The Disappearance of Integrity: Organized Suppression of the Facts,

Only Writers Who Support “Official Narratives” Are Tolerated.
Americans are blue pill people

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research, September 01, 2023

Because of the organized suppression of facts and because of the campaigns against truth-tellers, it is increasingly difficult and risky to provide truthful accounts. Only writers who support the official narratives are tolerated.

Retribution is becoming commonplace. The level of retribution depends upon the level of threat the writer is perceived to present.

Julian Assange is the top level threat because of his worldwide reach via Wikileaks and his courage to publish leaks revealing war crimes and other criminal actions of the United States government.

Assange has been incarcerated without trial in one form or another for a decade. In recent years Assange has been held in solitary confinement in a British maximum security prison while the corrupt British legal system goes through the motions pretending to comply with British law, but always delivering the result its Washington master demands. This process could not make it more clear that subservience to Washington trumps the integrity of the British judicial system.

Washington’s insensitivity to war crimes, crimes against humanity, and blatant frame-ups of innocents has brutalized the entire world’s respect for moral and ethical behavior.

Independent scientists, experts and journalists who are seen as lesser threats than Assange find themselves cancelled, de-platformed, marginalized, fired, and their medical licenses stolen for refusing to follow the deadly Covid protocols. Just the other day Germany convicted one of the country’s own judges for listening to the expert evidence and ruling against the government’s mask mandate. In other words, evidence that contradicts the narrative has been criminalized by the German judicial system. See this.


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