The guilty men behind the Arab Winter

For those who aren’t aware, Melanie Phillips lives in London part time and Jerusalem part time. As it happens a number of us bloggers including Melanie had dinner together last night. Others there included Omri Ceren, Richard Landes, and Lenn ben-David. Ted Belman

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So now we can see the terrible results of western liberal hubris, the so-called Arab Spring so credulously and stupidly brought into being by Barack Obama, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy. In Libya, the American ambassador and three colleagues have been murdered. In Egypt, the embassy has been sacked. In Yemen, the mob inflamed by Muslim Brotherhood incitement has today stormed the US embassythere.

How Obama et al preened and postured over their role in helping the Libyan ‘opposition’ get rid of Gaddafy! How they congratulated themselves at the fall of Mubarak in Egypt! It was the dawn of democracy, they gushed, a new era for Libyans and Egyptians who were all on Twitter and Facebook and so were clearly modern folk keen to enjoy human rights and the rule of law, and who could now have all of that thanks to the enlightened help of Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy.

In fact, the most likely result always was the empowerment of Islamic radicals who would enslave the people and make war against the west. Obstinately, these arrogant western fools nevertheless stuck to their fantasy of a democratic ‘spring’, even while the evidence mounted up that what they had actually done was create a vacuum which would unleash the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic radicals and thus set Libya and Egypt on a path back towards the 7th century.

In Egypt, they helped depose a ruler who was in the pocket of the west; the man they helped install instead, Mohamed Morsi, is not only a Muslim Brotherhood placeman but has been cosying up to Iran. An alliance between the Sunni mortal enemies of the west and the Shia mortal enemies of the west – that’s quite an achievement. Well done, Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy!

Now the American ambassador to Libya and three of his colleagues, along with up to ten Libyans, have been most foully murdered by the very mob that we were told represented the new Libya. They burned the American flag and ran up instead the black flag of jihad. The ostensible reason for the violence, an apparently amateurish and deliberately inflammatory film that insulted Islam, was just a pretext (the identity of the film’s maker remains a mystery, with the theory growing that it was a Coptic Christian rather than, as originally reported by the BBC, an Israeli film-maker). It now turns out that this was probably a long-planned Islamist attack, possibly by al Qaeda in revenge for the killing of its second-in-command Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was killed in a US drone strike in Pakistan in June.

The Arab Winter has not brought forth democracy but unleashed anarchy and religious fanaticism, with Islamic mobs hitherto kept under control by Gaddafy and Mubarak now empowered, strengthened and rampaging out of control throughout the region.

We know who are the real guilty men here. Even now, Obama is stroking the enemies of the west while kicking its allies in the crutch. ‘Too busy’ to see Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu when he comes to Washington later this month to beg for American help in preventing Iran from obtaining the nuclear weapons which it will use to achieve its declared aim of wiping Israel from the face of the earth, Obama willnevertheless meet Morsi, who has so far issued only qualified regret for the storming of the US embassy in Cairo, demanded that the US government take action against the maker of the anti-Islamic film — and who last spring released from an Egyptian prison Mohammed Zawahiri, brother of al Qaeda’s current leader and who led the mobwho stormed the Cairo embassy this week. As James Lewis observes in a fine piece at American Thinker:

‘The United States now stands with the forces of destruction…’

While America reels under assault from the very forces unleashed by its own President, the fanatics running the Iranian regime are holding their breath that Obama will be re-elected so that they can progress unhindered to the creation of their genocide bomb. Never have the American people been faced with such a momentous choice for the future of the world than the one they will make on November 6.

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14 Comments / 14 Comments

  1. The left and the liberals are on the path of war against America. They have nothing to learn since they believe to be right.

  2. Curious, the West does not want another war after WW2? Guess what, the West didn’t want another war after WW 1, either; and even betrayed Czechs at Munich to appease the Nazis. Well, it didn’t work then and will not work now. Israel is to Muslims exactly what Czechoslovakia was to Nazis and the West refuses to learn from history.

