The drones used by Hamas in Southern Israel are American-made and supplied by the US to Ukraine

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  1. @Peloni thanks for the information on the drones. I actually did some research a little after I posted that comment and thought I had successfully deleted it.

    On weapons smuggling to Hamas in Gaza, in Egypt like many places everything has a price. Bribing people in charge of making sure contraband does not get thru Rafah crossing is the most likely way of getting it there. By ship direct to Gaza is most difficult because of the Israeli navy.

    Egyptians do not make much money in most jobs, so it is very easy to bribe them and it is not like they care if Hamas gets weapons. An Egyptian policeman just killed two Israeli tourists and their tour guide in Egypt. Egyptians for the most part are very antiSemtic. The peace treaty is with the government and not people to people for the most part. Though online in the past and also in the USA I have had some Egyptians who were very friendly with me personally.

    Sissi and his people hate the Muslim Brotherhood as they are enemies. They do not like Hamas (is Muslim Brotherhood) at all. Quietly Israel and Egypt have worked on security issues together. Including when Israel was going to fired on by ISIS types in the Sinai, Egypt covered for Israel who went into the Sinai airspace to kill the terrorists. Egypt publicly claimed it was them who killed the terrorists. So I do not in the least believe Sisi or his close officials are involved in smuggling weapons to Hamas.

  2. We know that the arms being shipped to Ukraine are being repurposed in some number, and the refusal of any oversight being attached to these weapons would further suggest that this is the very purpose of this lack of oversight. So the potential that the drones were American in origin should not be dismissed too quickly.

    In addition to this, the recent exposure of the Jordanian arms smuggling program to support the Islamist terror attacks murdering Israeli’s would certainly indicate that Jordan would certainly not be opposed to facilitating a similar such arms transfer to Hamas.

    Also, the weapons did come to Gaza, either by boat or thru the Egyptian land crossing, and it is clear that Sissi’s govt was aware of what was coming in full or partial detail, which would clearly indicate a reasonable conclusion that the arms were transferred to Hamas thru Egypt.

    When considering whether Sissi would involve himself in such a transfer as Mudar suggests he conducted, the recent warming which has been taking place between Iran and Sissi should also be seen as a potentially relevant factor. Furthermore, the lack of any response taking place when Jordan was caught in the act of transferring such war contraband might possibly persuade Sissi that even if he were caught doing so, he might expect a similar lack of consequence which Jordan faces for their recent treachery.

  3. @Bear

    Did the USA send Ukraine drones?

    Yes they did, beginning in the very first weeks of the war.
    They have US made Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost drones as well as others. The Switchblades were made available since the outbreak of the war, but I am not sure when they were supplied the Phoenix Ghost drones, but they have them:

    2022 – Biden says U.S. to give Ukraine drones, anti-aircraft systems

    What is more, the US has been supplying drones to Ukraine since well before 2022:

    2016 – Millions of dollars’ worth of U.S.-supplied drones that Kiev had hoped would help in its war against Russian-backed separatists have proven ineffective against jamming and hacking, Ukrainian officials say.

  4. Did the USA send Ukraine drones? Do not know for sure but do not think so.

    Ukraine to my knowledge was for a while retrofitting commercial Chinese drones.

    They had also bought from Turkey Military grade drones that used at the beginning of the war to take out tanks.

    High skeptical of this tweet!

  5. It is not a stretch to think American weapons are being used by Hamas. Billions of dollars of American weaponry and equipment were left in Afghanistan. They may have been bought by Zelensky, using funds from the US. Or they may have been bought by Iran, also using funds from the US.

    Here’s an article detailing Zelensky’s plan to hire terrorists from Iraq to fight in Ukraine:

    The US has forwarded to Iran not just $6 billion dollars, but something more like $60 billion dollars over a period of time, as well as making sure they made profits from their oil.

    Obama had in mind to delegate our Middle East foreign policy to Iran. It is clear that he has wanted to destroy Netanyahu, and also destroy American Jewry. The reason is, he believes the US is not exceptional, and the Jews are not exceptional as a representation of the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States. In order to demonstrate this, his plan has been to raise up and empower a Shiite nation dedicated to demolishing both the Jews and America. This is the reason for the pallets of cash he gave to the Mullahs.

    So too, it was the reason he and Biden have tried to bring down the Netanyahu government, so that Iran can rule the Middle East. The idea of Saudi-Israeli talks was motivated by the idea of disempowering Israel by empowering the Palestinians to destroy Israel.

