The New Middle East Peril


In an unwanted “first,” Israel turns out to be the first country in history to face a massed attack by intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs). Ballistic missiles are launched upward at an angle, like mortars, and reach high altitude before coming down in a parabolic or orbital trajectory. They therefore pose a different problem for anti-missile defenses, because they come in very fast, accelerated by gravity. IRBMs are harder to maneuver because of their high speed and momentum, but Israel also must plan for highly maneuverable cruise missiles, the modern version of Hitler’s World War II V1-type robot planes, filled with high explosive and incendiaries.

Israel’s enemies can’t compete with its air force, so they have shifted to massed ranks of computer-controlled missiles. Recent news reports indicate that Syria (the recipient of yet another love and peace outreach by Obama) has now sent SCUD-type missiles to Hezb’allah, which currently controls Lebanon. In Gaza, Hamas is rumored to have long-range missiles as well, and a state-of-the-art anti-ship cruise missile was used in the Hezb’allah war of 2008 to blast an Israeli navy frigate. Thus, Israel is surrounded by hostile nations with ballistic and cruise missiles, including Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza. SCUDs carry a half-ton of high explosive. In another year or two, the Iranians will have a nuclear device, and even now they could launch dirty nukes, which use conventional explosives with radioactive metal.


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  1. Thanks Uncle Nahum (Yamit), this is very helpful. I would appreciate any other material you feel describes the problems posed by the Palestinians throughout Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

  2. Ron for your purposes try theses as well

    Dershowitz: Jews initiate legal terror against Israel

    Addressing Israel’s deteriorating image, prominent American lawyer accuses Jewish and former Israeli left-wing organizations of declaring that IDF’s methods are worse than Gestapo’s

    Dershowitz: Israel’s Problem is Jews from ‘Planet

    TAU professors denounce Dershowitz for speech against left
    Academics hit back after U.S. commentator slams university staff for backing boycotts against Israel.

    Full text of Alan Dershowitz’s Tel Aviv speech
    ‘The burden should not only be on students to stand up to propagandizing professors who distort the truth in the name of extremist ideologies.’

    Berkeley Slammed for ‘Bigoted, Illegal’ Vote on Divestment

  3. Uncle, my accountant didn’t go to Israel the asst. pastor of his church did. I want to educate my accountant to the truth as he is only getting one side. My accountant was impressed with the video you passed on to me, “Israel defying all odds”.

    I want to spread the truth, the truth needs to be told.

    By the way while we were discussing Israel, my son Mark said to him, by the way my father is Jewish.

  4. ron forget it if he was here , stayed with palis he is already one of the enemy. Most Christians think like him, that is they think at all. he

    came here with an agenda and nothing you say will move him from his political beliefs any more than his religious beliefs.

  5. Uncle, I need some help. Today my accountant who I see at least once a year and sometimes twice if I am lucky. Has been handling our business account for over 40 years. We chat by phone. He is a real procrastinator. He stopped by the office to drop off an application he forgot to mail a couple weeks ago after I called him several times to remind him.

    We sat and chatted and I started to pitch Israel and he by the way is not Catholic but a Christian of another denomination. He started to tell me that a young asst pastor of his church visited Israel and stayed with the Palestinians (first wrong move). He proceeded to tell me the experience of this young minister. How poorly the Palestinians were treated by the Israelis. Remove from their homes in Jerusalem and forced to live in a one room unit. How the Israelis were building this large wall to keep them out.

    (Kind of like what we should build on our border with Mexico. We don’t need one with our Northern neighbor and friends in Canada, not a problem at all, they don’t have a problem with us and we don’t have a problem with them. We enjoy visiting Canada and likewise Canadians enjoy their visit to the U.s. Great neighbors and friends, all civil.)

    I told him to hold on here. Your not getting a true picture of Israel and it certainly will not be told by the PALS. Yes, the wall is to keep the creeps out. They are dangerous and pose a threat to the Israelis. I also mentioned how these Arabs would take over land in Judea and Samaria and kill the Israelis animals, damage their properties.

    Now Uncle I want to get back to him with some good data to dispute the claims and or at least give the Israeli side, something the young minister wasn’t privy to.

    Can and will you help me.

  6. It certainly is outstandong and deserves our attention, and I have said so before in this forum.

    I think I’ll take a brake from Huffington and look in on Laura later.

