The international community undermines the peace process

By Ted Belman

I met this morning with Canada’s Ambassador to Israel, Paul Hunt. He was very friendly and congenial but new to this posting.

I didn’t discuss my outline seen in blockquotes below, choosing instead to tell him I could back up every point I made.

I focused instead of the complicity of the international community in thwarting peace and what they could do to help.

    1. The international community should resettle the Arab refugees now rather than leave them in camps for another 60 years. Its a bad idea for them to return to Palestine, let alone Israel. They would destablize the region and march on the fence and cross into Israel by the hundreds of thousands.

    2. They should cut back on their financial support of the Palestinians so that they will want to solve their problem. They way it is now they have no incentive to make peace.

    3. Palestinians should be held accountable for their incitement and violence. The best way is to decease the size of the state they will get. Make it cost them.

    4. Disabuse them of the notion that they will get a fully sovereign state . Only autonomy will be negotiated.. The international community must work to reduce their expectations in all respects.

    5. Support Israel in its quest for an interim agreement as per Liberman or support Elon’s Plan to leave everyone in place. Just give the Palestinians Jordinian citizenship and the Jews Israeli citizenship. But Israel gets sovereignty.

    6, Support the blockade of Gaza. The UN passed a resoltion prohibiting the rearming of Hezbollah. Although they failed to enforce it, they are participating in the rearming of Gaza.

I told him about Jacques Gauthier and suggested he should be invited to Parliament Hill. He took down Gauthier’s name. He also took down the name of a famed Canadian human rights lawyer, David Matas.

That’s about the gist of it.


Re: Meeting between Ambassador Paul Hunt and Ted Belman, expatriate Canadian now living in Jerusalem on January 24. 2011

Untruths supported by the United Nations, the Quartet, most countries of the world and most media

    – Palestinians are a people
    – Judea and Samaria are Palestinian land
    – Palestinians are entitled to self determination
    – Palestinians want peace
    – Palestinians want a two state solution
    – Palestinians accept Resolution 242, the Oslo Accords and the Roadmap
    – Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to Judea and Samaria
    – Judea and Samaria are occupied lands
    – the settlements are illegal
    – Palestinians are entitled to East Jerusalem as their capital
    – Palestinian refugees have a right of return

The truth supported by international law

    – the victorious allied powers after WWI had the right to redraw borders and allocate Ottoman Empire land
    – they met in San Remo in1920, held hearings and passed a resolution awarding all of Palestine, on both sides of the Jordan to the Jewish people to reconstitute their national home
    – The League of Nations, in 1922, incorporated this decision in the Palestine Mandate as to all of Palestine lying west of the Jordan River.
    – On June 30,1922, a joint resolution of both Houses of Congress of the United States, unanimously endorsed the “Mandate for Palestine” confirming the irrevocable right of the Jews to settle in the area of Palestine, anywhere between the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea. Pres Harding subsequently signed it.
    – On Dec 3, 1924 The US and Great Britain entered a treaty safeguarding the American interests in Palestine.
    – Article 80 of the Charter of the United Nations, binds the UN to the terms of the Palestine Mandate and prohibits unilateral derogation of such rights. “nothing in this Chapter shall be construed in or of itself to alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments to which Members of the United Nations may respectively be parties.”
    – The ICJ reaffirmed the meaning and validity of Art 80 on three separate occasions.
    – these rights exist to this day.
    – pursuant to these rights, Jews have the right to settle anywhere in Judea and Samaria

Impediments to Peace

    – Palestinians unwilling to negotiate or to compromise
    – Goal of Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular is to destroy the state of Israel
    – UNRWA
    – the unbridled international support of the Palestinian cause
    – the unwillingness of the international community to hold the Palestinians accountable for anything
    – the peace process as presently constituted.
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12 Comments / 12 Comments

  1. Bill, I sent him the agenda in advance. I wrote to my friend Peter Kent to arrange the meeting and I cc’c Hunt. I didn’t hear from Peter but Hunt told me that he decided to see me because of the letter. He really is a neophyte. Nice guy though.

    Today I sent him Erhenfeld’s article on UNRWA.

  2. Yamit, I think this Brig. General you mentioned is my Krav Maga instructor and good friend’s father back in the states. I just sent him a message to see if it is. Its a very interesting story, I’m going to see if he has anything to add to it.

  3. Ted, what’s the story behind your story. How did you swing a meeting with Canada’s new Ambassador to Israel?

    Did you leave Ambassador Hunt with your Agenda to mull over? Have you shared your agenda with the GOI? I expect Ambassador Hunt will be meeting with many representatives of governments, organizations and advocates like you that seek to get their stories out on their position on Israel and why.

    I wonder what Ambassador Hunt is going to make of so many disparate and in some cases, polarized opposite positions on Israel and the Palestinians most coming from Jewish Israelis?

  4. Hey, Susan, how about a fresh slice of Professor Paul Eidelberg?

    I sort of disagree with Eidelberg. Our greatest enemy is ourselves who elected over and over again the same leaders who if we are to be honest, reflect ourselves who put them in positions of power.

    Perversion of justice is the source of all wrongdoing.

    “Your leaders have become plunderers, associates of thieves, lovers of bribery, pursuers of payoffs.” (Isaiah 1:23).

