The Jewish Remedy

Manigut Yehudit

When Israel will have leadership that is motivated by Jewish consciousness, we will not be needing aspirins. Israel will go to war with clear goals and its enemies will clearly know what they are about to lose. Authentic Jewish leadership does not miss an opportunity to broaden Israel’s borders and to declare sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel. Jewish leadership is leadership that the Arab world will fear. “You have 12 hours to withdraw all of your missiles out of the range of Israel’s borders,” the Jewish leader will announce to Syria. “If not, we will do it for you. And of course, we have already made the legal provisions to annex all territory that we liberate.”

The Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria will be offered a rehabilitation plan (“Evacuation –Compensation”) outside Israel’s borders. Those who own suitable homes will be offered the opportunity to exchange their villas with the homes of new immigrants from Western countries. A villa in Ramallah in exchange for a Florida home. Those Arabs who choose to remain and fight will be on the receiving end of true Jewish warfare based on the ethics of our Sages: “If someone tries to kill you, kill him first.”

The Education Ministry will fund daily Jewish studies and schools will be encouraged to teach their students values and not just how to achieve top grades. If sports fans go overboard, the problematic stadium will be closed for a significant amount of time, until the fans, the players and the team management find the way to relax without the need for policemen.

Peres, Beilin and their cohorts will be tried for treason and Bashara and his cohorts will get treatment reserved for enemies of the Jewish People.

Does it sound like a dream? It is actually quite within our reach. Israel has a Jewish majority that identifies itself first as Jewish and then as Israeli. All we need is to give the Jewish majority a realistic option to vote for what it believes in. It is time to return the Jewish State to the Jewish Nation!

Michael Fuah
Manhigut Yehudit General Director

May 11, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Demographic trends make a Jewish Israel a possible reality pretty soon. Problem is that the religious Jews are in a race with the secular Jews, who want to give Eretz Israel to the goyim before the religious Jews can ruin their secular (read: “just like all the other nations”) state. G-d forbid that Israel would be Jewish. Why the UN or the US might not like that. It could be a PR nightmare. It’s time for Jews to be Jews. Period.

  2. Sounds nice but I wouldn’t give them a F’in dime for “compensation” until the Arab countries that ousted the Jews compensate them. Trouble nis it would bankrupt them.

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