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  1. And meanwhile here in Canada the pressure is mounting. Its time to stop caring. Stop caring what people think say or do. Care about self defense. I watched a history program last night about evangelicals in so called support of Israel. Some live in Jeruselem. They claimed that two thirds of Jews will be killed. Nice. Glad I dont believe in Christian prophets.

  2. I read the Haaretz article. The article itself makes the incident seem like self-defense, but the sensationalist headline makes it look like murder. Haaretz does not produce credible journalism: I trust DEBKA far more, even though the latter has an obvious agenda.

  3. Levinson:

    End of story. A rock is a potentially deadly weapon, and the man would have been within his rights to shoot the entire group. He would have made the world a cleaner place by killing the whole lot of them.

    Someone should shove a large chunk of raw red meat to this caveman. He is awfully hungry

  4. We must stop being the shy violets we personify. Three necessary steps: 1. Immediately invade, kill Hamas and occupy Gaza. 2. Close the border with Egypt immediately with troops and tanks. 3. Close the population of Arabs in Judea and Samaria and increase the number of troops. The message must be sent.