The PA is running scared

It is the PA that is in violation of Oslo, Not Israel. But they are right in one thing, Israel is not going to abrogate Oslo. Israel has had many opportunities to do so. The refusal to negotiate is the lastest breach and Israel didn’t call them on it. Ted Belman


Erekat said Israel had “relinquished its political and security obligations under the terms of the Oslo Accords.”

Had Israel abided by these agreements, the Palestinian state would have been established in 1999, Erekat said.

Ghassan Khatib, spokesman for the PA government, said that rescinding the Oslo Accords would harm not only the Palestinians, but Israel as well.

“The Oslo Accords are not only in the interest of the Palestinians at the expense of Israel,” he said. “Such a move would harm the interests of both parties and not only one side.”

Khatib told the Palestine News Network agency that the PA’s statehood bid was not a unilateral act, as charged by Israel.

He said that Israel was the one that was carrying out unilateral moves by building in the settlements “in violation of the principles of the peace process and the twostate solution.”

PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki dismissed as “mere talk” the reported threat to cancel the Oslo Accords. He said that Israel would not dare embark on such a step “because the world would confront it before the Palestinians.”

He added that some Israeli officials were behind the threat “to undermine the morale of the Palestinians and deter them from going to the UN.”

The PA, he added, will continue to move forward with its plan and “neither Israel nor anyone else would be able to deny us this right.”

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. The PA only exists, because the IDF keeps it in power in Yesh. In a sense, then, these looney statements by Malki et al reflect the de facto policy of the Israeli government. If the IDF pulled out of Yesh for a month, Hamas would take over the place. Maybe a little longer. Who would stop them? The Saudis? King Abdullah? Assad? How do you say “puppet” in Hebrew?

  2. That Bibi will not do anything about this is a problem and maybe a problem for all Prime Ministers. The prosecuters; the attorney general, and the Israeli Supreme Court prosecute anyone who deviates from the leftwing line too much. Something must be done about Israel’s krinocracy or Israel will continue to appease the Islamic terrorists.

    Rav. Kahane, zt’l could not be prosecuted (because he wasn’t corrupt as were the others), but the problem for the left about Kahane was solved by his assassination. While Rav. Kahane, zt’l had one of the largest funeral processions in Israel, when his assassination was announced in the knesset and people there were asked to observe a moment of silence, most of the bolsheviks there left the hall instead of observing a moment of silence 🙁

  3. The Palestinian Arabs should not be allowed to have it both ways. And there should be consequences for their unilaterally dissolving their agreement with Israel.

    We’ll see if Israel holds them accountable!