The ME according to Bush

By Ted Belman

The US policy today is to align the “moderates” against the radicals, like its a natural thing. To make it even more natural, Bush has offered $20 billion arms package to Saudi Arabia and $13 billion to Egypt. All “moderates” should be happy to go along. Yet its not going well.

Saudi Arabia who has the most to gain from a united front against the radicals is dragging its feet. They, along with the Arab League are refusing to attend the conference proposed by Bush unless Syria and Hamas are there and the proposed settlement be comprehensive. Never mind that any deal they sign with the infidel isn’t binding or that they are committed to win back all of Israel.

If that wasn’t enough grief, they are financing the Sunni insurgents in Iraq and supply the man power. 45% of all suicide bombers in Iraq are Saudis. Go figure. Do they want the US to succeed in Iraq or don’t they. At the same time they continue to finance Wahabbi madrassas and mosques all over the world in order to conquer it for Allah. One might think that Saudi Arabia isn’t afraid of Iran like the US wants us to believe.

Then we read how Iran is training the Shia in insurgency techniques and supplying them with lethal IEDs. Yet the US is talking to them. To what end?

Syria is also actively allowing al Qaeda and other anti-American forces to enter both Iraq and Lebanon.

Everyone including Saudi Arabia want the US to get out of the ME not just Iraq.

Bush ignores these realities and pretends that there is opposition to Iran when there isn’t. Even the Kurdish leader Barsani and and the Iraqi leader Maliki are pro Iranian.

I guess the Ummah would rather have the ME to themselves with all their intercine warfare than to have the infidel in their lands.

So what does Bush do? In a futile attempt to buy them off, or create a legacy or enable a bloodless withdrawal, he offers Israel on a platter.

Not to worry, the Ummah will show no mercy.

July 31, 2007 | 12 Comments »

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