The Arabs don’t want peace they want submission

DEBKAfile reports: Three Arab rulers put spikes in wheels of Washington’s Middle East conference – September 27, 2007,

Thursday, Sept 27, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan posed tall pre-conditions, mainly of Israel, for their participation in the conference the Bush administration is promoting for November. Their foreign ministers had been previously lobbied by the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at UN HQ.

In Amman, visiting Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and Jordanian King agreed to inform Washington that their attendance was contingent on an agenda which tackled crucial issues such as the status of refugees, east Jerusalem and the borders of the future Palestinian state. They called on the Palestinians to set aside their differences and join the peacemaking process.

Foreign minister Saud al Faisal said Israel should freeze the construction of Jewish settlements and its “separation barrier” to prove its seriousness ahead of the summit. He refused to confirm that Saudi King Abdullah would be there.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Laura -SORRY I was just trying to place emphasis on the point of Human Scorched Earth policy. As For pet and animals I value those creatures much more than the Arabs. I own 3 dogs and numerous cats, if that clears up my position.

  2. We advise that if our captured soldiers are not returned within 72 hours alive and well we will start to eliminate the whole Pali leadership one by one and their families and pets, if they have any?

    I would leave the pets alone, they are innocent.

  3. Both #1 and 2 are correct. The Zionist solution would be mass attempts at building new illegal settlements. Thousands arrested youth, pictures and videos of repressive Govt. and police on a daily basis and a few Jewish deaths would go along way to stop this whole craziness before it begins. A planned secondary long teachers strike might be heaven sent as high school students may have a lot of idle time on their hands.

    The Jewish response should be to wage total war against our eternal enemy, defeat them absolutely,annex their territory kill or drive out any one opposing our forces, their families, their livestock and all their homes demolished.Any living relative to those fighting against us should be deported with some compensation,.We wouldn’t want blood feuds and revenge killings to haunt us for generations.

    We tell the idiot in the white house no thanks we have lived without Saudi and Syrian recognition for almost 60 years and we can do with out. In a year or two we might just put them out of the expensive oil business as some Russian immigrants have come up with a process that makes extracting oil from shale cheaper than extracting most crude today and Israel and the USA have enough shale to keep us going for another hundred years or so. By selling the process to other countries with shale deposits we become not only energy self sufficient but net exporters of necessary technology to change the whole face of global energy. We advise that if our captured soldiers are not returned within 72 hours alive and well we will start to eliminate the whole Pali leadership one by one and their families and pets, if they have any? We will wipe their family names off the historical index. All prisoners serving life sentences for murder will be executed if we do not get our sons back alive and well. No visits to any other prisoners by family friends and LAWYERS will be allowed, no tel. calls, no high school and college courses for prisoners, no Korans allowed prisoners, their diets will be reduced to basic min. subsistence levels, we cut off all non essential imports to Gaza and WB. Electricity and water can be had if they pay for them not as it is in the present ;as gifts of the Israeli people. There is much more any reader can add to my short list.

  4. They certainly want Israel destroyed. But in addition they want those “infidels” who might survive the destruction to live and work for them like domestic animals, paying jizya tax, according to their Q-verse 9:29, “… and feel themselves subdued”.

  5. Wrong again! They wouldn’t know how to react to submission. They want Israel destroyed. Period. As soon as this is understood and accepted, then we can get on with what is bound to happen.

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