By Lee Kaplan, INN

The writer heads Stop the ISM. He is an investigative journalist and contributor…

The recent vandalism of the Jerusalem Light Rail reveals that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are working hand in glove with the BDS Movement and its leaders in the United States. At the same time, the U.S. State Department is looking the other way and the ISM and its leadership are only encouraged by Netanyahu’s pusillanimous leadership.

As a journalist I have been following the activities of the International Solidarity Movement from Northern California and the US to the West Bank, Gaza and back since its creation in 2001. The recent kidnapping and murder of the three Yeshiva boys, while it garnered little sympathy in the Arab world, nevertheless was not image enhancingfor Hamas as the terrorist group thought it would be. The ISM is, in fact, a deceptive arm of Hamas and the PFLP whose mission is to try and make it look like the PA is pursuing peace while it is in fact making war.

The recent abduction and death of a 16 year-old Arab boy by unknown assailants has drawn attention away from the Israeli boys’ murders and is said to be the catalyst for Arab rioting and calls for “revenge.” The Second Intifada was said to have started because then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount to pray. In fact, the Intifada was planned by Arafat all along as was admitted to by some of his lieutenants in Lebanon shortly after Sharon’s visit.

The Arabs tried to suggest Sharon was trying to enter the Al Aksa Mosque- a total fabrication. He was trying to make a point that Jews should be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount any time they want. One needs to only consult the newspapers today to see what the Arabs and the Waqf are doing there again.

The same tactical propaganda is being used today and the Israeli government is willing to fall for it. It has been confirmed that Hamas ispaying Arab shills up to $1,500 a month to foment riots and indignation among local Arabs at the Temple Mount to lmake them look like a spontaneous grassroots movement against alleged Jewish “abuse” of the Arabs and their holy sites.

Meanwhile, the ISM has been putting out communiques in the United States and EU asking for “volunteers” to go to the ‘West Bank’ and Israel for three weeks in order to intensify the rioting against the IDF and the border police. The ISM organizes and stands behind the BDS Movement against Israel in cooperation with Hamas, and the PFLP. The ISM offers training and guidance in how to riot and interfere with IDF soldiers and will even pay as a last resort for mostly college aged “anarchists” and Vietnam war radical retreads to go to the ‘West Bank’ and help foment riots.

It is illegal for internationals to go to the ‘West Bank’, yet they keep pouring in as a fifth column. They say they are “nonviolent”, but this nonviolence is a ploy for them to act as human shields so the Arabs can be violent.  They do, in fact, help Arabs to throw stones at Israelis and they engage in vandalism of Jewish property. They set up a “media office” where they accuse Jews in Judea and Samaria of all manner of atrocities, usually reversing what the ISM activists are doing to the religious Jews.

Radical leftist lawyers, sometimes furnished through the National Lawyers Guild then help these subversives to skirt the Israeli legal system, and leftist Israeli judges who never set foot in the area allow them a revolving door to go back and incite and riot with the Arabs over and over again.  Some get deported, but the majority are allowed to stay as the legal system gets overloaded.

The Knesset fecklessly doesn’t pass laws to jail these people long term and remove the “fun” factor for these anarchists, and the Israeli Foreign Ministry trembles every time diplomats from the countries they come from ask why their national were arrested. That’s the same Foreign Ministry that opined that Israel pay reparations to the same ISM anarchists who were killed or injured on the Mavi Marmara when they were acting to aid Hamas in Gaza.

The fact is the Palestinian Authority is made up of about 3.2 million Arabs, most of whom want to work for a living and lead normal lives, but who are led by a Mafia of terrorist groups who have their own agenda of jihad or pan-Arab takeover against the Jews. This Mafia, the Hamas, PFLP, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other terrorist factions has a stake in keeping the war roiling against Israel, particularly because it brings in oodles of foreign aid money they can steal.

Bringing in ISM activists from abroad is necessary because the majority of Arabs are not part of the Mafia and don’t want to march every day against the IDF and throw rocks at police. The unemployed, the radicalized students and those with family in the terrorist Mafia have a stake I keeping these violent attacks on Jews going on indefinitely. The Israelis, mostly Jews, have lacked the will to stop this subtle means of warfare against the Jewish state

If Israel collapses from without and within (and if they don’t change course this is going to happen) the Arabs and the ISM will go back and look at the archives they are keeping of how they succeeded in their “revolution”. They literally are keeping numbered archives about their activities against Israel (I’ve seen them) and refer to archives of previously “successful” revolutionary movements in history to hone their tactics and training.

Israel was providing a successful bus service for Arab workers to get from their homes in Judea and Samaria and back from work. The fare was cheaper than these Arabs usually paid private vans or taxis and public buses and these bus routes were very popular. The ISM and BDS movement started a campaign in the US claiming the buses were promoting “apartheid” among the Arabs like in the former South African state. They even ran a campaign where they used the name of Rosa Parks and tried to suggest Israel engaged in segregated bus systems like American blacks endured during the era of Jim Crow in the US south.

