Testimony from a Palestinian

T. Belman. This was a comment made to the post on borders from yesterday. It was worth posting.

By Leila Paul

Borders? Very simple issue. What was initially promised to Israel by the Allied Powers – all of what is called historical Palestine.

By negotiating borders Israel is showing weakness and half acknowledging the terrorists have rights. They do not. It’s the weakness of soft, leftist Jews who have allowed this to go on so long that people no longer understand Israel’s legal rights and that successive Israeli governments have been weak in enforcing Israel’s rights to Judea, Samaria and – in my opinion – even into the ancient Abrahamic homeland of Mesopotamia. So at minimum, there must be zero – no compromise – discussions about Judea and Samaria.

I was born at a time when Palestine was a legitimate legal entity only from 1922 to 1948 under the British mandate. My ancestry goes back at least five generation of Bethlehem Palestinian Christians but I openly acknowledge the deceit and treachery of what happened in Judea and Samaria.

After I’d broken away from my indoctrination and did independent research I was astounded at Israel’s weakness in enforcing its rights and its obligations to enforce those rights.

Do leftist Israelis have a Messiah complex? Does each one think he/she is the peace-preaching Messiah? Because any Jew who waits for permission from anti-Semites to defend against anti-Semites is suicidal. I know so-called Palestinians intimately. The vast majority are incapable of compromise or of respect for the true nature of any Abrahamic belief system.

Palestinians are a fraud and ride the coat tails of both the Judeo-Christian heritage and have manipulated anti-Semistism to advance their far more dangerous plots than any previous pogroms and the Holocaust.

No to compromise for it is a step toward the disintegration of Israel.

I speak from personal experience and I know first-hand the terrorists’ goals as they tried to recruit me repeatedly while I still believed in the Palestinian identity and its propaganda.

The Christians who stayed behind have made deals with the Islamist PA and Hamas to give them credibility in their claims against Israel while they’ve stolen the houses and land of the Christians and others who left or got real estate at huge discounted prices from those desperate to flee the wars.

Those Christians there today have fabricated an entire narrative which must be analyzed and reviewed with skepticism. Those who were peaceful left – while those hoping to capitalize and make deals with whoever comes out supreme are of highly suspect motives and identity. Many claim to have been there for 500 years yet none of them can produce documents for that would have put them under Ottoman rule who would not have kept credible records. Anybody can claim to be a Palestinian today and claim they’ve been there for hundreds of years. No proof! I can prove ancestry for two generations prior to my great grandparents, but that’s it.

The Ottoman Turks were horrendously abusive of those on the land under Turkish occupation and they conscripted into sure death those who stayed in the land of Judea, Samaria or Israel. Most of the Christians who had been there for generations left during the brutal Ottoman rule and most are in South America, the Caribbean or North America.

Without Israeli education, culture, sanitation and the democratic ideals they’ve observed most of the Arabs who lived there before 1948 would have died of disease, starvation or treachery of one another.

How Palestinians can claim to be killed like “fish in a barrel” by Israelis while they multiply in huge numbers is itself an astonishing claim and should be analyzed. Further, if Palestine ceased to exist after 1948 and did not exist as a national entity before 1922 – then nobody today is a Palestinian. I am a former Palestinian for that citizenship ceased to exist in 1948. My children most certainly cannot inherit a non-existent legal identity – so there are no Palestinians today only those who are old enough to legitimately claim they once were Palestinians between 1922 and 1948.

All the others are frauds.

I have – with my own ears – heard the seething hatred of those who call themselves palestinian and yet even if the numbers they quote in 1948 were remotely accurate how can they possibly claim to be so many millions today? No one verifies who was born there and for how many generations their ancestors were there. Only the naive or those who want to believe the worst about Israel and Jews would accept that fraudulent identity of Palestinians.

Islamism is not indigenous to the area while Judaism and Christianity are, so those who profess to be Islamist Palestinians are even greater deceivers. As for many of the Christians, a few may be descended of the ancient Hellenist Judeans who converted to Christianity following the time of Christ and many are likely pilgrims from European or middle eastern countries.

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12 Comments / 12 Comments

  1. Leila,
    Like most of the posters here I agree with you. BUT:
    Talking about our rights, be it legal, historical, or religious to the land of Israel is not enough. Chewing the subject again and again will not bring us anywhere.
    Instead, lead the way and with your compatriots create a movement to demand the return to the “Palestinians” (I use this name for lack of a better one) what belongs to the palestinians. that is Jordan. Not Israel. Jordan WAS given to them the same time Palestine was given to the Jews. Jordan is an artificial state and actually part of Greater Syria of pre 1922. 70+percent of it’s present poulation is palestinians anyhow. Convey the message to your people that they better join hands with Israel rather than blood suckers as Ahmedinejad or Assad Malliki or even King Abdullah the desert nomad. Remember that his father King Hussein killed nearly 20,000 of you during September 1971 crashing that same movement that you can revive! The palestinians tried it once and failed ONLY because they did not get Israel on their side. You have a historic oppurtunity to lead the way. Take it.

  2. Leila Paul,

    Thank you so much for your comment! It is always a source of horror to me that Israeli leaders offer half of Jewish land to barbaric enemies bent on Jewish genocide. At the same time it makes it appear that Israel does not belong to Jews!

    I have always been greatly horrified that Israel accepted as peace partner, global Muslim terrorist, evil Arafat. Unbelievable.

  3. All of Palestine belongs to the Jews. It’s in the Bible. Palestine is the Roman name Emperor Hadrian gave to Judea. If there were such a thing as a “Palestinian People”, they’d be Jews.

