The nationalist camp vs the disengagement camp

By Ted Belman

Israpundit has been backing the creation of a new political party in Israel called Hatikvah. We published an article Secular pro-settlement party can lead to Zionist revolution in Knesset by Dr Ron Breiman describing the new party philosophy as secular nationalist. We also published an interview of Arieh Eldad MK who probably will lead the party. (By the way he will be in the US in late August seeking to raise money to support the new party.)

In November following disengagement, Breiman wrote Right must speak Hebrew, not Yeshivish:Only by creating Zionist camp can right attract throngs of religious, secular voters.

In this seminal article he stresses that the contest shouldn’t be between the religious right and the secular left but between the nationalist right and the anti-occupation, pro-Oslo left.

Hatikvah will thus target this nationalist community which includes secular and religious Jews.

July 13, 2007 | 7 Comments »

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