The true face of the Palestinian Movement

October 14, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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  1. @Michael

    One of the most heavily guarded borders, with all the sensors you can imagine.

    – 5’23” from the interview you cited. I am reminded of this parody of Kerry in Israel from a few years ago, 2014, I think.

    sorry, that’s abridged.

    This one @1:16

    “We must not be fixated on the old paradigms; as if only the Israeli army can defend Israel. This little camera I am holding here, creates a mighty psychological barrier for any terrorist who tries to infiltrate Israel. The moment the terrorist passes. Bang! The camera takes his picture and uploads it immediately to Facebook, Instagram, Pintarest, and creates the kind of shaming no terrorist can handle.”

    “Yuval Shwarstman’s new parody – John Kerry Solutions Inc”