Huwaida Arraf, one of the co-founders of the ISM ,did a big publicity stunt trying to enter Israel without her Israeli ID on one such bus. The border police officer who detained her did not know that Arraf held US and Israeli citizenship as the daughter of an Israeli Arab and thought she was trying to enter without ID.

This canard of apartheid on the buses continued even though Israel by law doesn’t allow restrictions on who can ride a bus. This campaign continued until the foreign corporations that ran the bus lines for the rest of the working Arabs got tired of being bombarded with accusations of human rights violations and sold off their interests. The buses still ran under Israeli ownership but the ISM boasted back in the US they managed to get overseas companies to divest from Israel. This served the Mafia well, as they could announce victory in divestment actions and try to promote the conflict still further with more divestment actions.

The riots over the 16 year-old Arab boy who was kidnapped and killed are another example of how the ISM and BDS movement are trying to control the scene.  The boy’s mother has made it plain she hates the Jews who she accuses of kidnapping the boy. The father says Arabs have tried kidnapping his younger son. The mother is more than willing (for money, maybe?) to foment the Arabs to riot over her dead son. Ringleaders among those who organized the “spontaneous” riots against the IDF and Border Police over the boy (that also distracted from the three Yeshiva boys’ funeral)  were probably paid by Hamas and are most likely local Arab members of the ISM. Apparently these rioters don’t have regular jobs to be at.

All of which brings us to the Jerusalem Light Rail train. The train is very popular among the working Arabs and used by both Arabs and Jews. The train had nothing to do with the Arab boy either. Despite its popularity, the BDS Movement has been trying to get the light rail boycotted, but has been unsuccessful precisely because the majority of working Arabs want it there and it is highly profitable for the international investors.

I have no doubt the BDS leaders in the US cooperated with the Arab Mafia to attack the train and vandalize it. This was done to make the international owners throw up their hands and leave.  Wars are traditionally fought by destroying the opposition’s infrastructure such as trains, from the air or with ground troops.

The riots closing down the train for months were no less a military strike, a new manner of warfare – and Israel once again fell for it.

The riots over the 16 year-old Arab boy were coordinated with the BDS Movement in Israel and abroad. Watch the BDS leaders in the US and Israel boast now how they got the light rail system closed down suggesting they persuaded international corporations to quit the Jewish state over phony “human rights violations.”

It was nothing less than a bombing attack with the bombs replaced by the ISM and paid Arab rioters, and Israel still has n’t understood this. The real losers, as with the buses, are the Arabs who can’t get to work and  who will be incited by their leaders that it’s the fault of the Jews and that Israel must become Palestine at all costs.

The war marches on with the “resistance” as the Mafia and ISM talk “peace ” to a naïve world.

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18 Comments / 18 Comments

  1. yamit82 Said:

    Judah Halevy

    Was Judah Halevy a Texas Cowboy ?????? Are you OK, I hear bits and pieces of news coming from Israel and I worry.

  2. honeybee Said:

    TX says who gives a **** what others think.

    Judah Halevy says:… “there are no two philosophers who reached the same conclusions, and this shows the mind cannot be relied upon.”

  3. yamit82 Said:

    Jean-Paul Sartre

    Sartre, Nietzsche, et al, is the reason I married a cowboy. TX says who gives a **** what others think.

  4. honeybee Said:

    When I was a girl I was taunted with : Jew won’t fight”, now its “Jews are vicious attacker of innocent Arab youths”.

    Given a choice between the two I choose being a vicious attacker of Arabs or anybody else if necessary.

    “Absence of riches is not poverty, and absence of arrogance is not humility. One need not be humble in order to avoid arrogance. Self-respect is a positive attitude.”

    Read comments on this thread

    One of mine is: yamit82 says:
    September 11, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Jean-Paul Sartre, wrote in his 1946 Reflexions sur la question juive, published two years later in English under the title Anti-Semite and Jew, a work he later admitted to have written without reading one Jewish book. Sartre’s reflections on the “Jewish question” and, in particular, his essentialist (and some might say racist) remarks on the Jewish character have elicited various responses since they were published. Some implicit and some overt, some mild and some passionate. It appears that Sartre has cut the Jews off from their past; he has consciously permitted himself to accept the anti-Semite’s stereotype of the Jew. His disagreement with anti-Semitism reduces itself to arguing that these Jewish traits…are not so bad. Sartre is transformed in the third part of his essay into the antisemite against whom he rails in the first part.

    Sartre’s essay, which sought to combat European antisemitism, seems, rather ironically, to have perpetuated a number of its stereotypes, including those of the Jew’s “obstinate sweetness” and passionate hostility to violence, stereotypes

    that may arguably be seen as the modern equivalent of the Jew’s alleged effeminacy. Since medieval times, and especially in the early modern era, it had been widely asserted that Jewish men menstruate monthly, a charge that has been perceptively interpreted as suggesting implictly that “Jewish males . . . are, in effect, no longer men but women, and the crime of deicide has been punished by castration. Other scholars have linked the charge of male menstruation with the truncated (and thus less virile) phallus of the circumcised Jew.

