The problem of Jewish self-defense

Francisco Gil-White has just published Part 4 of this series on Jewish Self-defense of lack thereof on his site Historical and Investigative Research.

In it he focuses on the role of the Jewish establishment during the Holocaust when efforts were being made by Joel Brand and others to rescue Hungarian Jews. Rudolf Kaster, Labour Zionists, the Jewish Agency and the government of Israel stand indicted.

A fascinating read. His message is “Don’t trust the leadership.”

February 21, 2007 | 12 Comments »

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12 Comments / 12 Comments

  1. The sub-text of this article by Francisco Gil-White is whether Israel has got the ability and is willing to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb.

    Also whether the American Government can be forced by the mobilization of the American people to also do this.

    There are many uncertainties in all of this. But what is not uncertain is that the policy and programme of the Israeli leadership is not to put it mildly providing any certainty.

    Also we know that the US is on the one hand fighting Jihadists in Iran and in Afghanistan but on the other has a very close relationship with Sistani.

    And we know the US and EU backed and still do the Jihad against Yugoslavia and against Russia.

  2. Ted

    I have begun work on this but it is not easy because the sources are not that readily available.

    Basically these early Israeli leaders representerd political trends and they were not really the ideas of Keir Hardie!

    To you Ted there is somethiing called the “Left”. In your head it is really a hazy kind of concept and can stretch from Clinton in the American Democratic Party as far as Leon Trotsky.

    You will trot out this concept of the “Left” and stick it on just about anything!

    Not very scientific!

    Randy, you write

    Animal Farm is a satirical analogy of Soviet Communism

    No it is not! Orwell did not understand Soviet Communism, he did not understand the Stalinist bureaucracy and he did not understand the political and theoretical struggle against Stalinism.

    And neither do you.

    But that does not stop you (thank goodness) from talking about it.


    Sorry for the caps.

  4. “To Randy I do not think elites are the answer. That is just a replay of Animal Farm and Orwell never did explain ANYTHING historically. This word elite has been used to the detriment of all by Gil White and by Jared Israel. To me Randy talks in generalities and explains nothing.“ – Felix

    “The events and characters in Animal Farm are all carefully drawn to represent the history of the Soviet Union; Orwell makes this explicit in the case of Napoleon, whom he directly connects to Stalin in a letter of 17 March 1945 to the publisher.

    “…when the windmill is blown up, I wrote ‘none the animals including Napoleon flung themselves on their faces.” I would like to alter it to ‘all the animals except Napoleon.” If that has been printed it’s not worth bothering about, but I just thought the alteration would be fair to JS [Joseph Stalin], as he did stay in Moscow during the German advance.” – Orwell in his letter to his publisher – Wikipedia

    Napoleon represents Stalin, Snowball Trotsky. Orwell being the socialist he was is actually favorable to Trotsky in the book. Nevertheless, Orwell captures those elements of human nature which when left unbridled are more like the natural instincts of animals than human conscience.

    In my mind Orwell does not need to explain anything historically, and although Animal Farm is a satirical analogy of Soviet Communism it is also merely a repetition that takes place commonly within humanity and plays itself out repeatedly, if only in different scenarios. Reactions of unbridled human nature to specific circumstances form consistent patterns. These repetitive cycles which take place in human society are well expressed in Animal Farm metaphorically. This is why they who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    As in the past, this cycle is taking place today wherever corruption in government is overthrowing the remaining bastions of self rule, the only difference is in the details but it all comes down to a struggle for power between elitist.

    Gil-White’s article while not specifically applicable to Orwell’s allegory relates in that many events were decided by aspirations of power. Human lives were weighed against desired outcomes and those in power were not willing to save lives if it might alter the desired end.

    Denying the Nazis coffee and tea was worth more that 800,000 Jewish lives – Or was there more to it than that, was there another motive which involved the engineering of the post war world? Regardless, whatever the reason for ignoring the plight of European Jewry it can only testify to the moral bankruptcy of the powerful elites who view the perceived end of more importance than the morality of actions and events which bring it about.

