The “peace” process is built and sustained on a pack of lies

By Ted Belman

Once again, Francisco Gil-White renders a valuable service to Jews everywhere. He has just completed a study of the lies that sold us Oslo and continue to sustain it

His article, Leaders Lied, Jews Died was written in collaboration with me and was just published.

One of the lies or should I say omissions was to omit telling of the roots of Fatah in the Nazi Final Solution.

Today, most people are not aware that a “Palestinian” Arab was the top architect of Adolf Hitler’s extermination of the European Jews, and that this Palestinian Arab later created Al Fatah (i.e. ‘the PLO’), the organization that has been rewarded with the diplomatic services of the United States and other major powers, and staunchly defended by the leaders of the Israeli government and Diaspora Jewish leaders. The reason most people don’t know this is that there has been a total media silence, and total Western government and Israeli government silence, about all this, to which I must add the silence of most academics.

Due to Gil-White’s efforts, Moshe Feiglin just went public with the Nazi origins of the PLO/Fatah.

Who will follow him?

July 11, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Lets say more Israeli politicians and the Israeli MSM now begin to spread the truth and the public knows these truths. The question looms even larger, just what is Israel to do about the land and position given up in favor of the Palestinians by virtue of the past Israeli policies at the instance of misguided Israeli leaders who hid truths and American pressure?

    Every agreement must be supported by consideration of money or monies worth. The Palestinian consideration given for Israeli concessions turned out to be worthless promises. Is Israel to recant those agreements and kick the Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank? Just who would have these people?

    It is not enough to admit truths and to face up to the facts. One must have a viable plan on what to do about it.

    Hopefully Eldad and Feiglin will be joined by other politicians on the truth bandwagon who will put equal effort into presenting a feasible plan on how to regain what has been lost to the Palestinians by virtue of lies told and truths hidden.

    With a public enraged as it should be over these truths, it will be much easier to kick start the process of Israeli redemption by calling Abbas and Fatah the same as Hamas should be called and that is radicals, extremists, terrorists and Nazis and treating them the way such people deserve to be treated.

    One further truth must be revealed and hammered away at. That is that opinion polls conducted over the past 2 years consistently show that a large majority of Palestinians support the goals and objectives of these depraved inhuman Palestinian leaders, be they Hamas or Fatah.

  2. So it was. Strange to see how eagerly Western leaders adopt and implement the Islamic “land for peace” idea. Bat Ye’or has written volumes describing the koranic origins and the practical mechanisms of dhimmitude (“You give me your land and I give you peace (if you till the land for me and pay your annual jizya tax in humility)”) In the case of Israel and its Arab neighbours, the obstacle is that both are supposed to give away something they do not have. It was a lot easier for Hitler who promised the unconditional and long term peace of the grave (and covered his gas bill by selling soap).

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