    Nice Jews went like sheep to the gas chambers!!

  5. yamit82 Said:

    An open condemnation of the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir

    You will never see thee arabs or muslims do anything so stupid. sooner or later jews must take revenge if the GOI keeps ignoring the real cause of muslim incitement. Revenge comes out of frustration that that the incompetent gov avoids the problem and does nothing to prevent it like shutting down the mosques and throwing the imams and zoabi in prison. Catching each individual murderer does not solve the problem that the whole cultural collective seeks and trains their children to kill jews.
    This is all an avoidance mechanism, a self delusion, guaranteeing the same result again.

  6. yamit82 Said:

    I am ashamed and disgusted by this PC groveling before the Goyim with self-flagellation

    I agree, there is no space in my heart for them; slaughtered Jews take up all the space and none is left. the jews keep wanting approval from those who despise them for being puppets. the only time the Jews got respect was the 6 day war when they thrashed their enemy. I just dont care about any of them.
    Now all the groveling Jews have focused their attention on the one dead arab and forgotten already the slaughters of the Jewish children and women. Lapdog says “we should all be ashamed” but I bet he never said the arabs should all be ashamed when jewish children were slaughtered. Jews are crazy puppet fools.

  7. yamit82 Said:

    am ashamed and disgusted by this PC groveling before the Goyim with self-flagellation….. You want to know why we are in such deep shit read the comments

    When I was a girl I was taunted with : Jew won’t fight”, now its “Jews are vicious attacker of innocent Arab youths”.

  8. @ bernard ross:

    There is enpough Jewish trash to keep us busy for a long time.

    Read: An open condemnation of the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir

    I am ashamed and disgusted by this PC groveling before the Goyim with self-flagellation….. You want to know why we are in such deep shit read the comments.

    These fools believe their collective and individual consciences will be noted and pardoned by the goyim they are so much afraid of.

  9. Every country keeps a list of undesirables at their border, Israel must state that all related to BDS orgs or provocateur orgs are undesirables and will be rejected for entry. Warn the others at he border, like signs for drugs, that foreigners caught breaking security laws will be infinitely detained and then keep them in shitholes like the turks used to keep drug dealers. Make them pay huge fines to get out after months, and to pay for their own keep and deportation fare. As usual the problem is with the GOI and the leftists.

  10. yamit82 Said:


    OMG I love a man that knows that word and how properly use it. Try pusillanimous polecat, that will cause the ladies to faint.

  11. yamit82 Said:

    A video circulated on social media shows what appears to be Israeli border police beating and kicking a handcuffed semi-conscious figure before dragging him away.

    This is making great coverage in the US, PC, BS .

  12. Israel’s leaders haven’t internalized the message the Arabs hate Jews and reject Israel and they have attacked Jewish sources of power: Israel’s economy, its police and its army. When it comes to war, the Arab violence has its own logic. The Arabs understand Israel’s leaders are not interested in a conflict they can’t win and the bad press that inevitably comes in tow with an Israeli response to it and that gives them great leverage. Arab violence, like the on-going intifada in the Arab society, always seems to catch the Jews by surprise.

  13. At the same time, the U.S. State Department is looking the other way and the ISM and its leadership are only encouraged by Netanyahu’s pusillanimous leadership
    pusillanimous Here is that word again meaning: timid, timorous, cowardly, fearful, faint-hearted, lily-livered, spineless, craven, shrinking; chicken, gutless.

    Yes BB is a gutless worthless piece of shit. He is also a murderer of Jews, past, present and future, at least he is complicit. I don’t even care what excuses or explanations he gives. He is what he is and his deeds speak for themselves.

    Based on last weeks poll if one removes Liebermans’ votes from the Likud the Likud would garner if elections were held today 18 or less mandates. With Labor eclipsing the Likud with 21 and Bennett’s party (18 mandates) equaling the Likud. Nobody is happy with BB especially his own Base. BB did the same thing 18 months ago and lost over a 1/3 of the Likud Beteanu votes in the last elections. Most of the loss were from Likud supporters in the cities and towns of the South that were under missile fire without letup and the reservists who wanted to go into Gaza and were not allowed by BB. The current round of cowardice by BB could cost the Likud much more than last weeks polls. People under attack will not forget at election time… pusillanimous BB and the Likud which I predict may be by the end of this year.

    Watch: Violent Arab Riots in Shechem Reveal Zero Deterrence

  14. US ‘Troubled’ by American’s Beating by Police During Riot 🙂

    A video circulated on social media shows what appears to be Israeli border police beating and kicking a handcuffed semi-conscious figure before dragging him away.

    Police spokeswoman Luba Samri could not confirm it was Tariq in the video, but said the footage was from the arrest of a group of six Arab rioters, of whom Tariq was one.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Cousin of Arab teen murdered last week reportedly beaten during riots following his funeral after assaulting Israeli police.