  7. No mention of evildiabolicalrotten Jews building apartments in Jerusalem.

    Poor bastard forgot the script.

    They will add an Israel connection in rewrite, coming soon check your newspaper for time and venue.

  8. Obama’s immediate endgame, Dimona; US disarms Israel, not Iran

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration is negotiateing an agreement with Egypt which would turn the Middle East into a nuclear-free zone.

    Obama’s arrogance is staggering. Who is he to tell Israel which weapons we should defend ourselves with? Remember that in 1948, 1956, 1967, and in the early days of the 1973 war, the US did not rush to support us; Israel has to depend on her own power.

    In a nuclear-free Middle East: Israel can dismantle the Dimona facilities while hiding enough nuclear arsenals. When our bombs begin to expire after two decades, we can quietly rebuild the reactor.

    Today, however, such an agreement might not be viable; Iran could sign it and stop one step short of producing the bomb, but keep its ‘peaceful’ enrichment program intact. At any moment, it would be able to weaponize the enriched stocks. Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia will continue their attempts to import nukes, respectively, from North Korea and Pakistan.

    A nuclear-free Middle East agreement would be no more enforceable than the currently available non-proliferation treaty.

    Obama ups the stakes with Iran

    Four US clients in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and Jordan, have announced their plans for “peaceful” nukes. Their plans cannot be credible: unlike Iran, the sheikhdoms lack engineers to operate the facilities. It takes someone more educated than the Bedouins to run nuclear programs.

    The sheikhdoms wouldn’t risk a squabble with Iran on their own, which means they were encouraged by the US. Obama’s reasoning is straightforward: tell Iran that it would gain no comparative advantage by producing the bomb.

    Hussein the president is wrong on two counts. First, ayatollahs deal in apocalypse rather than realpolitik; they would welcome a Middle East riddled with nuclear weapons. Second, they are much smarter than the Harvard graduate, and know that the Arabs won’t be able to develop the bomb.

    NPT conference to bash Israel, not Iran

    Ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak at the UN’s upcoming nuclear non-proliferation conference. Joined by Arab ambassadors, he will turn up the heat under Israel for her covert nuclear activities.

    Unwilling to confront Iran—which may go nuclear in a few weeks—Arab regimes will join it against Israel.

    Some nukes are worthless

    The US administration has revealed the size of America’s nuclear arsenal: 5,113 warheads. Impressive, until you realize that there is no one to press the button. A country with five thousand nuclear warheads is still unable to prevent North Korea from producing six A-bombs; who would fear its arsenal?

    Israel, with her 200-400 untested nuclear bombs, suffers the same problem. As Rabbi Kahane used to say, the Jewish fist has to be attached to a Jewish head. With Bibi at the helm, the head is lacking.

    How relevant is NPT?

    The UN has opened a month-long conference on improving the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea are not members of the NPT. Iran, though a member, ignores its key provisions. The US is too weak politically to use its huge arsenals.

    Not surprisingly, therefore, the discussion quickly deteriorated into a verbal duel, with Clinton hissing at Ahmadinejad and the latter accusing the Zionists of something.

    US to Israel: Thou shalt disarm

    The US joined other members of the UN Security Council to demand a nuclear-free Middle East. Since Israel is the only country in the region that possesses nuclear weapons, the UNSC effectively called for Israeli disarmament. Not Iran’s!

    In tsarist Russia, police used to disarm Jewish self-defense teams before pogroms.

  9. The Times Square bomber says that he sought to murder Americans because the US military killed a Taliban commander.

    No mention of evildiabolicalrotten Jews building apartments in Jerusalem.

    Poor bastard forgot the script.

    In this way he is like Marlon Brando, who during the last two decades of his career placed Post-It notes all over the set so he didn’t have to waste time memorizing text.

    But what reasonable director could expect script memorization from a guy who was making a mere million dollars per day?

  10. Former FBI Agent Echoes Obama’s ‘Blood and Treasure’ Remark

    by Avi Yellin
    Follow Israel news on Twitter and Facebook.

    United States President Barack Obama’s recent remark implying that Israel’s policies endanger American soldiers is once again being heard in American media. An edition of CBS’s “60 Minutes” this week featured a piece by Steve Kroft on homegrown terrorism in America.

