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The real Forever War, Part 9

The Islamic State is huge, rich and powerful because its ideology drew the most fighters and the most financial support.  It is popular, loved by vast swaths of population.  IS massacres Christians, Yazidis, Assyrians, Chaldeans and others as ideology; but not merely’ ideaology.  It is providing a highly prised service to its fellow travellers, Sunni Arabs.  That is a strong desire of theirs.  As Steve Jobs showed us, a successful company provides it customers with the product they most desire, even if they are not yet aware of that desire.  All murderers are not even necessarily IS ‘troops’.  A surviving Yazidi, Jamal Jamir, told CNN that Arab neighbours gleefully joined in the killing.

IS dominates the former “Iraq” and “Syria” because it has massive support of most of the Sunni Arab population.  And it has this support because it is committed to killing or driving out Christians, Yazidis, Shiites, Kurds, Assyrians and many others (a long list) who either aren’t Muslims or aren’t Arabs.  Arabs know, even though the Western shills do not, that they are foreign conquerors of these areas and only total subjugation, death or exile of the real native inhabitants, with their land and possessions(and women) ensures survival of the conquerors.  This is the same Jihad as that First Jihad.

Think Global, act Local!

Genocides are always local; until they become global.  They perpetrate with locals’ consent and participation.  An army alone cannot commit genocide without local populace cooperation.  Exterminations are a people’s sport.  Clinton complains the rise of IS was avoidable, had the US armed the “right” Jihadists.  This is at least wilful ignorance of facts.  IS dominates because its agenda has popular support.  It never mattered who was ‘more’ or ‘less’ armed by whom.  Most of their arms were stolen anyway and what they purchase, they have support of those great Obama friends, Turkey and Qatar.

If terrorists have popular support, it is because the civilian population has somehow become ‘radicalized’— perhaps the most moronic journalist term yet invented.  Terrorism is proactive, never reactive.  Muslims do not suddenly become radical because they attended a ‘bad’ mosque instead of a ‘good’ mosque.  Islam has a vision of the future for the entire human race; and that vision includes killing anyone and everyone who disagrees with that vision.  This is the founding vision of Islam and is not ‘radical’ – it is basic Islam.  Hamas, IS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad & whatever, are all symptoms of the “larger problem”, which is Islam.

When thousands of hardened soldiers of Islam come trooping back from the Islamic State charnel houses Europe will see its biggest bloodbath of history, making the two World Wars small in comparison.

The next Chamberlain with a string of strange moves, making conciliatory and optimistic declarations is closer than you think.  His moves will not be followed by threats of war — one step forward, two steps to the side and one step back.  They will be paralleled by war; unremitting fratricidal war with no end until the Continent is denuded of warriors.

The Middle East has been throughout history the most magnificent graveyard for grand projects of hegemony and/or hubris.  (Obama and Kerry take heed.)  America failed and continues to do so even more under Obama.  Iran’s hubris is failing as badly, and taking millions with it.  Their Syrian and Iraqi dreams have discombobulated both invented countries.  Iran is also multiethnic and is not far from the same fate in aftershock.  Iran’s foreign legions will not save it in the long run, because there simply are not sufficient numbers of hegemons to keep repressing the population for much longer.

Anjuman-e-Haideri, led by Shia Maulana Kalbe Jawad, launched a recruitment campaign to travel to Iraq to defend the shrines in Karbala and Najaf.  Some 25,000 Indian Shi’ites have answered the call.  Kalbe Jawad, notorious for anti-Western activities, is described in a leaked American embassy cable from 2006 as a “principal agent” of the Iranian regime, which allegedly pays him “approximately $4,000 per month” for his services.

Contrast this with thousands of European Sunnis fighting and training with IS, without pay.

But all of this is really much more.

“Today’s war in Syria,” explains the Revolutionary Guards’ Colonel Mohammad Eskandari, “is really our war with America.”

Europe is in advanced stages of death already.  America will not be far behind unless it gets its act together.  Thousands of Hezbollah agents already reside in the US … they are waiting.  They are ready.  Are you?  Pardon me but, “Long live the Second Amendment!

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