  4. May God bless you and protect you Leila. It takes a lot of courage to stand up as you have done. Thank you.

    Do you do speaking tours?

  5. It is Judea that is illegally occupied territory by those who profess to be Palestinian. The Palestinian legal identity was created by the British to facilitate the administration of their mandate which was founded on the obligation to restore the Jewish national homeland.

    Facts – legal or otherwise – seem to have no effect whatsoever. Rather, most people are governed by an odd mix of emotionalism and sentimentality and an equally odd – but highly faux – sense of moral righteousness, all of this based on nothing more than fantasy.

    Both you and I (in another thread) commented on the common belief that the Israelis have been continuously conducting a program of genocide on the so-called Palestinians, since 1948 (if not since the time of Moses). Nobody – least of all our holiest of holy media – appears to have openly questioned this defamation in view of the enormous population increases in Palestinian-held territories.

    Which brings me back to my initial statement, above.


    United Nations General Assembly Resolution no. 181 of 1947 (commonly known as the Palestine Partition Plan) recommended the creation from all of the lands of Mandatory Palestine west of the Jordan River, representing 22% of original Mandatory Palestine, a Jewish state (comprising slightly less than 11% of the Land), an Arab state (comprising slightly less than 11% of the Land) and an internationally-administered greater Jerusalem.

    Israel’s juridical birth certificate is the pre-Holocaust League of Nations Mandate for Palestine of 1922 (provisionally operative from 1920) — not the post-Holocaust United Nations Palestine Partition Plan of 1947. Moreover, the Mandate was itself explicitly based upon the preexisting “historical connexion of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country” (Mandate for Palestine, Preamble, Paragraph 3).

    Since the Jewish people’s right to reestablish their nation-state in the biblical Land of Israel became a pillar of international law decades before the advent of the Holocaust, and since this aspect of international law was merely a formal acknowledgment of the aboriginal Jewish right to the Land, it is a gross misrepresentation of History to claim that the State of Israel instead emerged from the womb of the United Nations, impregnated by alleged European remorse over the Holocaust.

    Moreover, while the Holocaust did not create the State of Israel, the absence of the State of Israel did create the Holocaust. For, had the Jewish State already existed when Nazi Germany arose from the ashes of World War I, virtually all of those who perished in the Holocaust would, instead, have been forcibly expelled by Nazi Germany to a welcoming Israel; and, consequently, there would have been no Holocaust.

    Furthermore, if genuine European remorse over the Holocaust had really existed in 1947, then the United Nations General Assembly would never have issued its niggardly Palestine Partition Plan — a recommendation of the international community which (following the decades-earlier severing from Mandatory Palestine of all of its lands east of the Jordan River, representing 78% of original Mandatory Palestine, first in 1922, territory which later became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, being 77% of the Land, and then again in 1923, territory which comprised the Golan Heights, being 1% of the Land) left the Jewish people with less than 11% of that which the League of Nations had originally allocated to them under the Mandate for Palestine, deprived them of any sovereignty over Jerusalem, and saddled them with a demographic and sectarian time bomb in the form of a population that was 40% Arab, virtually all of whom were hostile to the creation of a Jewish State. Rather — especially in light of the uncompromising language of Article 5 of the Mandate for Palestine — a penitent U.N., acting through its Security Council, would have issued at that time an authoritative resolution under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter (which, unlike Chapter VI of the U.N. Charter, authorizes coercive enforcement measures): (1) affirming the continuing primacy of the Mandate for Palestine as the legal foundation for the establishment of a Jewish State, (2) recognizing full Jewish sovereignty over the entire western portion of Mandatory Palestine, including Jerusalem, which constituted the remaining 22% of original Mandatory Palestine and (3) acknowledging that the Jewish people had the right to repatriate to their countries of origin the many hundreds of thousands of hostile Arabs who, from 1920 onward, had been permitted by Great Britain, as Mandatory trustee, to inundate the western portion of Mandatory Palestine in rank violation of its fiduciary obligations to the Jewish people under the Mandate for Palestine.

    Clearly, Israel exists neither due to Europe’s alleged guilty conscience nor due to the issuance of the meager Palestine Partition Plan, but due only to the fact that the renascent Jewish State militarily defeated the six Arab states which, together with local “Palestinian” Arab militias drawn from villages, towns and cities throughout the western portion of Mandatory Palestine, had sought to annihilate it from the face of the Earth, thereby igniting Israel’s War of Independence.

  7. I’m pleased to see my comments posted and can only hope that Israelis take a more confident stand to enforce their own rights to self-determination. Israel should not need permission from non-Israelis to assert Israel’s long neglected legal rights.

    It is Judea that is illegally occupied territory by those who profess to be Palestinian. The Palestinian legal identity was created by the British to facilitate the administration of their mandate which was founded on the obligation to restore the Jewish national homeland.

    If anything, from 1922 to 1948, Palestine was intended to refer to the restoration of the homeland of the Jewish people – both those resident in the land and those returning from the Diaspora.

    Yet the Arabs and their Islamist collaborators have hijacked the Palestinian identity and made it their own. The long term goal is to steal all the land of Israel but they start first with claiming Judea is Palestine.

    Arabists and Islamists making the fraudulent claim they are Palestinian amounts to identity theft on a national scale.

  8. And don’t forget to include her equally important addendum:

    There is no such thing as a Palestinian Christian for there is no Palestinian ethnicity nor a homogeneous culture which can be defined as Palestinian. So do not lump me in with those frauds.

    That identity is a propaganda creation to defame Israel and represents those who infiltrated into Israel after the prosperity of the early 20th century. There were certainly some Christians present but it’s impossible to say what their ethnicity is.

    I was born into Christianity but I see myself as Judean.