The two-state solution has been planned for years

Perry Stone, Jr., Voice of Evgangelism

Some times the most interesting information comes from people on the ground in the Middle East. It seems that each person has a friend, a brother, a cousin or an uncle who is personally linked to a high level official in the government, on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides. During our recent back to back tours, I traveled from coast to coast throughout Israel for 16 consecutive days. Several things I observed made me think that this idea of a Palestinian state along side of Israel was already a “done deal,” and the politicians gathering in Maryland were simply actors on the stage, speaking out a pre-written script for the world to hear. After hearing a friend who is linked with the Palestinian democracy moment, I realized what I was observing and feeling was not far from the truth.

He said, “Perry, much of what is happening in Israel has already been decided by Europe and the United States as far back as 14 years ago.” I knew that the huge concrete wall dividing the West Bank from Israel was pre-planned back in the time of Arafat. It is now complete and the land has already been divided by this large concrete barrier.

On this trip I noticed a huge underground tunnel that runs under the mountains from Megiddo to Nazareth. I also drove on two new roads with new check points being set up, dividing Israel from the Palestinian towns in the West Bank. I was puzzled and thought, “If Israel was not willing to go back to the pre-1967 border and there was a struggle concerning a Palestinian state, then why is Israel “wasting” billions of dollars on these new tunnels, roads and check points?

My Palestinian friend made it clear. “Perry,’” He said, I am with most of the people from Europe and America who are involved in the peace process. This is already a done deal. The wall, the roads and tunnels were all a part of the agreement as far back as President Clinton. However, the meetings are for public viewing, for the Arab world to see. The papers must be signed in public, but behind the scenes it is already done.”

Some would suggest this is not true. That there is a continual struggle over the two state solution. The struggle is no longer over which side gets which part of the land. Actually, the land has already been divided, with the exception of Jerusalem. The issues being discussed are: when will the Palestinian prisoners be released? When will the 4 million Palestinian refugees be allowed to return from Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon? Who will the Palestinian government be and who will they answer to? How much tax money will Israel receive and will the Palestinians receive from the goods purchased from the Israelis?

I have been criticized from time to time for suggesting that Ezekiel 35 and 36 imply that the descendants of Edom (these are the true Palestinians) would attempt to form a nation within the nation and would go after the “ancient high places” (Ezekiel 36:2), which today is the West Bank areas of Ram Allah, and Samaria. This two nation solution appears to be successful at first as the prophet Ezekiel warns that Israel is “taken up with the lips of talkers” (Ezekiel 36:3).

As time progresses the two state solution will collapse. Israel will be forced again to enter the areas handed over to the Palestinians, because of Islamic fanatics continuing their assaults upon Israel and the Jewish state. Eventually, the Islamic nations of Ezekiel 38 and 39 will unite in a coalition against Israel and experience their own devastating defeat on the mountains of Israel.

Having traveled into the West Bank, the Golan Heights and Israel for 16 days, watching, listening and asking questions, West Bank area has already been divided and Jericho and Bethlehem have been turned over to the Palestinian authorities. The real sticking point will be the division of Jerusalem. Dividing this city would be a mistake. It is sacred to three monotheistic religions, Jews, Christians and Muslims. It should remain a city of all nations where all nations can come and worship the only King – the Lord!

Woe to the people who will allow Jerusalem to be divided. The prophet Zechariah calls Jerusalem the “apple of God’s eye” (Zechariah 2:8). God said he will “shake His hand” against any nation that comes against Jerusalem (Zechariah 2:9). Leave Jerusalem alone. Don’t divide her again. I suggest that America’s politicians and leaders get their finger out of God’s eye!

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  1. Israel has no options other than to proceed, to ratchet up the pressure and to win, win, win this war that was declared by Hamas when the first missile was launched after Gaza was ethnically cleaned of Jews on behalf of the Palestinian people.

    If Israel does yield to the anti-Israel voices coming from France and the US and others who should have a look in their own backyards before interfering in the affairs of others, then Israel is cooked. A stalemate is as good as a loss. If the Palestinians want to fight to the last baby, that is the problem and sickness spelled out in their moral code and religion, and of no concern to Israeli strategy as Israel is the target of their hostility and terrorism.

    Israel is trying to make sure that future generations of Pals do not fall prey to the jihad training anywhere near Israel while Hamas/Iran/Hezbollah are trying to make sure that the hudnas followed by terror followed by war continue until Israel is demoralized and beaten. Now is the time to stop them – let’s not allow a world filled with Israel hate to prevent Israel once again from doing what is necessary – to win a definitive and crucial battle.

