    I asked you to name Jewish neo cons and you give me non Jewish neo cons fine but where are the Jews? Stereotyping is also a form of antisemitism! Clinton who went to war against the Serbs cannot be considered to have been under the influence of Neo Cons the reverse case can be made!

    You say that today Israel is more vulnerable than at anytime in past 60 years? I don’t think you are up on Israeli History if you can make a statement like that , certainly in 1947 when 5 Arab armies attacked, certainly the threat before we attacked in 67 was far mare immediate and dangerous, or the war in 73 when we were a hairs width of being overrun.
    Even with all the anti Israel Jabbering around the World they are still coming here in spite of all and investing Billions in our economy. Intel Just announced they will build a second plant in Jerusalem costing over a billion dollars. In short our economy in spite of all our enemies is currently booming.

    I support anyone who first supports me and or I deem in our Jewish and Israeli national interest. You say you are a Jew for decency and truth, Glad to hear that but it is so general it needs defining as one mans truth is another’s propaganda and lies. Decency is a cultural norm which will differ from culture to culture, country.If we were to deny having relations with every country who treated Jews or others abominably, we would maybe be left with Micronesia! Turkey and Israel have good relations and they buy much from our Mil ind. , what Turks did to Kurds, Armenians and others is a concern but not a primary one otherwise we would have no trading partners anywhere in the world including America!

    If you are really a Jew then your kung ho statements would have a more sincere ring to them if you were here among us than in some safe domain in the Diaspora. If your concern is so great for our well being than your place is here and you can put your spoken wishes into a more positive context!

  14. Albanian Islamofascist terrorist group, the KLA (“UCK” in Albanian) who are backed by the US and EU…cut off Kosovo Serbs’ heads while smiling for the cameras!

    See the brutally graphic photos here

    The article in English is here

    KLA Islamofascist terrorist group massacres Serbs in Gracko,Kosovo.Full story with graphic photos.

    click here

    Videos of Bosnian and Arab Islamofascists
    mutilating and beheading Serbs in Bosnia.

    Check out the Arab Mujahadeen guy on the right(3rd row down) holding the camera with the psychotic grin on his face.

    WARNING: Brutally graphic content follows!!

    click here

    Srebrenica slaughter of Serbs: Bosnian Islamist-Jihadist beheading atrocity videos and accompanying articles.

    Warning: very graphic

    Click here.

    “Istina” (Truth)
    (Serbian with English subtitles)

    Video produced by the Serbian Radical Party detailing crimes against Serbs in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo.

    WARNING: This video contains graphic scenes of violence and torture. Discretion is strongly advised..

    click here

  15. Teshuvah,

    All I am saying is that the Nazis were German “National Socialists”, they have morphed into “International Socialists” with the same Islamic allies as they had during WWII.


  16. Hey, Yamit try READING and COMPREHENDING what is written :Neo Conservatism is Jew-centric, (“centric” google straus, ya think the opposition doesn’t. read the goddamn net/ news once in a while) “these guys are responsible for both wars.” Rumpy and Cheney are NOT Jewish, neither is Clinton (the Balkans) “N’ Conservatives IS Jew-centric” this being the underlay of current accusations?? Do ya see, and I AM A JEW, you ass hole. A Jew for ONE STATE, not suicide. A Jew for decency and truth, not propaganda. A Jew for making a stand, not bending over and taking it from the Arabs. I don’t want to to business with them, negotiate with them because I know that they will never keep their word. Condi Rice (another NeoCon) can stick Annapolis and going back to Europe, I am pro Serb, not the quisling Bosnian Muslims who my Grandfather was fighting IN PALESTINE where the mufti WHO WAS AN ANTI SEMITIC BASTARD imported them. Bosnian Muslims are Turks, left over from the Ottoman empire. But wait, Erdogen is Israel’s allie?? Is he, Yamit? I seem to recall his “let the mosques be our barracks” schpiel.

  17. jo .s

    More Americans than ever openly questioning Jewish elites and loyalties. Neo Conservatism is Jew-centric, these guys are responsible for both wars. That isn’t opinion, that’s fact. things are starting to get bumpy and heads are getting buried in the sand. We need to do the right and honourable thing and be seen to be doing it, We need conservative voices, strong voices, honest voices – where the hell are they?

    The ans, jo boy is that 3 years ago your guy Bush deposed them they are long gone you dope!! So all the Neo cons responsible for the war were Jew centric neo cons? NAME THEM!!!( you antisemitic bastard)

  18. Bokobabe (75): Socialism isn’t limited to just ME Jihadists and EU Socialists. Name a country in the west that does not have Socialists (aka globalists) at the helm, even if they pretend to be Democracies. The US, UK and Germany approved the Kosovo cessation. You are like who you side with. They sided with Muslims against Christians just like they side with Muslims against Jews, therefore they are Nazis as you said.

    “…absolute behavior control is imminent…. The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will… never self-consciously know that it has happened.” [1] Raymond Houghton, To Nurture Humaneness, ASCD (curriculum arm of the NEA), 1970

    “We were trained in all phases of warfare, both psychological and physical for the destruction of the Capitalistic society and Christian civilization. In one portion of our studies we went thoroughly into the matter of psychopolitics. This was the art of capturing the minds of a nation through brainwashing and fake mental health… During the past few years I have noted with horror the increase of psychopolitical warfare upon the American public.” [3] Kenneth Goff, member of the U.S. Communist Party from 1936 to 1939.

    Brainwashing is not, as some anti-Christian educators and students contend, the Biblical process of training our children to love and follow God. The word “brainwashing” refers to a planned, step-by-step attempt to “wash” family-taught beliefs from the minds of those who oppose government ideology. In America, it would mean replacing the old Biblical values and world view with a new way of thinking that would support a totalitarian agenda. In other words, every child must become a peace child, a willing and active servant of a new world order. Berit Kjos: Brainwashing in America

    Edward Hunter wrote the book Brainwashing, an insightful report on the experience of prisoners who survived Soviet brainwashing strategies in Communist Countries during the fifties. His warnings should shine a red light into our foolish presumptions that this process couldn’t be used in our nation. 21 Compare his words with the above UNESCO report written over four decades later:

    “Even when he stands by himself, the truly indoctrinated communist must be part of the collective. He must be incapable of hearing opposing ideas and facts, no matter how convincing or how forcibly they bombard his senses. A trustworthy communist must reach in an automatic manner without any force being applied.” 22

    Having learned to process away facts and fear truth, these conditioned masses would resist logic and hate God’s Word. The UN Plan for your Mental Health