US Embassy in Belgrade is torched


Kosovo: Islamism’s New Beachhead?
By Julia Gorin, | Friday, February 22, 2008

As Americans look quizzically at their TV sets while non-Muslim protesters in Europe torch a U.S. embassy, they should know that yesterday’s 200,000-person protest in Belgrade (whose members are separate from the fire starters) is the first time in two decades that Serbs are showing a glimmer of rational behavior–amid 20 years of the “free world” foisting terrorist neighbors upon them.

To put this in perspective, with advance apologies to any offended ethnic groups: How would Americans react if Latino gangs started ambushing police and killing government officials in California, and after a few years the U.S. sent in the troops because the gangs were outgunning the police force; following this, the gangsters started claiming atrocities—and so Russia and China bombed California and Washington in response to the “atrocities”; the foreign powers then occupied California for eight years while the gangs killed or expelled most of the non-Latinos in “revenge attacks,” then backed a declaration of independence for California as a Mexican-majority state that may just unify with Mexico?

The current state of affairs is a product of a concerted, single-minded, bipartisan American effort to turn Serbs into an enemy as the U.S. tries to make friends of its enemies in the region, always at Serbian expense. “Will Russia now become the leader of the Europeans who resist the Islamization of their continent?” Thomas Landen asks in the Brussels Journal. He notes that Moscow has called on the UN to annul independence, and a UN vote may be the only thing to save us from a new world war over this Balkan province, ignored by the media and public for eight years as insignificant, despite the Balkans’ history for setting off world wars. CONTINUE

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  1. Nigel,

    I am sorry for being so glib, Nigel. It was rude of me.

    It’s just that I have been studying this for a very long time and I can only guess at the motivations & relationships of the people involved. But you seem to have it completely revealed in your mind in such a way that you think it is obvious. Maybe you really are brighter than I am, because I sometimes do the same with others & rub them the wrong way.

    I do think that the Saudis are dragging the US around by the nose for two reasons — oil & money. Oil, on which our Western economies are based, and money poured into the campaign coffers of both major US political parties. You cannot underestimate the latter, because no US office holder gets elected in this country without huge amounts of campaign money.

    There are also two groups that are little known to most people outside of the political process. Taxpayers support them but most people don’t even know that they exist. One NGO is called the International Republican Institute , chaired by Senator John McCain for the last 16 years and the other is the National Democratic Institute, and the other is the National Democratic Insistute, chaired by Madeline Albright. Add that to Soros’ NGO, and you have three of the most powerful Non Governmental Organizations in the world — all of whom want to see the Serbs destroyed.

  2. Thanks for the links, Ted. I’ll read them soon when I’ve got a bit more time.

    Saudi Arabia is certainly an important puppet, and will thus have bargaining power. I view the “Saudi Lobby” to be in some ways similar to the “Israel lobby” – important theatrical props which cloak much of the realpolitik behind a veneer of “democracy” (for some target audiences) or a veneer of “sinister 5th column infiltration” (for other target audiences).

    A rough analogy: If a sophisticated school bully treats one of his victims (let’s call him Sowdy) – say, the one who has access to the bully’s favourite schoolyard toys and who is the most adept at spreading rumours on behalf of the bully – rather better than he treats his other victims and in fact does a bit of bullying of Sowdy’s enemies, should we conclude that the bully is really a puppet of Sowdy? Or is it more likely that Sowdy has seen how to ingratiate himself to the bully who would swiftly put him in a painful headlock if Sowdy decided to no longer share his Nintendo Gameboy, or started spreading the wrong rumours?

    Like I said, a rough analogy made in a hurry……

  3. Nigel raises an old issue. Is America using Islamists to achieve its global ambitions or is Saudi Arabia using America to do likewise. Or are they using each other or are they partners.

    Ali H. Alyami, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia devotes his entire life to fighting for democracy in Saudi Arabia. He knows it better than anyone. Kosovo bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia. The title is mine but the content is his.

    When Israel was demonized by the The Israel Lobby I countered with The Vast Power of the Saudi Lobby. It is a collection of articles which make the point. I also wrote Whatever Saudis Want, Saudis Get.

    Fitzgerald:Stop the Saudi Lobby

    Nigel these links are just a smattering of what’s out there.

  4. Bokababe,
    I don’t really understand your attitude to this. Do facts matter, or not? Is rational analysis of available evidence important, or not?

    Even without extensive analysis, it seems to me on face value that the notion that Global superpowers like the US/EU/NATO etc. are somehow playthings of a feudal desert kingdom dictatorship which is dependent on Western industry to feed its own people and would be unable to defend itself against a serious military attack (look what happened to Iraq in 1991. Iraq was a far more advanced society than Saudi Arabia – the fact that it has heaps of oil didn’t save it), stretches credibility. To put it mildly.

    My comment was not intended to insult anyone, but to encourage them to think about what it is we’re really dealing with. I don’t pretend to have an “inside track”, nor do I pretend to know everything which is going on. But I can tell from readily available evidence, what isn’t going on.

    One thing which definitely isn’t going on is Saudi Arabia controlling the foreign policies of the greatest superpower history has known and those of its partners in the economic powerhouse known as the EU.

    I go where the evidence takes me, and thus regularly modify my views. Do you not do the same?

  5. Well, goodness Nigel, we don’t have your “inside track” on this. You sound like you have seen this all from the inside– especially with this (eye roll), “Doesn’t everyone know it?”

  6. I hate to tell you this, Ed, but McCain is as bad or worse on this Kosovo issue. US leaders on both sides of the aisle are allowing America to be used fighting for what Saudi Arabia wants, which is the spread of Wahhabi Islam. There are no good choices this election, we eliminated them all. There are only “flavors” of candidates — chocolate, vanilla or french vanilla — and they are all deadly for both the US and ultimately Israel.

  7. In Clinton’s day, he stuck America’s long nose where it did not belong. That is just one of many mistakes the US has and is still making. The US and the other Western allies whose need for Arab and other Muslim oil
    is so powerful that they bow to their Masters and grovel before them as Gods. How sickening!! So long as they continue this disgusting behavior, they will continue their destrutive trip down the road of no return. Where are the true patriots that built this nation to the greatness it once was? The Clintons, Obama, Bush, Baker, Rice, Palosi, Murtha, the entire State Department and all of the radical left wingers are, in my mind, traitors to this nation and the faster we can get rid of them, the better off this country and the rest of the free world will be.