The isolation of Pres Trump

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September 12, 2017 | 3 Comments »

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  1. @ adamdalgliesh:

    Irrelevant…. He believes what he believes he needs for his own ego reasons for the acceptance of NYC elites and the Times he has always read like a bible and never got their support or acceptance……. Trump wants and needs adulation by the group who never accepted him as one of their in crowd no mater his money or successes he for them is a crude barbarian. It was evident when he and Clinton spoke at National press dinner at the very Hotel Trump rehabilitated and made into a modern money maker……….Since Trump was elected he has boycotted the alternative media that supported him and were the main reason he won but has given interviews in the Times and all MSM who hates him. He has always turned on those who supported him and helped him. Latest is his long time body guard and friend of 30 years who just got fired by either Kelly or McMaster and Trump went along with it……Seems the generals are running his show and running Trump too.

  2. @ yamit82: If Trump really thinks he can win the support of liberals and the New York Times, he’s wrong! They won’t ever forgive his tough, on-target criticisms of them, no matter what policies he pursues. They will continue to hit him with tenfold harsher and more extreme criticisms than any that he ever leveled at them.They will continue to find fault with everything he says and does.They will keep hitting him with deeds as well as words until they drive him from office. Not a forging bunch, these progressives.

  3. Don’t buy the nonsense of Trump in Isolation. He has phone capabilities to see whatever he choses to see. He has family who can supply him with any information privately or his wife or his young or older sons. His body guard who he trusts and I am sure many others…. Load of crap they keep him from knowing what’s going on…. I see it more of Trump being manipulative in the office….. I don’t see much Trump loyalty to anyone but close family all others are expendable….. His reasons? We will have to be patient and watch what happens…. Personally although I have been a strong supporter of his agenda I think we have all been suckered by a real con artist who told us what we wanted to hear… All Trump is really interested is maintaining his Brand Name and making any deal he believes will make him look good especially to the Librul left and the NYT….. He wants their approval and adoration….. With Trump everything is personal…..