    As to Israel discovering oil? Actually, Israel did discover a lot of natural gas and has shale deposits, and still West keeps on beating up on Israel.

    I just read that last July, Israel finally agreed to sign a contract with Russia to develope oil and gas. Europe should remember that once Russia turns off the spigot and Europe gets very, very cold.

  3. The mass media are doing their best to shield the guilty one and to attack the innocent one.
    Obama’s mistakes are irrelevant. What matters the most is to keep the power regardless of the potential disasters. That is why it took 80 years for USSR to collapse. The far left is slowly but surely going in that direction with the helping hand of guess what? the Jews again.

  4. btw, Powerline blog has re-printed a hilarious cartoon of Obama (“Mitt Romney hates naked people!”) — the carton is drawn by Michael Ramirez. It graphically illustrates what’s going on with the press in the U.S.

  5. There has been a whole series of bungled (I’m being kind) disasters from Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East. (You could spend pages listing it all). I can’t even begin to sort it into “which was worst?” (that ghastly, hideous, outrageous “speech” Obama gave in Las Vegas, Nevada? — reading the transcript just doesn’t do it justice, you’d have to watch the video — an incompetent lame-brain comes to mind; then there’s the 48 hour warnings about — duh — the up-coming 9/11 anniversary and American embassies in the Middle East at risk, but did this rouse the so-called “Commander in Chief?” (or as Obama puts it, “Commander and Chief”) — utter and complete disaster, he was, apparently, oblivious. He is not fit to run a Kool-aid stand. It just goes on and on. He is a menace to the Free World. Yet, yet given all of this, the American media is attacking who? Well, of course, they are attacking 24/7 Mitt Romney!! It is simply outrageous and unbelievable. Oh, and Obama’s polls in certain swing states? — they’re going up! That is thanks to the cowards, the craven lunatics with the MSM, and those working non-stop on behalf of the Leftist traitor occupying the White House.

  6. Europe does not love the Arab. Europe loves the Arab’s oil.

    If Israel strikes major oil. Europe’s sympathies will change.

  7. @ keelie:
    I quite agree, Mr. Curious often seems to twist and/or stretch the evidence to reach his “facts”. In this case, there’s an abysmal gap between oil-wealthy Arabs (who incidentally used to- I’m not sure if theystill do) leave whole floors of the best London hotels is a filthy, lavatorial state (pardon for “lavatorial” but I used to see it myself) who are clearly blackmailing the hated West…. and the defensively minded Jewish State trying to use non-violent information means to oppose the maliciaous lies of mortal enemies. (And I mean MORTAL).

  8. The western mass media are massively against Romney, Hollywood is heavily pro far left. This country will become another failed social democracy. In due time the Jewish democrats may become the victims of their own folly!
    Fr, GB and US exclusive interest is oil. They each have their own orientalists who are rabid antisemites (initially Christians but many became secular while remaining antisemites). The West has never been pro Israel and the Jewish democrats even less.

  9. I do not think the US/France/UK are malevolently evil.

    I think they are just frustrated.

    NO ONE! I mean NO ONE! 65 years ago anticipated that the argument brought up in the UN – at that time in Great Neck, NY – would still go on.

    It might as well be Nov ’47 and nothing has changed.

    The West has not seen persistance like this since the Middle Ages.

    It does NOT know how to deal with it.

    The Soviet Union has collapsed. China is now basically Capitalist. India and Brazil are becoming rich. The Japanese have come back. The US is collapsing.

    And nothing has changed in the Mideast. The Arabs still want Jaffa and the Jewish state to evaporate.

    Persistance at this level is foreign to the modern Western mindset.

    The last time you saw this in the West was the Christian determination to wage an 800 year war to reconquer Spain, or the 30 years war in Europe; but these were religious wars.

    The West is post-Christian except for the American Bible Belt (Which is still strongly pro-Israel).

    This is not raw anti-semitism. I know many of you will think otherwise.

    This is basically: Why should we Westerners even be in this fight at all?

    Remember that at one point, the West was strongly pro-Israel.

