The Clinton Chronicles

We can see clearly now.

By Celia Farber, THE TRUTH BARRIER                                            24 March 2024

I watched this a few days ago, and some things fell into place.

It was, for the last 35 years or so, unseemly to hold the view that the Clintons were genuine, shock level criminals. Drugs, money laundering, corruption, and elimination of witnesses on a scale so vast it had to become impossible to believe. Since it was. “Unbelievable.”

Americans did not and could not believe it. And with this we were helped, by the fog machines. (Media. Punditry.)

All evidence that mounted, year in year out, scandal in, scandal out, somehow only added up to: “Crazed right wingers really can’t let go of their Clinton conspiracy theories.”


This is how the sorcerers do it: The crimes are plain as day. Those who speak of the crimes get murdered. Those who think these people are getting murdered for what they know are designated as paranoiacs who don’t belong in polite society.

In the end, the sphere and space that gets so carefully tended to is the space where the thoughts about the Clinton crimes go to dwell. That space gets managed, manipulated, branded and re-named, persistently. Over the years, anybody who thinks the “wrong” way about the Clinton’s crimes and murders, feels a little dirty, in some hard to describe way.


Right wing.

Because the places where it all came out, we were told, were…places where anti-Clinton “Republicans” congregated. Backward people. Not winners.

Anti-Hillary-ism too became part of the PSY OP, so that all could be designated as backward people who could not tolerate the sight of a “strong woman” on the big political stage.

They created political theater where instead of being properly assessed as a criminal, Hillary was “hated” which created a perfect escape route for her documented crimes. Nobody wanted to be a Hillary “hater.” As for Bill, he was re-written into a man with a strong libido, charming as anything, who liked the ladies a little too much.

Ken Starr, Lewinsky and all that. That was the absolute least of it.

The Clinton Body Count became a joke, which everybody knew was also not at all a joke. (Here’s Greg Reese’s “The Clinton Body Count, Part 1” from 2019.)

In this way, by all these ways of misdirection, strange lighting, theatrical confusion, and guilt by association, America became a completely criminal society. Before Obama. Before Larry Sinclair.

This documentary contains the blueprint for how America became a criminal society, how the criminality became entrenched.

Now the documentary is allowed to exist on YouTube, for some reason. Now that it’s too late.

Rest In Peace Gary Webb. Also: “Gary Webb was right.”

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