The Left has a history of betrayal

By Tsafrir Ronen–08-11-07 (translated from Hebrew)

[Ronen is a leading activist in Israel who leads the return to Chomesh and Hevron and is one of the forces behind the new party Hatikvah. He is a friend of mine and not in any way an extremist. Just a secular patriot.]

A traitor is always a traitor; the anti-Zionist Left have deep rooted betrayal traits. They continually betray the Jewish people.

But let not your heart worry Jonathan. You are dear to us. Soon there will be a great change in Israel and Zionism will return to power. The traitors will go to where traitors go! And when we are in power, you, our brother Jonathan, will return home!

Over time, Pollard’s case turned to be the betrayal in Pollard case. Pollard passed information about Iraq and the preparations she was making to destroy Israel. Pollard did not spy for the enemy, rather passed information, the Americans were obliged, in an agreement they had in place with Israel, to pass on to Israel. The American lied to Israel, they betrayed the strategic treaty they had with Israel and Pollard knew it. The American revenge in Pollard was so great because he discovered they betrayed Israel and what they were hiding from her.

Apart from Netanyahu in the Wye River Accords, there was not one leader in Israel that had the courage to stand up and demand the release of Pollard. The conclusion from the succession of events over a period of time is that the ideological Left contains a deeply rooted betrayal mentality. For example, 112 members of Knesset signed a petition calling for the USA to release Pollard but neither Sharon nor Olmert took the document to the United States. They preferred to appease the master—the Congress—rather than demand justice for Pollard.

Pollard case is our collective conscience. Any person with conscience and loyal to the Jewish Nation, who saw the information that was gathered and would have not warned Israel, would have been betraying his nation. Therefore Pollard must be seen by any free person anywhere in the world as a freedom hero, not a spy. Passing the information did not intend to harm the United States, rather to save Israel. After all, the US conquered Iraq because of this very same information—weapons of mass destruction.

This is the way the ideological Left is rewarding the State of Israel. The chief traitor in Pollard is Shimon Peres who passed to the American the documents that allowed them to sentence him to life in jail without the possibility of parole. Peres, who often celebrates in shiny halls full of alcohol with his EU peers, is well accepted in the world because of his betrayal in his nation and for him allowing the Trojan horse, a militia of terrorist in the guise of governmental authority, to enter the land so they can destroy Israel. The anti-Semites love those who do the work for them. One cannot ask for much form a person who escaped military service during our Independence War. This man was a traitor from an early age. He is a dodger, a crook, a liar, and today he is the President of the State of Israel…

Others followed…Ehud Barak, who ran away from Lebanon to please the derelict media and some Left wing organizations, thus he abandoned and betrayed his allies—the South Lebanon army—whom fought and died to defend Israel. He brought on us the catastrophe of Hezbollah. The question that must be asked is: who will sign treaties with us after Ehud Barak betrayal?

When the fundamental betrayal psyche exists, then everything is allowed. Barak also betrayed Pollard and during his last days Clinton made sure to pardon his friend, the fugitive financier Marc Rich but he left Pollard to rot in jail. Barak betrayed everyone many times over. He betrayed the Nation of Israel when he wanted to hand to Islamo fascists the Holiest of Holy—Temple Mount. He betrayed his friends in the case of the Associations and the fighters who died in Ze’elim…he betrayed anyone who was with him. Therefore one is not at all surprised to know that Barak did not lift a finger to save Pollard. His deeply rooted betrayal psyche is internalized so strongly it is almost without a trace.

Sharon, who forgot all of his values, cheated and betrayed his constituents and the Land of Israel, snored with scorn when someone mentioned Pollard.

Olmert who escaped military service and studied at the university as if he was doing his military service, in fact was a deserter. There is no child in Israel who does not know what kind of an empty, sly, crafty and a crook is at the head of the State. One cannot expect from a man negotiating with enemy to save Pollard.

So what do we have today? A president and Prime Minister who did not serve in the military of a country that has to live by the sword and its leadership must set a minimal personal example (do remember this expression?). Ehud Barak is the Minister of Defense, who was elected due to a colossal deceit and fraud and with the help of the Arabs voters’ lobby. He is the one who cheated and evaded in the Associations’ case and with another minister, Buzi Hertzog, kept silent during police investigations. The man that any child recognizes how irresponsible is his behavior. How he betrayal on his allies, brought about the last war in Lebanon as well as the Oslo War that broke in the year 2000. Let us not mention Peretz, the empty, reckless and miserable one. They all have a common denominator: they all betrayed the historical Land of Israel. They all want to give away to the enemy the cradle of our homeland, Zion.

Pollard can wait. With such betrayal and traitors, with the deputy Prime Minister, the reckless Chaim Ramon, and the Kadima cadre of traitors who betrayed their constituents and changed party without blinking an eye, there is no surprise Pollard you are still waiting. This is a fundamentally corrupt group with betrayal mentality who betrayed their constituents, the public, the Jewish Nation, Zionism, their allies, the soldiers, and the settlers; whom they did not betray yet?

But let not your heart worry Jonathan. You are dear to us. Soon there will be a great change in Israel and Zionism will return to power. The traitors will go to where traitors go! And when we are in power, you, our brother Jonathan, will return home!

