The Truth About Syria

Professor Barry Rubin,
Director, Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center
Editor, Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal
Editor, Turkish Studies, has written a new book The Truth About Syria which is published by Palgrave-Macmillan, 2007

Among the biggest world problems and greatest threats are terrorism, radical Islamism, and Middle East crises. Among its greatest challenges are the Iraq issue, the growing power of Iran , and the Arab-Israeli conflict. In all of these issues, Syria plays a central role; in most of them it is one of the greatest or the number-one obstacle. Today, Syria sponsors terrorist groups that attack the United States , Iraq , Israel , and Lebanon .

Syria is central to America’s current role in the world, the dangers it faces, and the wars that engage it. This book provides a comprehensive explanation of Syria ’s regime, interests, policies, and society. In turn, Syria provides a model for understanding the Arab and Muslim worlds today.
While the Syrian regime poses as being desirous of peace and engagement with the West, in fact its institutions, ideology, propaganda, and activities go in the exact opposite direction. To survive, the minority-dominated, dictatorial, and economically incompetent government needs radicalism, instability, anti-Americanism, and using Israel as a scapegoat.

The Truth About Syria explains how the country has run; how it tries to attack U.S. interests; and why the regime is incapable of another type of policy.

Barry Rubin has been a writer and analyst on the Middle East for more than 30 years. He was written 23 books and edited an additional 32 books on the Middle East and U.S. foreign policy. Dr. Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal, the world’s largest journal on the region.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. The entire “Syria” story is a fabrication to deflect attention from the Saudis and the Mullahs in Iran.

    Do you really think that we [Israelis] are that stupid?? We know perfectly well who our enemies are….and they are the most “valued allies” of the United States.

    (Syria has no money…no tanks, no aircraft and would prove an easy adversary to conquer.)

    Listening to Bush propaganda is how we lost the support of North American Jewry in the first place. North Americans wasted over six years cheerleading for Bush and Sharon and deluding themselves about “secret plans” and “traps” set by those we now know as traitors.

    Watch Saudi Arabia and America’s erstwhile “Allies”……they are set to pounce on our country with all the assistance the Bush’s and Dhimmicrats can muster. Forget about Syria.

  2. Now retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper, who headed the National Imagery and Mapping Agency holds the view, as reported by Ha’aretz, that Israeli officials believe “[m]aterial was transferred to Syria in the dark of the night, on the very eve of the war,” and “[t]he Americans are the ones who are making the mistake now.”

    There is evidence that Assad and Saddam were in collusion before the invasion of Iraq and that materials were transfered. Israel warned the US weeks before the invasion that materials were being transfered to Syria and satellite images showed the unusually long convoys. This was public information before the invasion as I personally remember reading the accounts of Israeli intelligence. At that time I wondered if the US was going to do anything about it or if they were going to let it continue.

    Nothing was done and now there is no way to verify what the shipments were. The satellite images do show the origin of the loads which were known Iraqi weapons depots and bunkers, however, the contents cannot be verified.

    Documents captured in Iraq mention shipments and quantities of WMD but they have been all but ignored by the media. What is interesting is that since Bush ordered release of captured Iraqi documents (except for those deemed a security risk)60% of the documents reviewed have been withheld from the public by declaring their confidentiality vital to US security. Negroponte strongly resisted release, however, it was agreed that all documents be reviewed before and those with “sensitive” information would be censored.

    Seeing that Saddam has been disposed and is no longer in power, a 60% withholding rate seems an unreasonable number to me.

    The US is being ripped apart by people who are working to manipulate and control the people and the policies of the nation.

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