    Obama admired Qassem Soleimani, so seeing the photos of Hamas operatives dragging Jews out of their homes and butchering them is what Obama had in mind all along.

    “The Biden administration has tied down Israel — maritime border demarcation that strengthened Hezbollah; funded anti-Bibi protests; pushed a fake Saudi deal to return Palestinian veto — while it funded Iran to give it the bomb.”

    “The Hamas attack against Israel was part of Obama’s grand strategy to annihilate the existing regional order in the Middle East and to replace it with an Iranian-led one -controlled by the CCP – which would be detrimental to the US and Israel.”

    “Communist China’s dreams of military and world financial dominance by 2050 rely on Iran as a geopolitical asset. That means China/North Korea/Russia/Iran/Turkey/Syria against the world as we know it.

    Lee Smith notes that there was an important domestic reason to get Iran the bomb, which was to normalize Jew hatred. “If you treat a nation-state that embodies Jew-hatred as an ally and arm it with a bomb, you are legitimizing Jew-hatred.”

    “The Iran deal was more than a foreign policy blunder, or a bad deal. It was the device that Obama consciously used to transform America. It unleashed the Iranians and their terror assets abroad; at home it sidelined the Jews, pushing them out of the places they had carved out for themselves in American life and relegating them to second-class status in the Democratic Party—where, in order to belong, they would now have to pledge allegiance to the idea of gifting nuclear weapons to a country that pledged to exterminate them.”

    “Obama’s transformation of America was to remake it in his own image, by junking the idea that America is exceptional and dissolving the country’s borders with the rest of the world. America is not unique. It is as sinful as any other nation, he was effectively arguing, and possibly worse. What better way to make that point than by throwing Israel overboard, and replacing it with Iran—a country that preaches God’s retribution against America.”

    As perverse as this is to an American to think about it, we at least know now that we are dealing with a special type of psychopathology in those who are in charge of America today.

    It has to do with the psychopathology of envy and hatred, the desire to destroy the goodness in others. It is about the violent destruction of a once proud nation, and the special place Israel has had in that nation. There is no room in the heart of an envious person for others to thrive and find joy in life: they must be punished, degraded, and be tortured.

    This is what Obama and Biden have wrought on America and Israel. It is exactly what they planned.

  6. Guys, if you want “the gospel truth”, I’m afraid you will have to read the gospels. You won’t get it from CNN, etc.


    This sounds like the introduction to the war in Ezekiel 39 (not 38).

    I need to take a nap, so I can’t do a study on this. From the little that I have seen, though, these have definitely been “bad hair days” of bloggers running around with their hair on fire; and I imagine anyone could do a brisk trade selling tabloids on streetcorners in ANY city or shire, with


    emblazoned across the top, followed by prophesies attributed to Pleiadeans from 5,000 years ago, along with a transcript of a recent interview of John F. Kennedy Jr. by Elvis Presley. I am serious about this. If you want to make money, start printing a tabloid and put on your sneakers!

    I do recommend reading the Bible, maybe starting with Genesis 1:1; but at this time, simple prayers like

    GOD! HELP!!!

    followed by a good nap, would be more effective.

  7. Adam and Reuveni, remember that the US Administration is part of the world network of crime families (which probably include many Jews, though I won’t name names). They have an “underground superhighway, used to traffick drugs, weapons and people. The US southern border is a MAJOR node of that network, and I am sure it has “on and off” ramps in Russia, Ukraine and Israel.

  8. Hi, Adam

    Terrorist groups like HAMAS, as well as state sponsors of terrorism, like Iran, are part of the highly trafficked drug-sex-weapons network used by bad actors (including the Biden Crime Family) the world over. Ukraine and Russia, with their oligarch-controlled underworlds, are probably major nodes.

    I wouldn’t question whether Mudar is at least partially right in this case until, “in the great bye and bye”, it seems, strong evidence surfaces one way or another.

  9. If this path can be proven, the consequences have enormous reach. The thought that our erstwhile peace partners have dirty hands could lead to an all-out war around Israel. With the latest US commitments, they will be immediately involved in the fighting and who knows which commitments other parties have put up?
    This sounds like the introduction to the war in Ezekiel 39 (not 38).

  10. Ted, I know you think that everything Mudar says is “gospel truth.” But this sounds pretty far-fetched to me.