The Asinine AP: Aid Sanctions Threaten West Bank Health

by Akiva of Mystical Paths

We should not be surprised that the AP continues to publish huge piles of steaming male cow feces, op-ed opinion at best, in the name of news, but somehow I still am….

One slip, and (the) 5-year-old plunged into the fetid stream of sewage. A few miles away, (woman) picked up a blue bucket for one of her three daily trips to a communal cistern. People shouldn’t have to fret about something as elemental as water…

These are the human face of the toll exacted by U.S. sanctions following the rise to power of the militant Islamic Hamas group.

Weep, dear folks, for the poor Palestinians(?) who, through no fault of their own, are injured by the mean U.S. who, dare we say it, those horrible people, FAIL TO CONTINUE TO GIVE MONEY when the Palestinians(?) are impacted, as in it just happened while no one was watching, by the “rise to power of Hamas”.

Oh evil U.S., how could you STOP GIVING MONEY to people who VOTED IN Hamas? What nerve you have, what a toll on their lives you are inflicting!!! What male cow feces!

U.S. projects were to have dried up the toxic sewage flow… and bring more water… But the money has disappeared into the morass of Mideast politics.

Umm, NO. Some of the money disappeared in the pockets of the Palestinian leaders (actually, most of it). The rest the poor people who “face the toll” specifically choose to turn off by selecting leaders who can’t even pretend to have any other interest beyond killing the Jews. THEY voted for it, THEY staff it, and they cry about it?

To save the (Gaza) aquifer, USAID was going to build a desalination plant…to deliver the water to Gaza, but those plans were suspended after three U.S. government contractors were killed by unidentified assailants in October 2003. Moves to resuscitate the project were cut short after Hamas’ rise.

“Unidentified”? Well, they weren’t Israelis, they weren’t Jews. They were Palestinians. The only way they are unidentified is they didn’t leave behind a photo ID. Now, you blow away the workers and then report surprise at stoppage of the work? I guess so, if you’re the AP.

The U.S. has the right to start or stop whatever they want to with their money. They have the right to put any conditions on it they want. If you receive it, you have the right to say thank you, or no. You don’t have the right to demand it, complain about it, or cry about your suffering the U.S. was voluntarily choosing to allieviate when you said no or refused to meet the conditions.

Apparently the AP is unclear on that.

Original AP fiction here.

March 4, 2007 | 3 Comments »

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