The new Kach? Ben-Ari, Marzel, Ben Gvir form party


Activists say they are filling void left by Liberman on right, adopting old Yisrael Beytenu slogan: Only we understand Arabic.

Twenty-four years after Kach was banned from the Knesset, Rabbi Meir Kahane’s disciples are running for the 19th Knesset as their own party.

MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) announced on Sunday night that he would be running with right-wing activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben Gvir to fill “the void left on the right by [Foreign Minister] Avigdor Liberman when he decided to run with the Likud.”

The new party does not yet have a name, but Ben Gvir said it will not be Kach or splinter group Kahane Chai. It adapted Yisrael Beytenu’s old slogan – “Only Liberman understands Arabic” – to fit their needs: “The only ones who understand Arabic.”

The three said they plan to “fight characters like MKs Hanin Zoabi (Balad) and Ahmed Tibi (UAL-Ta’al)” and focus on illegal migrants.

Marzel, an American-born activist in Hebron, says he was Kahane’s “right-hand man” and became head of Kach’s secretariat after the rabbi was assassinated in 1990.

Ben Gvir, a 36-year-old lawyer and activist, was Ben-Ari’s parliamentary assistant in the 18th Knesset, and has been acquitted of crimes over 40 times.

“There is no doubt Marzel and Ben Gvir will bring more trustworthiness and strength to the Knesset, and help many to fight our enemies within the Knesset,” Ben-Ari said. “Tibi and Zoabi will go weak in the knees.”

He added that most MKs speak nicely but do not act, while Marzel and Ben Gvir’s records of action speak for them.

Meanwhile, a source in the National Union was unimpressed with Ben Ari’s new party. He pointed out that in the last election, he original ran independently as the “Our Land of Israel Party,” but joined the National Union on the last possible day.

“He can announce whatever he wants. He’ll be back,” the source said.

On Friday, Former Labor Young Guard chairman and current party primary candidate Eran Hermoni submitted a request to the Central Election Committee to bar Ben-Ari’s candidacy for the 19th Knesset.

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  1. I believe that banning Kach and Kahane Chai were violations of Israel’s Basic Laws. Why has there been no legal effort to challenge the ban?

  2. Kach: Rabbi Kahane as Jewish scapegoat and martyr (and true hero):

    Rabbi Kahane was an American-born (not Kenya), true Jewish patriot. He was born before his time, in that he expressed views that were considered to be extremist then, but, thanks to him, are becoming mainstream now.

    Kahane said that Jews should be as Jewish as possible, that HaShem created the universe, chose the Jews to receive the Torah, and gave the Holy Land of Israel to the Jews as an eternal inheritance, in order to create a Holy Torah State on earth.

    Now, this is merely conventional orthodox Jewish theology, and is the core of what every believing Jew believes. Kahane’s “crime” was that he dared to say it out loud, in the presence of the Jew-hating gentiles, and that he said Jews should fight for these principles if they have to.

    He went on to say, that “Israel is the State of the Jews alone”, and that the Jew-hating arab muslim savages should be evicted (In our current world, dominated by Jew-hating atheistic liberals, when Jews propose eviction of muslims, it is considered an “international war crime”, but when muslims evict non-muslims, the liberals are inevitably silent.)

    The despicable, Jew-hating, arab-loving, American State Department, saw Kahane as an easy way to “keep American foreign policy balanced”, and to show the savage Jew-hating muslims that America was “even-handed”.

    They then declared Kahane’s organization to be terrorists (it remains so to this day), equating Kahane with Hitler and Osama bin Laden. “Jewish” Israel followed suit, and banned Kahane’s political party from the Knesset (for “racism”), while retaining Meretz (atheist left-wing Jew-hating “Jews”), and the arab political parties, all of which espouse the shrinking of Jewish Israel and its eventual destruction, since the Jews forcibly “stole” Israel from its rightful muslim inhabitants, and now occupy it like the christian nazis occupied Poland.

    These actions, by the American State Department and by the “Jewish” Israeli government, gave the muslims a “license to kill” Kahane. In 1990, the muslims predictably obliged. A muslim, Egyptian-born, American citizen killed Kahane while he was giving a speech, in the presence of numerous eye witnesses. Similar to OJ, he was found “not guilty” by an American jury. The “Jewish” Israelis were relieved (the assassination simultaneously eliminated Prime Minster Shamir’s rival, as well as a great source of embarrassment to “modern, democratic, enlightened” Israel).

    But Kahane lives on, and his time is coming. As Israeli Jews become more truly Jewish, we will eventually have a Torah State. Gaza will become Egyptian once again. Only Jews will have Israeli citizenship and the right to vote. Israeli and west bank muslims (both of whom form the so-called “palestinians”) will have residency status, and will not be entitled to welfare from Israel (America, the EU, and their fellow muslims should be happy to donate to them.)

    But of course, you did not hear this from me. I would not wish to be labeled a racist nazi terrorist and be banned from Britain, just for the “crime” of expressing out loud ordinary Jewish views. And naturally, if I were a saudi muslim and said similar things, Obama and the State Department would bow down and praise me.