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Arab States: Peace with Israel will not help USA in Iraq, Iran

Ami Isseroff

A pet theory of the US State Department is that solving the Israeli – Palestininian conflict will magically solve the Israeli-Arab conflict, and that solving both will even more magically solve all the problems of the Middle East, make Wahhabi Sheikhs fall in love with democracy and reduce the price of oil to about 25 cents a barrel. Bikinis will replace Hijabs in Iran, the Persian Gulf will turn into grade A crude oil, the lion will lie down the lamb, and a little assistant undersecretary of state for Middle East Affairs shall lead them.

The upcoming summit conference on the Middle East was designed according to those percepts: the United States would show “progress” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arabs in turn would help the United States extricate itself from Iraq. The particular idea that the Jews are at fault for the problems of the United States in Iraq was due to the Iraq Study Group report, where it was injected as a last minute afterthought by Ray Close.

The ideas in this article were all reported on by me in my article Arabs are opposing US plans for a conference

See also Oil producing Arab states let us know Iran is their brother and tell America that peaceful dialogue is the only option… oh, and they have to sacrifice Israel too…

There is no longer any need for agents of the World Zionist Conspiracy, A.K.A. “Israel Lobby” to explain that this idea is a fantasy. The idea was just shot down by the Arabs. According to an AFP article:

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