    But in the 1970s, PLO and PFLP attacks all over Europe made Europe aware that the Arabs would not tolerate anything but a pro-Arab position.

    Oil blackmail was brought in.

    The West just wants the problem to go away. It does not care how it is solved. They just want cheap energy, and do not interfere with their life.

    That bugs you. But after WW2, the Europeans wants to avoid war at all costs.

    But the Arabs and Jews are in such a fundamental contest that neutrality is impossible for anybody.

    Both Muslim and Arab are determined to bring the world in on their side.

    This is why the Arabs use Oil blackmail.

    This is why Israel uses AIPAC, LICRA, and Hasbara.

    Most of the Europeans do not care.

    France is even more anti-Muslim now than anti-semitic.

    If you could find a major oil field in Germany or Poland, which could supply all of Europe cheaply, Europe would stay out of this.

  10. WE have our own “Arab Spring” in Europe every summer.

    1. When our UK soldiers return home from duty in Afghanistan and are spat at and abused in their own streets.
    2. When the French Banlieus are set alight by disgruntled “youths”
    3. When the last of the 16,000 Jews were driven out of Malmo (Sweden) last year.
    4. The London Underground Bombings
    5. The Madrid Train bombings
    6. The Shoe bomber was from London
    7. The Stockholm bomber was from Luton (30 miles north of London)

    Islam is not able to live in peace with the rest of humanity and we had better build our policies around that fact.

  11. Part 2 –
    A short sample of those disasters: Iran’s Shah was deposed – which brought in the Ayatollahs – followed by secular Sadam’s removal and his replacement with an assortment of Islamists – which opened the way for Iran’s ayatollahs’ expansion of influence – followed by Iran’s pursuit of nuclear power – followed by the replacement of secular Arab tyrants with Islamists in North Africa and civil war in Syria. And on and on.

    Judging by their tone and their actions , US and EU policy makers’ love affair with Islamists is getting even more torrid.

    WHAT WE AT ISRAPUNDIT MUST KEEP IN MIND is that the US and EU leadership and their cheering crowds – no matter what their political parties – are determined to partition Israel and to eventually dismantle it.

    One of the worst things patriotic Israeli Jews could do would be to sit and wait for a benevolent US government. It’s not going to happen. All US politicians are under the power of the same elite. They only differ in style, not in substance.

    Israel must assert itself and do what is right for Israeli Jews. It sounds very simplistic but Israeli policies do not reflect that attitude.

  12. UK/Fr/USA want a Palestinian State too. (Part 1)

    Without wanting to take credit away from NATO and the US government for the Arab Spring catastrophe, we should remember that those countries’ foreign policies have been a disaster for many, many years. They just got a little carried away this time and toppled a whole bunch of secular Arab governments at once.

    The sordid truth is that the US and European governments and their security agencies have been flirting – and often been shamelessly in bed – with Islamists for many decades already.

    Iraq used to keep Iran in check. They even engaged in a protracted war, Sunni against Shiite. But then Bush had the brilliant idea of deposing Sadam and unleashing total chaos in the whole region.

    By the way, Bush also precipitated the Hamas win in Gaza. Through democratic elections, of course.

    So, let’s forget about political parties. There are unseen powers pulling the strings of both US political parties and of those in the EU as well. Putting all the EU countries under the control of the Brussels bureaucracy was a magnificent coup. The elite’s motives, if they have a long-term plan at all, are uncertain. All we have is the evidence of a long trail of disasters.
    (continued on Part 2)

  13. Is there a way to fight the ignorance of the American electorate regarding Iran? Something that would compensate for the years of the American press not doing its job regarding Islam in general and Shia eschatology in particular? Actually, there is. This paper by Dr. Matthias Küntzel, delivered at Columbia University in 2008, is a serious and comprehensive analysis of the Iranian threat, something the part of the electorate who think is looking for but has been denied access to.

    Matthias Küntzel: Antisemitism, Messianism and the Cult of Sacrifice: The Iranian Holy War