  2. Today, being a bright and sunny New Year and reading up on the events of the war, it was ruined by Peskin again. This person would sell out his own family in order to avoid a conflict. His cowardice and stupidity regarding Israel and Jews in particular, should relegate him to his cooking class. What a Mombser.

  3. Yamit+Norman: You can rant and rave about what Israel should do in Gaza, but so long as Israel is America’s patsy, a prior green light from Washington must be obtained before any action is undertaken. Those are the rules of the game.

    Lets say you are right Peskin for arguments sake, then in that case lets see how many Arabs we can kill and how much physical damage we can do first?

  4. Yamit+Norman: You can rant and rave about what Israel should do in Gaza, but so long as Israel is America’s patsy, a prior green light from Washington must be obtained before any action is undertaken. Those are the rules of the game.

    Let me provide you with a quote referring to another subject.

    Levinson: The allies during the second world war were operating as they wished. The had almost total (except for the Geneva conventions) freedom of action. Israel on the other hand is an American proxy and is governed by the limitations placed on it by the U.S. and the major European States. Levinson, its time to return to earth. Israel is always aware of how far it can go in its dealings with the Arabs and more particularly the Palestinians.

    Comment by palworthy — December 31, 2008 @ 12:15 pm

  5. Frankly after years of retreat, it is time to try something else. For far too long, Israel has been seeking to run away from the Gaza problem, and that has gotten us nowhere. We must stop fleeing and finally face this threat head-on.

    Israel tried turning the territory over to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and he ended up scampering off to Ramallah to save his life when Hamas took over.

    The government then sought to give the Islamists a chance, and that too has resulted in disaster. Those who preached concessions and disengagement have been proven painfully wrong, time and time again, but it is the people of Israel who have been made to pay the price for their folly.

    We need not accept the present situation, nor should we. It is not too late to correct the error of withdrawal, and to finally declare an end to the delusions of reaching a false peace with those who seek our demise.

    Simply put, Israel should reassert complete control over Gaza, topple the Hamas-led regime, arrest and try its leadership, and finally declare that this land is rightfully ours and we shall never again abandon it.

    We should then move quickly to rebuild the rubble of Gush Katif and its once-thriving Jewish communities. This would send a clear message to our foes that they will never succeed in uprooting the Jewish presence from this region. And it is the least Israel can do for the thousands of Jews who were expelled from their homes for nothing in the 2005 pullout from Gaza.

    The Palestinians had their chance for autonomy and independence, and they blew it. Israelis should not have to continue paying dearly in blood just to give them another shot.

    Like it or not, it is time to take Gaza back. Only this time, we must never give it up again. Let the Left mock the idea of returning to Gaza as much as they please. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.

    Israel then should consider depopulation of the recidivist Arabs, and there are many options available to us .

    Frankly, I’d rather be Right and alive, than Left and on the run.

  6. H Peskin. Israel has to reoccupy Gaza. There is no alternative. Anything else is a delusion as Steven Plaut has said. It is the removal of Jews from Gaza that brought the violence of Gaza to Israel. The only way to stamp out Arab terror is to reoccupy and de-Nazify the place. At some point, it will need to be done, sooner than later and as Moshe Arens pointed out, its also the only way to win a war. There is no solution other than Israel clamping down there for a long time that is going to make life bearable for Israeli citizens. I don’t think any one wants to return to Gaza – but if the alternative is making life hellish for the people in southern Israel, then for all its drawbacks and pitfalls, a reoccupation of Gaza is to be definitely preferred.

  7. My response to Michael Freund’s column in today’s Jerusalem Post- where he advocates a reoccupation and a resumption of Jewish settlements in Gaza.(Talkback)

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    Article: Fundamentally Freund: The politics of air strikes

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    18. Fundamentally foolish.
    Freund is fundamentally foolish when he writes that he would like Israel to reoccupy Gaza. Israel did not leave that anarchic region for altruistic reasons. Gaza was ungovernable when Egypt was in control and has progressively deterorated since. The cost to Israel both in dollar terms and its deleterous effects on military morale hardly makes reoccupation worthwhile..
    hyman Peskin – canada (12/31/2008 18:56)
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  8. Rush, to a point, thinks like Churchill. One of the main reasons that this action taking place at this time and on the scale, is the fact that Bush is leaving. Israel had better make the best of it since things are going to change soon.

    What has Obama been saying about all this anyway?????????????……

  9. I heard Aaron Klein from Jerusalem yesterday who said that we may be hearing talk about a Ceasefire but to ignore it. He said that Israel will not get caught up in the same kind of UN-directed ceasefire that screwed them up in Lebanon.