    It relates to then and it relates to now where the elitist world powers are currently weighing the existence of Israel against the perceived world they imagine to create.

  5. I do not know where to start with all of these comments. This is an issue which Jared Israel should be commenting upon and also where Gil White should take part in. It is not sufficient just to write an article.

    I don’t think there is any answer in Keelie’s anti-intellectualism and anti-theory, which is how I read him.

    Jerry has the truest comment, to me anyhow. It reminds me of the Irish situation which Joyce described in the character of Stephen in Ulysses. He and Buck Mulligan were out in a Moreno Tower at Sandycove (?) which is along the coast from Dublin and discussing things in general. Joyce through their conversation made a reference to the Irish consciousness as like a cracked mirror, meaning Ireland was caught between the Roman Church and the British Empire. In that situation thought became distorted. There is a similarity here. So this article by Gil White is very hard for Jewish people to deal with.

    To Randy I do not think elites are the answer. That is just a replay of Animal Farm and Orwell never did explain ANYTHING historically. This word elite has been used to the detriment of all by Gil White and by Jared Israel. To me Randy talks in generalities and explains nothing.

    Ted is a bit more specific and I learn something there in comment 6.

    But not really all that much.

    He writes

    The Labour movement had a vision of a New Jew, a polar opposite to the old ghetto Jew, downtrodden, stooped and weak as a result of millenia in the Galut (Exile).”

    I ask Ted what he means by the Labour Movement and he repeats the “Labour Movement”.

    Who were these people! What parties did they belong to! What were their policies and programme!

    I have read the Aveneri take on the Herzl Diaries and the above quote could apply to Herzl just as much as to anybody or any Stalinist or Labourist, for example where Aveneri deals with his visit to Jerusalem.

    Finally I feel that this is very dangerous ground to tread. This is the stuff that anti-Semitism Counterpunch et al have been using.

    But I agree with printing it.

    It is just that the real criminals were the Nazis and the Western powers, especially Britain and the US, who placed the Zionists in an absolutely impossible position. That is not brought out enough in this article.

    But my articles which I was doing for Israpuindit on Herzl and Trotsky, heavily atacked on Israpundit, showed that there was a basic bankruptcy in the bourgeois Jewish nationalism of Herzl, made worse by Weizmann, in that they depended totally on the Western Powers. Still do. This is carried on by leading commentators on Israpundit.

    But then people like Randy Sprinkle had shut their minds very firmly to the revolutionary socialist perspectives of Trotsky.

    So there was no alternative in actual fact to the basic bankruptcy of Herzl.

  6. ‘Victims? Don’t be melodramatic. Look down there. Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever?’ – Orson Wells as Harry Lime speaking to Joseph Cotton’s character in Carol Reed’s Classic Thriller “The Third Man” (1949).

    The scene takes place high atop a Ferris wheel in post WWII Vienna when Harry Lime is confronted by an old friend who has uncovered Lime’s evil scheme to sell tainted penicillin on the black market. Lime points out the people moving about down below – You see those little dots down there? – And if one of those dots were to stop moving, what would you care, really?

    Being atop the Farris wheel is metaphoric and represents the elitist mindset of those who see themselves as above it all – those below are but little dots; crimes are impersonal, and the “dots” (people) as seen from far above are inconsequential.

    In Gil Whites’ article, when reading the reactions of officials and prominent people to the Nazis’ ongoing extermination process, I kept flashing back to the above scene atop the Ferris wheel. They were so without conscience being unaffected by the mass murder taking place in Europe – Even more so considering that steps were averted which could have prevented further mass exterminations.

    This is a collectivist mindset of elitists who pragmatically view the overall outcome in general terms rather than placing value on a single individual life, or two, or three, or four, or a hundred, a thousand…..or twenty million…………How many are too many? – One.

    In the elitist mind what seems most practical takes precedence over what is conscionable. Beware

  7. “By the First World War, Labour Zionism had become the leading activist movement in the Zionist world and in Palestine. A host of settlements had been set up on a communal basis and thousands of workers were tilling the land and building an urban infrastructure.

