The leader Israel needs and deserves

Fitzgerald, JihadWatch

    “The Israelis now living in the territories of the future Palestinian state should return to living within the borders of the state of Israel. No Jew in the world, now or in the future, as a result of this document, will have the right to return, to live, or to demand to live in Hebron, in East Jerusalem, or anywhere in the Palestinian state.” –-Sari Nusseibeh

What makes this outrageous but perfectly believable remark, by a so-called “Palestinian,” of such note is that the utterer is one Sari Nusseibeh. Nusseibeh is supposedly the most “moderate” and “reasonable” of “Palestinians” — because he is “Oxford-educated” (the epithet is Homeric, in Nusseibeh’s case) and scion of one of those Arab families of Jerusalem. Left-wing Israelis, Peace-Nowists, and so on, have always loved Sari Nusseibeh.

His declaration that part of the original territory specifically allocated to Mandatory Palestine, which was specifically set up for the creation of the Jewish National Home, will someday soon be off-limits to Jews, is unacceptable. But will those Israelis and American Jews who fell all over themselves singing the praises of Sari Nusseibeh now see that all such hopes were false, that in the end (just as in Iraq) whenever Infidels put their hopes on this or that individual those hopes will be dashed? It is Islam that matters. Nusseibeh is simply being a good and dutiful Muslim. And thank god he has fully revealed himself right now, and not after the idiotic Israelis (surely there is a limit, even for Olmert, Livni, and the unbelievable Haim Ramon) give away more and more of what they have no right to give away.

The Nusseibehs are not as prominent as the Khalidis, the Nashashibis, and slightly lower down on the phylogenetic scale, the Husseinis, the leading Arab families of Jerusalem — the ones whom many of the British in the Mandatory Authority found so attractive because they were so obsequious, in contradistinction to those noisy, un-obsequious East European Jews — who were, in addition, devoid of the local color that those Arabs in their keffiyehs or burnooses offered in such abundance. Of course, there were a few who sided, correctly, with the Jews. There were a few who remained immune to antisemitism because they knew the history of the West. They knew what the Jews had meant to Western civilization — and they knew their Bible.

These men included Colonel John Henry Patterson, who early on helped train the Palestine Legion, and Colonel Meinertzhagen, who was an intelligence officer on General Allenby’s staff, and Captain Orde Wingate, who was forced to leave Mandatory Palestine because he had the poor taste to actually train Jews in the art of self-defense when they were being attacked constantly by marauding Arabs in the 1930s. And then back in London there was the inimitable Wyndham Deedes, and in Parliament there was Josiah Wedgewood, and Winston Churchill, who yelled to high heaven about the “betrayal” of the Jews by the British government, not least when the White Paper of 1939, limiting Jewish immigration to 15,000 a year for five years (at a time of the greatest peril) was proposed. These people were not the kind to be impressed by those Arab notables. Nor, if they were alive today, would they be taken in by the likes of “Oxford-educated” Sari Nusseibeh, or for that matter by Tariq Ramadan.

Even the most “moderate” and outwardly acceptable of Slow Jihadists, the kind who can smile, who can speak nearly-native English, turn out, in the end, to be loyal to Islam. They turn out to be loyal to the demand that, little by little, the Infidel nation-state must be destroyed. If the Israelis lose military control of the “West Bank,” lose control, that is, of the traditional invasion route from the East, they will be unable to defend themselves. That’s it. And if they lose control of the aquifers, the Muslims can interfere with, divert, or even poison the water on which Israelis depend. They must throw out the haim-ramons and the ehud-olmerts, and vote in those who know what the legal, historic, and moral claims of Israel are, and will state them firmly instead of fearfully worrying about offending the people who, in Egypt and among the “Palestinians,” would gladly see them dead and their country destroyed, never to be rebuilt again. They will never repeat the mistake the Israeli government recently made in preventing the tapes showing the Egyptians helping Hamas from being shown to members of the American Congress.

And the big subject that no one will touch, the subject of Islam, and the Hate Whose Name We Dare Not Speak (that is, Islam’s general hatred for Infidels, as well as antisemitism), must be talked about — to save Israel, and to save, as well, the rest of the threatened Infidel world.

The first Israeli leader to talk about the Jihad against Israel, and about the attempt to disguise that Jihad, so far quite successful, as a “nationalist” struggle by the recently-invented “Palestinian people,” is the one who will help save the people and state of Israel. And they deserve such a leader. They do not deserve what they currently have for “leaders” or, as they say so often in America today, “people taking a leadership role.”

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