The true cost of occupation

By Yehezkel  Laing, INN

Read carefully and you may realize that the word ‘occupation’ is being misused in leftist circles.

Most people consider the Arab occupation of parts of Israel simply an issue of national pride and not terribly significant. While it would be nice to liberate the Jewish lands under foreign control, it’s not essential. Let foreigners control the Temple Mount, Gaza, Shechem, Beit Lehem and other Jewish areas.

Who cares if Jews are too afraid to walk around inside their own country in places like Um El Fachem, Rahat and dozens of other Arab settlements. Who cares if we can’t visit the Mount of Olives, the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world, unless we have a police escort? We don’t need to go to those places. It’s enough if we stay within the confines of Tel Aviv, West Jerusalem, and other majority Jewish areas.

Just because Arabs feel comfortable going anywhere within Israel, doesn’t mean Jews have to feel the same way.

But I believe that when we soberly add up the high costs we are paying every day we live under foreign occupation, we will realize that the price is untenable and that so-called national pride is not a “luxury”, but a basic necessity. Here then is list of just some of the costs we pay.

Security Expenditures

There is arguably no greater surrender of Israeli sovereignty in the modern age than the Oslo Accords which yielded Gaza and much of Judea and Samaria to Arab control. In 2014 Manhigut Yehudit did a survey of what the Oslo Accords cost the State of Israel. It took into account the extra security costs required to defend against the onslaught of rocket attacks from Hamas controlled Gaza, the sharp decline in tourism and sharp increase in guards resulting from the explosion in terrorism, the huge spike in car thefts and more.  The final tally? Almost one trillion shekels.

1. Transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority: NIS 88 billion
2. Extra cost to Israel’s security apparatus (ISA): NIS 37 billion
3. Extra costs to IDF: NIS 300 billion
4. Extra costs to the police and the damages from car theft: NIS 112 billion.
5. Added civilian security guards throughout Israel: NIS 220 billion
6. Construction of Separation Fence around territory transferred to Arabs NIS 4.7 billion
7. The cost to the economy of the wounded and murdered by terrorists: NIS 12 billion
8. The decline in tourism during the peak years of terror: NIS 150 billion
9. The cost of the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif: NIS 9.5 billion


Money is of course the smallest price we have paid for our subjugation. Since the founding of the state, Arab settlers have murdered 3,671 Israelis and injured 14,704. These figures include 222 children killed and 240 injured. On average, 52 Israelis are murdered every year and 210 are injured – many seriously.

This may be hard for Israelis to believe, but in all of North America, a land mass 1000 times the State of Israel, there is practically no area a Jew is afraid to visit just because he or she is Jewish. So why do Israelis have to feel frightened travelling in half of the Land of Israel?

Should the Arabs return to the countries they came from? Not necessarily. In my opinion, any Arab who truly recognizes Israeli sovereignty should be allowed to live in the Jewish State – just as Jews lived for centuries in Arab countries. Arabs who live in Israel should enjoy full rights and should not be treated like second class citizens (dhimmis) as the Jews were treated in Arab lands.

The Price of Shame

Even a lack of basic national pride has real world consequences. When the surrounding Arab states see that we allow local Arabs to occupy parts of our land, it gives them hope that they will on day (G-d forbid) be able to conquer the entire country. It can therefore be argued that all the wars against Israel, since the founding of the State, have been fueled by the Arab occupation. These wars have cost Israel over 23,000 lives and hundreds of thousands of injured.

A “Free” People in Our Land?

While today this may seem like a fantasy – imagine what it would be like if Israelis could walk around their land securely and worry free, just like a Japanese person feels like in Japan, a Swiss citizen in Switzerland or a Canadian in Canada. Imagine if we could travel to the North, South, East and West of the Land of Israel without being afraid of being stoned, knifed or shot? Don’t Jews have the right to feel free and secure in their own country, just like the citizens of the rest of the world?

As the saying goes – “it’s harder to take the Exile out of the Jews than the Jews out of the Exile.” After 2000 years of living as second and third class citizens in foreign lands, it is understandable that Jews find it hard to stand up for their rights in their own land. But as long as we grovel before the foreign encroachers, as long as we allow them to scare and control us, we will never be truly free.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Article makes an important point that isn’t made enough, but the title is misleading, perhaps deliberately in order to get Osloites to read it? Otherwise, It Should read, “Who’s Occupying Whom in the Land of Israel? The impersonation of David by Goliath.”

  2. This article is fantastic. The author made his scathing point rather bluntly, the way it must be made for public consumption. Of course I agree with every sentence and it sadly points out some very inconvenient truths about us Jews who for the most part either couldn’t give a damn about our future (as long as we have enough money to buy a luxury car) or we are too scared to demand our rights to live freely and without fear in our Jewish homeland.

    I’m tired of hearing how great the Israeli technical innovations are without mentioning how we let our enemies rule within our own country. It’s really absurdly upside down.

  3. A good article, detailing in brief what is well known to everybody. BUT….. He is wrong about allowing any Arab who recognizes \Israel to live there. There should be no Arabs in Israel-except those who are in fear of death because of their love and respect for Israel. Recognition is not enough. Anyone can “recognize” anything, without feeling close. We are such a small nation that doing as the writer says would result in our being drowned out by population deficiency within a few short years, and we could NEVER trust any Arab who would say that”I recognize Israel”. Because our guard would be relaxed-if not down- we’d be in a worse situation than we are now.

    Freed Ghetto Jews remaking our own ghetto for comfort.

  4. Edgar G. Said:

    everybody. BUT….. He is wrong about allowing any Arab who recognizes \Israel to live there

    international law 1922 LoNM allows arabs resident at that time to live in ISRAEL without citizenship or political rights.

  5. @ david melech:

    I see no reason for you to be the only person in this world to be obeying “international Law”.. I’m talking about national survival, and in this matter all laws can be and are abrogated. Arabs are liars, scoundrels of the very worst kind imaginable, capable of obscenities that the human mind cannot even think of, so, since the world is at the moment, crazy, and ignoring the LofN British Mandate for Palestine. We also can leave it in abeyance until the world comes to it’s senses.

    Personally I’m in full possession of my senses, particularly the one called”common-sense”.

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