The axis of evil is in free fall

For many years, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah have excelled at maintaining and unifying their “Axis of Resistance” against Israel. In retrospect, however, this appears to be an axis of bankrupt entities foisting calamity upon their own peoples.

By Prof. Eyal Zisser, ISRAEL HAYOM     06-24-2020 12:17

The 20-year anniversary of the IDF’s withdrawal from Southern Lebanon was commemorated in Beirut this year modestly, almost obscurely. Although Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah delivered a victory speech, from the underground bunker he hides in, he was also forced to admit that Hezbollah has no reason to celebrate today.

The flames have been nipping at Nasrallah’s robe for quite some time, but in recent weeks he and his men have openly exhibited signs of distress. For the first time, during the ongoing protests flooding the streets of Beirut, people have called for disarming the organization and rehabilitating the sovereignty of the Lebanese state.

In Syria, too, where President Bashar Assad recently celebrated the 20-year anniversary of his rule, the atmosphere is as gloomy as ever. Although Assad defeated his people who rose against him on the battlefield – with chemical weapons, aerial bombardments, and missiles – in the real battle he is now waging over Syria’s rehabilitation he is losing soundly.

In recent weeks, the Syrian lira has lost nearly 90% of its value as its exchange rate has plummeted from nearly 500 liras to the US dollar to nearly 3,500 liras to the dollar. In one fell swoop, economic life in the country has ground to a halt, commerce has frozen, salaries have dropped, savings have been wiped out, and everyday Syrians can no longer afford to buy basic staples to sustain their families.

In Lebanon, too, the Lebanese pound has depreciated in a manner of weeks from 1,500 pounds to the dollar to nearly 5,000 pounds to the dollar, also amid an economic crash that has been devastating for regular Lebanese citizens.

All this is happening while the United States has instituted the so-called Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act (named after the pseudonym of a Syrian policeman who turned over photographs of thousands of victims of torture by the Assad government). The law targets any individual or entity doing business with the Syrian government or supporting its military efforts, including reconstruction, fuel delivery, and other sectors. Businessmen close to the Syrian government were added to the sanctions list under the new measures. It could paralyze the Syrian economy and, consequently, the intertwined Lebanese economy.

The problem is that Assad and Nasrallah don’t have anywhere to turn for help. The world is no longer eager to aid Lebanon and help the parasitic Hezbollah continue to flourish inside the Lebanese body. Russia and Iran can send troops and warplanes to Syria to lay waste to the country, but they are also dealing with numerous economic problems, or worse in the case of Iran, which is on the verge of economic collapse.

The harsh economic crisis is spurring the masses into the streets of Beirut. Even in Syria, the crisis is hitting the regime’s soft underbelly. For example, in the Mountain of the Druze region, protests have erupted against Assad. The crisis is even affecting the Assad family itself, where Bashar has openly feuded with his cousin, Rami Makhlouf, the wealthiest person in the country, from whom Bashar has seized all assets.

For many years, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah have excelled at maintaining and unifying their axis of evil, or as they refer to it – the “Axis of Resistance” against Israel. In retrospect, however, it appears this is an axis of bankrupt entities foisting calamity, poverty, and decay upon their own peoples. While we mustn’t underestimate the threats that Assad and Nasrallah pose to Israel, it is evident that their alliance brings no good tidings or hope to their peoples and will inevitably wreak havoc on them.


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  1. “ISIS Practices Daily Affirmation: “Americans Are Still More Scared of Us Than COVID”
    by Chrysanthemum Bloom

    “In a troubling week for members of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ – or whatever they call that last remaining mound of Syrian sand – the number of deaths from COVID-19 across the United States surpassed their wildest expectations of impact from any act of terror. Facing the reality that a disease was more effective than Jihad has created severe depression among many fighters. In order to address this, leaders are now hosting daily affirmation sessions to reassure ISIS members that most Americans are still more scared of Jihadis than of COVID, despite a much higher likelihood of dying from the latter.

    Mental health experts note that depression occurs when people lose a sense of purpose in life, or see others achieving the same goals as themselves with seemingly more ease. This is a perfect storm for Jihad’s former stars, as COVID has taken away both their media fame and their body-count, leading to dramatic drops in self-confidence from even the most sociopathic of members.

    “Seeing how successful COVID is in America really jarred me” said one attendee of ISIS’s mental health group, “I’m Sad Inside” (ISIs). “I felt like I’d never be good enough to kill over 120,000 people, let alone be a household name in New York City. But, the daily affirmations have really helped. Like: ‘people are dying because they’re not scared of the virus’, or, ‘rednecks wouldn’t go to a bar if they thought ISIS was there’.”

    ‘After learning of this crisis, many app developers have leapt into action creating tools such as ‘Halal Headspace” and “Meditation for Murder.” Hopefully these Jihadis can find a second-act, like going on Dancing with the Stars or something.”

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