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly that the left leaning elites that Ronnen mentions in his article are lower than whale dung.
    They are the scum of Israel as well as the scourge of Israel.
    They should be imprisoned, exiled or worse.
    Peres, Olmert and Barak have innocent Israeli blood on their hands.
    Their lack of concern for Yoni Pollard is right in line with their soul-less characters.
    My question (s) is (are) the following:
    How did the U.S. violate their agreement and/or understanding with Israel re: the passing on of vital information?
    What specific information was witheld, by the U.S., from Israel that caused Pollard to pass on the information to his Israeli handlers?


  2. Sharon and Kadima had been Lukudniks, so the betrayal comes from the right as well.

    This is true Laura, however, the degree of betrayal is greater on the left. With that said, both the right and the left will fail the people and perpetuate injustice until there is a realization of the true nature of the threat free nations face and awaken to the necessary steps that must be taken to defeat it. As long as power and control are the objective of both right and left this awakening to righteousness will not take place in either party. In this, the threat of destruction from radical Islam may in the end actually work for the better in bringing the focus of government away from power grabbing to focus on survival.

    It is a shame that leaders and their supporters must face such great evil before they are distracted from greed, power, and gain; and it is a greater shame that it hasn’t happened yet in the face of everything that has taken place for decades. It is my fear that all hell will have to break loose before people wake out of their complacency and shake off selfishness.

  3. Stallin once remarked at criticism by the Pope when he asked cynically (How many divisions did the Poe have?)

    Ronen talks the talk and I ask not so cynically. How many divisions does he and his movement have?He talks the talk but can he walk the walk?I don`t see it and his futile attempts with a few hundred kids at Chomesh is embarrassingly weak and poorly organized. It has never galvanized any of the Israeli public and I saw very few bareheaded followers in the groups that made the half hearted trek up to Chomesh.
    Many years ago when begin and Sharon deceided to kick us out of Yamit, I mentioned in an interview in the NYT. That a people who would not defend us in Yamit would not later on defend the west bank, Ashkelon, Ashdod, TelAviv and in the end not Jerusalem either.We secular Jews in Yamit did more to disrupt the Governments plans in Sinai than all of the Ideological Phonies in Gush Emunim. They put on the theater we burned the cars of the Govt. authority running Yamit. We a few hundred male residents of yamit crashed the Party of Begin and Sadat at the White House at Sharm. We barricaded Govt. Authorities in their buildings by bricking up the entrance ways while they were inside. We crashed Knessit committee meetings to voice our anger and demands. We forced ourselves on Begin before he left for Camp David. We blocked the town and let no one in our out for days.
    We had no support from the religious who only through the Thechia Party of Geula Cohen and Yuval Neeman, decended upon Yamit a few months before the final date of evacuation. Then it was too little too late and all knew it but they needed the Theater. Not one resident of Yamit participated in that final theatrical show . We threw in the Towel as we had no support from any major group or sector. Individuals yes but not many and certainly not many who would cross so called red lines at the time and actually confront the IDF and the Govt.
    I maintained at the time that a hundred crazys , well armed and ready to kill and be killed in defense of their homes and country would have at least given Begin an excuse for pause, maybe hundreds and thousands from around the country would have been galvanized to join in support. In the end we didn`t have even 1 person who would cross the line in any serious manner.

    I say this in the light of what I have some personal experience, In the end in order to save our land and our nation Some Jews may have to kill and be killed by other Jews. This is the way the right will return to political power. The Left are so full of themselves and sure of themselves as the political right when in power betrayed their ideology, their supporters, and the Jewish people in Israel and the world. Either way the left through their control of all major institutions in and out of Government has ruled the day. The Left can`t Lose as even when they lost they won.

    Ronen speaks emotionally of Pollard, Pollard as a symbol and Icon might inspire some to make a noise(a little noise) but How about pulling a Hamas or Hizbolla and our terrorists nab a couple of American spyies, publicize who they are what they are doing here in Israel, and offer to exchange some of theirs for one of ours? Far fetched yea with the current Boy Scout Mentality of the right especially the secular right. Now if you do not want to totally embarrass the Israeli Govt. Pick up a few American Spies in Germany or France or England, their addresses are in the Yellow pages, its called CIA and FBI Liason Offices and we all know where to find them.
    Hell anything that Hizbolla and Hamas does we should be able to do better. What will happen ? the World will stop loving us? Our indigenous traitors will suddenly become patriots? The Israel media we speak harshly of us? Our friends abroad will abandon us?
    There is only one word the world respects and that is POWER!! The more Power the more fear can be instilled in our enemies and adversaries.

    I Leave to your collective imaginations all the myriad possibilities that can be used to that end.

  4. Ronen notes that Netanyahu once sought to gain Pollard’s release. He further notes that 112 MK’s signed a petition calling on the GOI to petition the U.S. for Pollard’s release, but neither Sharon nor Olmert took up this cause for Pollard’s release with the U.S.

    It appears these must have been one shot deals. Nice gesture, but if one is truly committed to right a wrong one does not abandon that cause, but try and try again.

    The Pollard issue has also been raised in the JP from time to time, with no reaction it appears from the Israeli public.

    Ronen makes a good case as have others before him that Jonathon Pollard’s crime was to embarrass the U.S. for giving Israel information that America had bound itself to do by agreement, but failed to do because to do so might be inconsistent with their far reaching policies and goals for the entire Middle East.

    Netanyahu, the JP and the 112 Israeli MK’s who did try once to do something about righting this wrong deserve at best a weak pat on the back. The other aforementioned Israeli leaders and the Israeli public deserve no pat on the back at all, but rather a very swift hard kick in the behind.

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