    If tens of thousands will come

    The resistance at Chatzer-Adar lit warning lights at Army Headquarters. The Chief Rabbi of Southern Command came to the hesder yeshiva on Thursday night in order to invite the rabbis to a meeting with Brigadier General Chaim Erez, the commander of Southern Command. The meeting was set for 22:30 that night in the yeshiva’s library. I went out to welcome him?, writes Rabbi Ya?akov Ariel in his Yamit Diary. I showed him into the library and all the rabbis assembled greeted him by standing up and by shaking his hand. The General started by saying I have to start by saying that I think it is a good thing that there is a movement that opposes the withdrawal from Yamit. Not that I identify with it. But it is important nationally and internationally that there should not be a situation where Am Yisrael abandons Sinai without protest and without resistance. He called for the laying down of ground rules for the conflict, How far you will go and how far we will go and he expected the rabbis to exert their moderating influence. Rabbi Neria asked me, as the host, to open the proceedings, recalls Rabbi Ariel. I thanked the general for his visit and expressed the hope that there would be regular contact between us which would help to avoid any unnecessary conflict. Then Rabbi Ariel turned to Rabbi Neria and asked him to speak. Rabbi Neria started by praising the decision to initiate a dialogue with us, writes Rabbi Ariel in his diary, and explained to the general that we have three goals: a) to stop the withdrawal; b) to prevent a similar catastrophe in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights; and c) to express pain at the dismembering of Eretz Yisrael. As far as the first goal is concerned, he said, we know that we are not many and that we cannot stop it.

    The general interrupted him politely: if you would have been tens of thousands of people here, I would have had to inform my superiors that I am not able to carry out this mission

    There was an understanding that each one is playing his part, explains reserve Brigadier General Chaim Erez. I asked to meet the rabbis and I tried to reach an agreement with them. Rabbi Neria was an impressive figure. For me, he was a model of a Jew and of a rabbi. He saw the complete picture and the quiet and dignified manner in which he managed the proceedings radiated authority. He reined in and calmed down the hotheads, and he influenced everybody. His objection to the withdrawal stemmed from his belief that it should not be carried out without protest

  5. terrific agenda, Ted. Yes, time to stop the generations of palestinians on the dole. UNRWA and the EU/American largesse are an insult to the tens of millions REAL refugees in the world.

  6. I think point 2 i especially spot on. As long as the US and the EU are unconditionally funding the Palestinians, they are in a VERY favorable position and have no incentive to make any of the “painful concessions” that American and Western political leaders harp about that might lead to a workable peace. Cut this funding and the Palestinians will find themselves on more equal footing with the Israelis. In this situation, they just might be much more willing to negotiate in good faith with the Israelis to reach an equitable peace plan.

    For Israel there may be some good news on this front. America and the EU are in DEEP economic trouble. For America, the situation is especially grim. As such, I don’t think either of these entities will be willing or able to offer aid to the Palestinians for much longer. When this source of funding goes away, the Palestinian position will not be as favorable as it is now. This makes an equitable settlement between the parties much more likely.

    Whatever type of agreement is reached is ultimately up to the parties directly involved which are the Israelis and the Palestinian Arabs. Its not the business of the Americans, the Western Europeans, or the Russians. It appears the European Union nations and the Americans are the major sources of funding for the Palestinians. With this funding out of the way some type of equitable peace agreement is much more likely.

  7. “We cannot blame many gentiles for believing our enemies….with courage and conviction when we constantly fail to make our just case with courage and conviction.” Bert.

    Are you serious? Are the gentiles you are excusing sir, ignorant or brain dead? Did these gentiles just arrive from Mars? Can they not speak? Do they not read? Do they not know history? Get my point? What did my ancestors do to anyone to deserve what they got? What, they didn’t scream loud enough? My goodness, in recent history the smell from the smoke stacks should have been a clue. What about the little Israeli boy whose Dad was victim of a terror attack?

    Do you know what is like to live each day in the State of Israel? Do you think a bus load of Jews blown to bits is not conviction enough? Please. Was the U.S. attacked on 9-11 because the U.S. failed to do something? You think that awful attack on 9-11 was a failure to make the case as U.S. citizens? And let’s say someone along the line in the U.S. or Israel veered off the road, do you still think a cataclysmic terror attack should not garner sympathy and understanding? What do you consider a just cast case and if you think living in Israel or living a Jew anywhere does not take courage and conviction you are dead wrong.

    The idea that Israel should not get support because of the ill conceived excuse Israelis are not marching to the tune others think appropriate is a shonda. I ask you, how many Christians are there in the U.S. compared to Jews? We are talking millions to one. In the world, tens of millions to one. How freaking loud do we have to scream?

    “….When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew…”

    …and so it goes.

  8. I heartily commend Ted Belman for taking the diplomatic initiative. I am not aware that the government of Israel has made a similar presentation. We cannot blame many gentiles for believing our enemies when we constantly fail to make our just case with courage and conviction.

  9. The international community undermines the peace process because the peace process is a rouse. There is no peace process. They undermine it as we see it for the most part because they are antisemites, Ted…because why should there be a Palestinian state to begin with?? Imagine at a time following the worst intifada ever and 9-11, War on Terror, the West, led by the U.S. loaded up the train for Palestinian Statehood filled to the brim with billions of dollars, tons of white paint upon tons of revisionist history and shot it out of the station at mach speed and at any and all costs to Israel heading it straight to the arms of denier of the Holocaust whose charter claims Israel to be thrown to the sea. All done in the hopes the white wash would stick while sticking to Israel big time. What do you call the underpinnings of such lunacy? Some might say appeasement. I would then say, why? Around and round we go. Guess what ugly conclusion we end at?

    Now why is this? We must see it for what it is no matter how it hurts or what terrible part of human nature it exposes. We must otherwise we dance in circles right into the abyss. Once and for all, I might add.