    The most significant departure in the activity of these workers, from our point of view, is that they consciously took upon themselves the transformation of the Jewish people. Despite the seeming contradiction, these Jewish secularists believed that their work had almost cosmic implications. They consciously perceived themselves as revolutionaries: They had not come to the Land of Israel just to change the situation of the land, but to change themselves – and in so doing they aimed at a revolution in the character of the entire Jewish people.
    , We have come to the land to build and to be built was one of their slogans.

    The Labour movement had a vision of a New Jew, a polar opposite to the old ghetto Jew, downtrodden, stooped and weak as a result of millenia in the Galut (Exile).”

  8. I have sent this piece to those with whom I communicate. I have no idea what their reactions will be, if any. It is really hard to get my head around this sort of stuff. The value of human life was so devalued – not just the lives, but the value of human life was lost. It is like being a pathologist and holding people’s hearts in your hand every day. I had a professor of neurophysiology during graduate school who loved to walk around with cat brains in his pocket. Occasionally, he would toss one at one of his unwitting students. It was an early lesson in desensitization. No different than reality TV or blood-lust sports.

    Being Jewish is so different. Worry about a neighbor, a new mother who just had her first child. Worry about the grandchildren. Making a minyon in shul. Visiting people in the hospital or cooped up at home. Joining a paramedic outfit like Hatzalah. Seeing to it that the shul gets babysitters so the parents can pray a little on Yom Kippur. Not putting up a fuss when your children move to Israel. Giving tzedakah for various causes. Worrying about cleaning for Passover on Tu B’shvat. Turning down positions of importance in the community; taking those position and then taking them seriously. Having more questions than answers.

    When our Rabbi met with non-Jewish religious leaders in the community, he was asked about how his “flock” was fairing. He retorted, “I don’t have a flock, I have a herd.” His point was that everyone had something to say and differences of opinion abounded on any given topic.

    We inside the Jewish community have such a different view of what is important. We are the current crop of “dust.” So be it.

  9. There’s a very funny cartoon on the front page of the National Post today. I shows the leader of the Liberal Party telling a chap, “Voters think Harper’s more decisive. What should I do?”

    As long as people around the world – and specifically the Jews – insist on following people who proclaim themselves to be superior and have the charisma to back it up (sarc) we have problems. Just look at the Muslim-Imam situation for example. Then take a look at the Nicean Creed where they defined heresy – a word meaning “to doubt”. And of course there’s that ever-handy help to the buddying intellectual – ideology. The herd thought-pattern that keeps on killin’. That’s for the Israeli left.

    Jews have traditionally been doubters, and this is what makes the Jewish religion, such as it is, quite vibrant compared to others, where doubting is defined as a sign of the devil.

    Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve never ever trusted “Jewish leaders” or “Jewish intellectuals”; they all seem to have an agenda of some sort, and it’s all too obvious if you know how to look. I’d rather trust my own instincts. I’d also rather trust the Moshe Dayans of the world than these eternal thinkers. For that matter, I should point out that my distrust isn’t restricted to the Jewish variety of such people.

    Randy, for what it’s worth, I see no particular moral restriction on shooting such people if my survival and the survival of my fellow “dispensable little specks” were in jeopardy.

  10. Wow, I’ve been awake for about 20 hours but could not stop reading until the end – Riveting.

    This makes me realize even more than ever that elitists do run the world and disregard the rest of humanity as multitudes of dispensable little specks. What’s a few million souls here or there if they get in the way or if they complicate things. There will always be plenty of insignificant little specks regardless of how many are swept away.

    We can discuss how bad the British have been, the Americans, Russians or whoever, but these elitists type figures are entrenched in governments all around the globe, have been for years, and still are today.

    What this reveals is that as we discuss Russia, Europe, the USA and others in assessing who the enemy is, the answer is that there are elitist in all of these nations who are the enemy. They are all a threat. Furthermore, they also reside in Israel in the Labor movement – So then, there is universal corruption at the highest levels of virtually all government around the globe.

    There does however, seem to be noteworthy aspect to all of them — they are all Godless.

    Beware of the internationalist and their agenda, they will sacrifice humanity to save or benefit the selected ones.

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