    Following the recent events in New York City’s Times Square, the program included an interview with Phillip Mudd, who until recently served as the domestic terrorism expert in the FBI’s intelligence leadership.

    Mudd began by explaining that Muslim terrorists in the United States view themselves as part of a global movement and that this reality is being facilitated by the Internet. “The Internet often is not the initial spark, but it helps them go down a path,” he explained.

    But when asked what people are seeing on the web that prompts them to commit acts of terror on American soil, Mudd also blamed Israel, saying, “They’re seeing images, for example, of children and women in places like Palestine [sic] and Iraq, they’re seeing sermons of people who explain in simple, compelling, and some cases magnetic terms why it’s important that they join the jihad. They’re seeing images, and messages that confirm a path that they’re already thinking of taking.”

    Last month, President Obama accused Israeli policies – specifically Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s resistance to Obama’s demands to halt Jewish construction in parts of Jerusalem liberated in 1967 – of costing the United States “blood and treasure.” This implied that Israel bears partial responsibility for the deaths of American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, rather than placing the blame with America’s own failed policies vis-a-vis the Arab world.

    Responding to the American statements, activist Benny Katz of the L’Herut Tzion organization had another way of looking at the issue. He told Israel National News that “… the American occupation of foreign lands is what endangers the lives of American soldiers. Israel has every legal and historic rights to exert full Jewish sovereignty in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Obama cannot say the same for Iraq or Afghanistan. A Middle East free from Western pressure and occupation will be much safer and calmer for everyone concerned.” (

  11. Russia, Israel hijack each other’s planes

    Border authorities in St.Petersburg, Russia barred Israeli Arkia plane from leaving the airport with Israeli tourists on board because they did not have Russian visas. Never mind that Israel and Russia have visa-free regime for a year.

    Diplomatic efforts bore no fruit, and Russian Transaero flight had been grounded in Israel’s Ben Gurion airport. At that point, the Russians agreed to exchange the aircraft.

  12. Mutual deterrence is not necessary.

    Once again, Tex nails the old armadillo right between the eyes with a Colt .45 from forty paces while quaffing a Lone Star.

    The Arabs seek Unilateral Assured Destruction.

  13. Israel has to decide whether the Muslims intend merely to achieve mutual deterrence, or to try to destroy Jewish Israel once again. Or both: to use deterrence until they decide to strike.

    Mutual deterrence is not necessary. Israel has had nukes for, I would estimate, around 40 years. They haven’t used them, even when they were on the edge of defeat in ’73 before they received a supply of conventional arms from the Nixon administration. It should be clear from Israel’s record, if you don’t try to destroy Israel, Israel will not nuke you.

    If Muslim ambitions for nukes are for a deterrence, it only means that they wish to destroy Israel conventionally without radiation so they can inhabit the land. In that case, they would use their nukes to hoping deter nuclear war and keep the fighting conventional; but that would be a fools gamble. If Israel were going to fall anyway, what would they have to lose by going nuclear? And, if Israel did, it is likely that Muslim capitals would be gone before they could respond.

    The real worry is that they are trying to obtain nukes to use them, most likely by acts of terrorism which would buy them time while investigations were being conducted. Half of Islam’s war plan is based on fear and confusion, when they strike, they hope to win before the confusion is sorted out.

  14. Muslim massed attack:

    Nothing works like the use of sudden overwhelming force (shock and awe). It was the original arab strategy against Israel in 1948 (five arab state armies against a few Israeli Jews). It didn’t work then because their force was not overwhelming enough.

    But since allah loves you and demands you succeed or else, it is try, try again for the muslims.

    The latest muslim version uses missiles. Iran is making sure that hizbolla, syria, and hamas are stocked to the teeth with missiles. They will probably try to get the israeli and west bank muslims to join in the massed attack with suicide attacks against the Jews.

    This is a huge threat to Jewish Israel. Israel has to decide whether the muslims intend merely to achieve mutual deterrence, or to try to destroy Jewish Israel once again. Or both: to use deterrence until they decide to strike.

    This is a big dilemma for Jewish Israel. We are coming closer and closer to one of the Samson options: nuke Beirut, Damascus, Teheran and Qom.

    Meanwhile, Obama sits back and grins, ready to pick up the pieces either way.