The Jewish establishment should be less tolerant.

By Ted Belman

JPOST just published an article which was originally posted by the leftwing, in my opinion, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA).

It postulates that Trump, Carson have Republican Jewish establishment worried and reason being:

“It’s a disorienting experience for longtime Republican Jewish donors and activists, who have made inroads into the party’s establishment over the last two decades, and who have been at the forefront of advocacy for tolerance and pluralism within the party.

“The tone of what they’re saying, we get painted as a party of intolerance,” said Zeidman, who practices law in the Houston area and backs Bush’s candidacy.”

The Jewish establishment apparently favour candidates like George Bush.

These outsiders, especially Trump, are waging a war against political correctness which to some is evidence of lack of tolerance. But tolerance of intolerance is a bad thing. The Jewish establishment worships tolerance and tolerates Muslim hordes transforming the country.

To my mind the Jewish establishment is causing much more harm by embracing Islam as the religion of peace, that the outsiders are causing in highlighting what’s wrong with Islam or American immigration policies.

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Republicans candidates like Jeb Bush if elected would continue to transform the US into a third world cesspool which California is becoming. Jeb Bush should run for president of Mexico. He gives interviews and speeches in Spanish. He is a fool because Hispanics will always overwhelming support Democrats. Hispanics will never vote for Republicans because they see democrats as the party of wealth REdistribution i.e. robbing productive citizens to buy votes from freeloaders and parasites. I doubt the accuracy of this story since JTA is a very left wing organization and they obviously don’t want to see a candidate who isn’t willing to facilitate the the suicide of the American nation. What country would allow the dregs and Scourings of countries such as those in Latin America and the Carribean become a plurality in their country and thus take over control. The USA is self destructing as the Roman Empire did. Trump is leading in polls because he is standing up for Americans not kissing the behinds of invaders as Jose (Jeb) Bush does.

  2. Prepare your Weapons and Lives to Slaughter!”: Muslims urge attack on free speech event in #Copenhagen Today.

    [Headline on the Pamella Geller site.]

    Yes we should be fully tolerant of this kind of stuff.

    So much for the “superior intelligence” of Jews…